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XUS PC Tools Professional Edition Crack + Free [Updated-2022]

XUS PC Tools Professional Edition is a powerful maintenance and optimization software for you to diagnose, clean, backup, recover, reinstall and many other things. It has the smart scan function, useful Registry cleaner, PC Optimizer, Disk Scan, Quick Boot, Troubleshoot, Registry Backup, Registry Restore, Disk Defragment and many more. It includes a series of advanced and intelligent utilities.What’s new in version 5.0:? New Version Management FunctionNew Version Management Function:When repairing a file system, you can use the Backup function to automatically save the repair file system as a backup file. You can select a target folder to automatically save the backup file. When the repair operation was successfully completed, you can recover the backup file from the target folder, thereby completing the repair of the file system.? Optimize OperationYou can quickly optimize the Registry System. – Full-time optimization can be done on a single computer. – Intelligent optimization can be done on multiple computers at a time.- You can use the Registry Optimizer and Disk Defragment function for optimizing the Registry System and Disk.- You can use the Disk Defragment function for defragmenting the Disk.- You can use the optimized Registry and defragmented Disk to accelerate the performance of your computer.- You can use the Disk Cleanup function to clean up the stubborn files on your computer.- You can use the Registry Cleanup function to clean up the errors of the Registry System.- You can use the Disk Cleanup function to clean up the junk files on your computer.What’s new in version 4.8:? Registry CleanerYou can quickly clean the massive data that have been polluted the Registers of your computer. With this function, you can easily remove unnecessary files and temporary files.? Disk CleanerYou can easily clean the stubborn files on the disk, such as Desktop Cleaner, My Documents Cleaner, My Music Cleaner, and etc.? Administrator PasswordYou can only enter the Administrator Password when you run the software. Without the Administrator Password, the software will not run.Are you confused that your computer is infected by computer virus? Are you bothered that they block the opening of web pages? Don’t worry!  Velvet Antivirus can help you find the cause of the computer virus or block the computer virus. Velvet Antivirus will help you to clean up the stubborn files on your computer, to remove the infection of virus, to free up the disk space, and to improve the performance

XUS PC Tools Professional Edition Crack + Free License Key

XUS PC Tools Professional Edition is a powerful virus removing toolkit with many different functions to performe best virus scan, registry cleaning, process control, and error scans. It supports English, Polish, Arabic, Hindi, and Farsi Languages.
XUS PC Tools Professional Edition’s features include:
• Wipe Windows XP- 8.1 MB
• Remove unused programs with its System Cleaner Option, Remove Windows Traces and File, Clone System, Clone Registry, Clone Internet Explorer Favorites, Clean Up Leftovers, XUS PC Tools offers automatic and manual process cleaning, repair registry problems, remove unwanted junk files, remove unused applications, fix disk errors (unbootable).
• Automatic Automatic virus and spyware removal.
• Clean up deleted and free space on hard drive
• Wipes Disk Cleaner
• Self-Recovery and System Recovery.
• System Clean and System Repair
• System Maintenance & System Repair
• System Optimization & System Optimization
• Keep Windows Up-to-Date
• Disk Cleanup and Registry Cleaning with Auto-Scan
• Clean Up Registry and Junk Files
• Easily repair incorrect and damaged Windows
• Automatically deletes unwanted files and folders
• Safeguards the privacy of your files
• Allows a free system scan
• Keeps your Windows Clean & Safe
• Advanced Security – Displays the resources that are limited when you run certain processes. – Allows you to prioritize important processes and system resources to avoid unusual delays. – You may set bootmgr as the default startup (i.e.: Enable bootmgr now) or default startup programs for a drive in Setup.
• Effective System Optimization:
• Larger System Free Space
• Disable Paging Files
• Disable Driver Caching
• Disable NTFS Compression
• Disable Non-SP Restore
• Disable I/O Completion Ports
• Do not include unnecessary features
• Disable Firewall
• Disable All Protections
• Disable Automatic Driver Installation
• Disable Background Services
• Disable Code Access Security
• Disable Service Control Manager
• Disable Windows Defender
• Disable DSR, DDG, FDG, TRiGO
• Basic Task Scheduler
• Easy to use and customize
• Support for

XUS PC Tools Professional Edition Free Download (Updated 2022)

There is an application or even a program that everybody should have in their system. It is PC Tools. It is a well-known backup program that will back up your important data on any hard drive. It is also a system optimization program that will speed up your computer by changing basic operating system settings for you.
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What’s New In?

XUS PC Tools is designed for system administrators and business people.XUS PC Tools Professional Edition is a PC optimization and monitoring tool which offers system administrators to monitor their computers for use in managing them effectively. XUS Professional Edition is a multi-platform product and uses a multi-threading programming design.
Improved interface for easier use, Multiple monitoring technology,Run faster, and all in one
Monitor and clean junk files, Fix Registry problems, and more
Advanced system administration for the computer
Built-in optimization technology
System compatibility Windows Vista and Windows XP.
How to Download, Install, and Run XUS PC Tools?
How to Download  XUS PC Tools?
Right click on the XUS PC Tools setup file and click Run
Accept the End-user License Agreement (EULA)
Click Next button
Select your language
Click Next
Click Install button
Click Finish button
XUS PC Tools will be installed automatically
How to Get the Latest XUS PC Tools Update?
Open XUS PC Tools
Click on menu
Click on Update button
Click on Yes or OK
Click on Update button
Follow the on-screen instructions
How to Uninstall XUS PC Tools?
First open XUS PC Tools
Go to menu
Click on Help menu
Click on Uninstall button
Click on Yes or OK
Click on Uninstall button
Click on Close
XUS PC Tools will be Uninstalled automatically
How to Download XUS PC Tools – Free License Key With Serial Key?
XUS PC Tools – Free License Key With Serial Key
How to Download XUS PC Tools – Beta Version with Serial Key?
XUS PC Tools – Beta Version with Serial Key
XUS PC Tools – Download
XUS PC Tools Pro License Key
[IMG] XUS PC Tools – Download

System Requirements For XUS PC Tools Professional Edition:

Windows 7 or later, 32-bit or 64-bit; Windows 10, 64-bit; Windows 8, 32-bit or 64-bit; Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, 32-bit or 64-bit; Windows 7 with Service Pack 2, 32-bit or 64-bit; Windows 8 with Service Pack 1, 32-bit or 64-bit; Windows 8 with Service Pack 2, 32-bit or 64-bit; Windows Vista or later, 32-bit or 64-bit.
CPU: Intel 1.3 GHz processor or better

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