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TimeAfterTime is a powerful Multi-Timer application. You can launch upto 6 independent, simultaneous Timers – any combination of count up duration (once or recurring), count down duration (once or recurring), count to a time of day, or count as a stopwatch. You can assign separate announcement WAV files to each Timer – files you have created yourself or obtained, or, you can select from the announcements and sound effects that come with the application (via a drop-down list). Special algorithms in TimeAfterTime will ensure announcements do not overlap or cut each other off. You can test-listen to WAV files from within the application, before assigning them. Each Timer you launch is clearly marked with what type of timer it is, the count display is bold and prominent, and it carries all the reference information youd be interested in – the name of the WAV file that will be played, whether the Timer is of recurring type or not (and if it is, how many cycles have already been completed), when the Timer was set, the duration the Timer is counting, what the current time is. Each Timer’s text message flashes red-blue when it triggers, to get your attention. You can audibly distinguish a once-off Timer from a recurring one, by the number of times the announcement is repeated (3 times in the former case, once in the latter). You can at any stage Hide/Show all timers. You can Enable/Disable pop-up of Timers above all other windows, when they trigger. You allocate each Timers title and message text (to flash) at the Main Control Panel before the Timer launches, but you can alter them from the Timers own panel, after the Timer launches.







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(Please click the links above this text to see full details of this application.) – Multi-Timer counting facility – 6 Timers + Countdown and Countdown to Time of Day – Recurring Timers counted to a specified time – Timers launched from all application windows – Each Timer’s (and countdown timers’) message panel is displayed – Each timer’s message panel can be hidden and shown – New announcements can be added and existing announcements deleted and replaced with their own (or different file) via a drop-down list – Special algorithms in Cracked TimeAfterTime With Keygen ensure that announcements do not overlap or cut each other off – Each Timer’s count up duration can be set to recur or to end in the specified count down duration – Each timer’s countdown count up duration can be set to end in the specified count down duration – Each timer’s date/time can be set to recur or to end in the specified time of day – Other settings such as sound alerts, sound delays between counts, start alarm times, etc., can be set in the control panel – Record button functionality allows you to generate, record, and save a log file of all Timer activities – Record button functionality can generate the file name as well as save it, or, can simply save the logs the next time you start the Timer – Recording can be done in Delayed (can be set to auto run once every (or desired number of) hours, days, or days, weeks or years) and Full Log. – Active monitor notes can be saved separately from the rest of your notes – Each active monitor note can be assigned a page number so you can find it when browsing the stored notes – Monitor Notes can be either displayed in the main control panel or saved separately for later. – The whole logging process can be automated – Time After Time is the result of research by the author, over more than 20 years as a natural scientist, and over his life as a professional computer programmer. – Time After Time is a powerful and flexible multi-timer (Timer and Countdown with / without Duration). – Watch the first four large buttons in the main control panel to see the application in action TimeAfterTime 2022 Crack Features: TimeAfterTime performs all the functions and the features listed below: – Launch upto 6 simultaneous Timers – Timers launched from any application window. Each Timer is uniquely identified at the time it is launched. – You can configure

TimeAfterTime Crack+

1. A unique 3 ring button control interface makes the application very user friendly. The three buttons are: Timer Settings: the two sets of drop-down lists provide the counts for the timer, with any intermediate increments selected, and also the duration – the elapsed time the timer is counting, in seconds. Timer Audio: you can see the current time, as well as the amount of time remaining for this Timer to trigger. The timer text and the number flashes red and blue to alert you to the Timers current status. 2. The Application has many configuration settings, and over a 1000 announcements, so it has been designed for easy to use settings. 3. Each Timer retains its own state of function for you to configure and play. If you want to change any settings for a Timer, you can do it by setting the appropriate properties for the particular Timer, with its own Display and Status windows. 4. If there is no microphone available you can run a test, automatically, for the functions of the Timer’s audio, to alert you to problems. 5. The Timers main display offers a history of the Timer youve just set, and a view of the state of the application. You can see what timer is running, how many have been set, and if the Timer is of a recurring type the percentage complete. The Timer display shows the titles and messages, and whether the Timer is first time (default mode), recurring, or counted to a specific time of day. 6. You can disable all windows, except a Timer display. You can also pop-up a windows with a message box when a Timer triggers. 7. There is a key value for customised large text display. You can increase the text display size by a factor of ten. 8. The Timers can be set to go off at specified times of day (or daily), at specified intervals, or automatically. 9. You can pre-select announcements for playing from within the application, or enable you to select an announcement from an external source. 10. You can assign short WAV files to each Timer, or you can assign a longer WAV files, so the Timer can count down or countdown. If you select a WAV file for one Timer, the Timers audio and text will be played continuously. The Timer Audio display is labelled: Current Time, 91bb86ccfa

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1. User Guide 2. How To Use TimeAfterTime Description 3. TimeAfterTime Panel Titles 4. TimeAfterTime Panel Description 5. TimeAfterTime Panel Button Names 6. TimeAfterTime Button Description This product was originally marketed on Windows NT 4.0 Features: This is about as powerful as a powerful Timer could be, or need be. Each Timer works separately, but you can have them all trigger at the same time, if you wish. When a Timer starts, the time of day and the current playing of each Timer is displayed. A Pop-up window lets you set the message, title text and whether the Timer is one-off or recurring. A sound clip is played, lets you know what type of Timer is playing, whether it is one-off or recurring, and how many cycles or repetitions it has completed. Auto Stop. Once the timer has finished, the message is automatically reset to announce the time you selected, again. You can also assign other WAV files to the timers message sound, for an enhanced introduction to the Timer. You can adjust the Timer’s ticker speed (1 second/Tick) You can assign sound clips, looping or not, to the timers. You can play WAV files as a background timer, or, you can play a WAV file in the foreground. (separate the Timer from any other application). You can rewind a Timer (and optionally continue it where you left off), if you wish. You can even hide a Timer, if you need to save your screen. This is a handy feature for people who use their Timer for a lot of media. If you only want to play one time a day, you can trigger the Timer once, and set the alarm to wake you up. But you can also set it to come off, to let you sleep late on that day. If you want to make the Timer the screen saver, you can. It is not simply the screen saver, however. It is by-passing the scren-protect-latch thingie, so it is not simply a clock screen saver. If you want to watch a movie with your Timer on, you can. It starts a separate media application, the “Movie Player”, which can be done by clicking the Start>All Programs>Accessories

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• Timer starts, stops and resumes at each click of its button. • Timer duration is specified as minute, hour, day or week. • Timer duration may be specified as a number of hours, days, weeks or months. • Count up duration may be specified as number of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. • Count down duration may be specified as number of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. • Recurring timers may be specified as number of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. • Timers may be stopped at any point, and may be restarted. • Timers can be made invisible, and also hidden above all other windows. • Timer can start announcements, and can play sound effects. • Timer can play pre-recorded announcements or new announcements. • Timer can play announcements at any time during the Timer is counting up, or at the beginning of counting down. • Timer can play announcements for a single event, or for several events. • Timer can play announcements in accordance with the time of day. • Timer can play announcements in accordance with time of day of any of the intervals when it is counting up. • Timer can play announcements in accordance with time of day of any of the intervals when it is counting down. • Timer can play announcement during count up interval, during count down interval and during the stop interval. • Timer can be assigned to different announcements, and different sound effects, for each timer. • Timer shows the selected interval, in display, and also shows the elapsed time and number of cycles completed. • Timer allows you to select timer announcements and clock sound effects, for each timer. • Timer shows total time to reach the end of the count up duration in display. • Timer shows the current time in display. • Timer shows calendar and date in display, and also allows the user to enter the start and end dates. • Timer can count to, or from, a date or time. • Timer can count to, or from, a number of any of the indicated intervals. • Timer may have the following configurations: (a) Until count down time passed. (b) Until count down time passed or time given. (c) Until count down time passed and duration time passed. (d) Until count down time

System Requirements:

Your computer must meet the minimum system requirements listed below. The requirements are subject to change. Minimum system requirements: OS: Windows® XP® or later with service pack 2 or later. Processor: 2 GHz processor or faster. Memory: 2 GB RAM. Hard Disk: 1 GB free hard disk space. Video Card: A DirectX 9.0 compatible video card. Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card. Mouse: Microsoft® compatible mouse. Display: Monitor screen resolution of 1024

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