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VaySoft Excel To EXE Converter [32|64bit] 2022 [New]

Xls2Exe is a simple yet powerful utility that allows you to convert XLS/XLSX/XLSM/XLSB/XLSO into EXE format in three easy steps. It is much faster then the other XLS converters and doesn’t require large disk space!

Silder Video Converter is a reliable tool that enables you to convert video files in every popular format, just one software.
A basic installation of Silder Video Converter will enable you to convert audio, video and moving images. No matter how big the original file is and how old the file is, Silder Video Converter will help you to effectively process and convert any of these files to any video format that you want.
Silder Video Converter features a fully adjustable interface that enables you to control the video codec, frame rate, and resolution. What’s more, the software comes with a set of powerful video settings that will enable you to choose the best one for your media files.
Get started with the Silder Video Converter from The application enables you to trim and crop video files, create standard and advanced graphics, as well as rotate the image without any issues.
The in-built DLL database enables you to convert files from one format to another without having to install anything and without errors.
All in all, Silder Video Converter will enable you to convert every video file to any popular video format that you want in a few minutes.
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VaySoft Excel To EXE Converter Crack Free Download PC/Windows

VaySoft Excel to EXE Converter is a software for Windows which has a free and clean design, and its user interface is outstanding. This is a simple and easy-to-use yet highly powerful utility.
It can help you to convert multiple Excel files at once to EXE format with ease. The software allows you to not only convert your existing Excel spreadsheets to EXE format but also create a new one automatically. Besides, it also allows you to convert files to EXE format without password, protecting them from copying.
When you need to convert Excel files, then the VaySoft Excel to EXE Converter should become your first choice.
This new and powerful utility is what you need to efficiently convert XLS to EXE files with ease, protect your files from all kinds of copies and activate your embedded logo.
Key features of VaySoft Excel to EXE Converter:
1.Easy to use.
2.Enables you to convert multiple Excel spreadsheets at once.
3.You can choose the location to save your converted EXE files.
4.Generates secure EXE files.
5.Support all Excel versions including Excel 2007/2010/2013.
6.Option to convert without password.
7.Option to create and protect new EXE files.
8.Easy-to-use interface.
9.Personalize your EXE file with watermark or a logo.
10.Allows you to embed special fonts that Excel can not embed.
Download VaySoft Excel to EXE Converter for free.
How to use VaySoft Excel to EXE Converter:
After downloading VaySoft Excel to EXE Converter, install it and run it.
To convert Excel files to EXE format, it is very easy:
1.Select Excel files you want to convert.
2.In the General page, adjust the settings.
3.Run the conversion process.
4.When the conversion is done, you can view the converted file in the conversion result window.
5.Optionally, you can save the converted file in a different location.
In case you need more detailed instructions, please download VaySoft Excel to EXE Converter from the link below.
Link: VaySoft Excel to EXE Converter

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VaySoft Excel To EXE Converter Free [Win/Mac]


Speed : The EXE conversion process itself takes only about a minute. That’s why you should never have any problem when it comes to converting several files.

Simplicity : Do not hesitate to use this tool, as the Excel to EXE conversion is very easy. Not that you need to have any specialized knowledge or specialized skills.

Support : The application comes with a 3-months warranty and updates are free.


Processor : For the EXE conversion to work, your processor should be at least on Core 2 Duo or even better, on Core 2 Quad.

Memory : The utility utilizes about 13 MB of RAM, so at least 512 MB are required.

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What’s New In VaySoft Excel To EXE Converter?

VaySoft Excel to EXE Converter is a handy yet reliable Excel converter which allows you to generate EXE files from XLS, XLSX, XLM files. It allows you to set the password for reading / editing the files as well. It can also be useful if you have to protect your Excel document from being used illegally.
VaySoft Excel to EXE Converter Key features:
1. Convert XLS, XLSX, XLM to EXE files.
2. Set a password to protect the converted EXE files.
3. Allows you to set the copy protection to EXE files.
4. Allows you to add a logo / text watermark and a personal watermark.
5. Allows you to hide the Excel tool and the formula bars.
6. Allows you to specify different positions of watermark and logo.
7. Allows you to customize the font to be used on the watermark / logo.
8. Allows you to embed special fonts that Excel can not embed.
9. Allows you to unprotect files.
10. Allows you to change the position of the watermark / logo.
11. Allows you to add a personal watermark to files.
12. Supports all Windows platforms.
13. Adorable user-friendly interface.
14. Supports any Excel file type.
15. Very easy to use.
16. Provides a ‘Change password’ facility to protect the XLS or XLSX file.
17. Provides a ‘Protect EXE file’ facility for XLS or XLSX file.
18. Provides a ‘Set password’ facility to protect the EXE file.
19. Provides a ‘Change password’ facility to protect the EXE file.
20. Provides a ‘Set password’ facility to protect the EXE file.
21. Supports all Excel file formats.
22. Offers customizable settings.
23. Offers all basic features.
VaySoft Excel to EXE Converter is compatible with the following Windows operating systems:
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows Server 2000
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 10
Installation Details:
1. Compatible with all Windows Platforms.

System Requirements:

1. Your 3DTV must be connected to a 3D compatible television and a 3D compatible display device (i.e. 3D ready TV, Blu-Ray player, display device). You can use the application on any PC or Mac with Windows 7 or higher or with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. There are some features of the application that require 3DTV to be connected to a 3D-ready television.
2. You must have an Intel Core i5/i7 CPU and at least 4GB RAM (8GB recommended).–Download-Latest-2022.pdf

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