XBMC.MyLibrary [32|64bit]

XBMC.MyLibrary is a practical tool for the users of the XBMC Media Center that need to import media files from other sources. The main goal of the application is to help you find movies from Netflix or Hulu in your library.
This program can help you play a movie immediately, without having to search for it through multiple plugins.

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XBMC.MyLibrary can be used on three platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. We have compiled the program for all the systems, but the Windows version of the program is the most stable.

The Windows version of XBMC.MyLibrary includes support for importing and watching movies and shows from Netflix. If you watch TV shows on Hulu, you can watch them on XBMC as well.

The Mac OS X version of XBMC.MyLibrary doesn’t include support for Hulu or Netflix.

XBMC.MyLibrary isn’t able to import or watch any other movies or shows than those supported by the service that you connect to.

Known Issues:

* Using the service that supports video downloading does not work on the Windows version of XBMC.MyLibrary. We recommend using Windows instead.

XBMC.MyLibrary Changelog:

* Changed the program’s title.
* Added support for the XBMC Media Center on Windows 7.
* Fix in the uninstallation process, to allow easy deletion of XBMC.MyLibrary.

How to Install XBMC.MyLibrary:

Before you install XBMC.MyLibrary, make sure that you have the latest version of the XBMC Media Center. If you already have the latest version installed, check the current version by using the Help menu. If the current version is less than the one required, update XBMC.

Click on the Download button, and then select XBMC.MyLibrary from the list.

Download the latest version of the application for Linux.

Download the latest version of the application for Mac OS X.

After downloading the application, extract it. For example, use the following command to extract the application to a folder with the name xbmc-mylibrary.

Run XBMC.MyLibrary from the folder you have just extracted.

If you have some questions, or if you need any help, contact the developer.

Important Notes:

You can’t install the same version of XBMC.MyLibrary on the same XBMC installation that is running. We recommend you run two different installations for your media library.

The XBMC version that XBMC.MyLibrary is compatible with is XBMC 12

XBMC.MyLibrary [Win/Mac] (Updated 2022)

The program operates in two modes. When you press the `Start’, the selected file is immediately played and the library is synchronized. If you press `Stop’ in another mode, then the program will automatically find the file you specified. If you press `Skip’ the selected file will not play.
After the file is found, the program allows you to choose from multiple import sources and select the movie. After the movie is downloaded, it will be added to the library. You can delete the movie from the main XBMC interface.
When playing, the number of episodes in the file is displayed, as well as the number of seasons. If a season has been imported, it is listed in the main XBMC interface.
To find missing information about the programs, and how to use them please check our help pages at
Installation Instructions:
1. Download the program from the XBMC website
2. Move the extracted program to the `plugin/` folder on your XBMC installation. For example: `XBMC/Plugins/XBMC.MyLibrary Product Key/XBMC.MyLibrary/`.
3. If the plugin is not loaded, simply reload the add-on settings.
4. Run the program and select the location of the movie.
5. Press `Start’ to add the movie to the library.
6. To remove the movie from the library press `Stop’ or `Skip’ instead of `Start’.
7. In order to stop the program, press `Stop’. The file will be saved in the location specified. The program will exit.
8. When you have finished viewing the movie you can close it by pressing `Stop’. The program will exit.
9. The plugin should be loaded automatically when the XBMC is restarted. If it is not loaded, run the `reboot.sh` script to force the restart.
10. The media location is set in the Add-on Settings and can be used to import other media.
11. This add-on is compatible with the XBMC Media Center.
12. Please report any bugs or suggestions for improvements.

Welcome to the XBMC Stable builds for Android and iOS download page. We are pleased to announce the release of XBMC for Android 5.2.0 (build 5535) and XBMC for iOS 5

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XBMC.MyLibrary allows you to add any source of media files that you want to import in your XBMC library.
You can add your Hulu/Netflix account information to sync your library.
After you have added this information, you will be able to watch any movie from the source you have added in your library.
What’s new:
– Added Hungarian language support

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What’s New in the?

XBMC.MyLibrary is a practical tool for the users of the XBMC Media Center that need to import media files from other sources. The main goal of the application is to help you find movies from Netflix or Hulu in your library.
This program can help you play a movie immediately, without having to search for it through multiple plugins.

1.0, 05.02.2013







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Installation Requirements:
1. Download the latest revision of R1.01 update-1-6-2-release.zip (291 KB);
2. Unzip it to a temporary location;


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