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SiteView Desktop Management (SiteView DM), ITIL/ITSM standards as the core, can timely update resource information, make corresponding policies, keep stability and security and maximal level, improve resource management, and eliminate blind spots in order to avoid bad impat from system failure. Give SiteView DM a try to see what it’s really capable of!


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SiteView Desktop Management Download [Updated-2022]

SiteView DM sets SV Access to Management View (MV) to ensure that a single SV account is used to connect to the Desktops in the production environments. ITIL/ITSM standards as the core of SiteView DM influence it to be stable, high?level, low?cost, and accurate to tracking resource information and making corresponding policies.
SiteView DM can help people manage resources more efficiently and easily. When people conduct the accurate forecast of desktops capacity, they can make efficient decision involving capacity. The resource reliability management will stay stable and even improve in the long term.
When a person need to correct the gaps in the resource management, the person can make corresponding policies based on the desktops management information. However, it doesn’t matter what level the person’s knowledge is, with the SiteView desktop management, this is the only way to get the maximum benefit.
It’s means that site owner can ‘t watch the desktops with ignorant view.
At the same time, the company can’t manage desktops to the extremity.

Can someone explain to me why the forecast is made up of a large amount of data and the site profile is only two record?
I’d like to see additional information


I assume that the company will give better feedback in this case and the information shown in the site viewer is only the brief overview.
First of all it is a forecasting system so the rest could be given as percentage as well as number.
For the profiling data, the info is presented in the tool. It is expected to be

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A set of IT Management best practices targeted at governance, management, monitoring, and reporting.
Implements ITIL/ITSM standards as its core.
It’s best described as a suite of tools that work together to generate ITIL/ITSM-compliant reports, policies, and other documentation.
Sends essential IT Management data to Slack/Gitter; integrates with Mixpanel, most status pages, and production dashboards.

SiteView Desktop Management is a suite of tools for managing your digital environment.

Key Features:

Sends IT Management data to Slack/Gitter; integrates with Mixpanel, most status pages, and production dashboards.
Provides end-user reporting on any IT Management standard or IT Security Topic.
Prompts for IT Management changes when a problem is detected.
Combines with SiteView RA for incidents and health alerts.
Informs users about software updates, patches, and security events.
Enables configuration, status, and operational reporting.
Integrates with third-party IT & Security tools and systems; and does not require any special third-party dependencies.


Enter SiteView DM under 1.29.0 or later.
Select the Basic or Advanced Plan.
Follow the instructions in your License file to ensure you are using the latest version.
You can also run the Welcome screen by visiting
Click the “Go!” button to get started.


Copyright (c) 2016 – 2019, Siteview Desktop Management GmbH


End-User Licenses:

SiteView DM Pro

Please login using the user credentials you selected.

For your security, your website administrator needs to have enabled your account on SiteView DM.

For more information, visit our license page at

Special thanks to Appigo for providing us the code to display the date in a human-readable format
Special thanks to

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SiteView DM is powered by Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Platform Services and can provide unlimited server resources in provisioned, pay as you use basis.
In particular, SiteView DM provides virtual desktops and all of its resources including the Client app, which can be used to remote control Windows devices and the network connected devices, Desktop Manager GUI to provide an IT proccessing experience to the user, and reporting.
SiteView DM can also monitor the following managed infrastructure:
· SiteView Servers
· Network Connections
· Client Devices
· Client Software Inventory
· Client Software Updates
· Client Configuration
· User Session Information
· User File Access
· User Activity Information
For more detailed information about the service, please refer to the following documents:
· Microsoft Azure Overview
· Microsoft Azure Platform Services for SiteView Desktop Management
Please contact for support.


For the management of Windows devices is Device Manager the place to go – but it is a 32-bit device driver only. What you can do is to read the event log and check the Description field.
For more details about reading the event log check this SuperUser answer.

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What’s New in the?

The service contract is as follows:

To keep a maximum level of stability and security and eliminate blind spots, SiteView Desktop Management (SiteView DM) service can timely update resource information, make corresponding policies, and keep stability and security and maximal level. Can run normally under Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/ME/95/3.11/2K/NT/2K3/ME/98/98SE/ME/2K3/ME/XP/ME/98SE/ME/2K.
SiteView Desktop Management is a Windows Management Platform (WMP) and meets ITIL/ITSM standards as the core, can timely update resource information, make corresponding policies, maintain stability and security, and maximize resources.
SiteView Desktop Management uses the network environment or computer system resource (including server resource) to collect the user’s information from Windows operating system. This also can use proxy to get User-Agent data in the network environment or computer system of any user. SiteView Desktop Management can analyze the data and put them into the corresponding records, and then conduct rule-based analysis to make corresponding policies. Can conduct basic management of the system, whether it is on premise, or host externally, whether Microsoft Windows system or other system. Keep stability and security of the system and eliminate blind spots.
SiteView Desktop Management Management Model includes three parts: the first part is the agent management and the programming interface between users and the agent, the second part is the extension of management, such as the management of the management, the third part is the management of the management. SiteView Desktop Management has three management modes, namely the management of the agent, management of the extension, and management of management.
Management of the agent is a management and operation function of the agent itself, which includes three parts: policy collection, data collection, and management. The agent refers to the software installed in the system in advance of the same. After the installation of SiteView Desktop Management, the agent is started. SiteView Desktop Management can start the agent through a command, shortcut, or software, such as CMD, CMD + CTRL + ENTER, or setup manager. Agent collection can be configured by user. Configuration information collected includes the name of the agent, path, port, scope, command, and the minimum and maximum number of parallel. Agent collection can be configured by the tool

System Requirements For SiteView Desktop Management:

PC version requires a Windows 7 or higher system with 4GB of RAM (or 8GB for the Ultimate Edition) and a DirectX9-capable graphics card (NVIDIA GeForces, Intel HD Graphics, or AMD’s Radeons).
Console version requires a Xbox 360 (X360) or Xbox One (XB1) console and an HD (High Definition) TV set with 1080p or better resolution (720p on XB1) and 3D glasses (required for X360). If you do not own these items, you can upgrade to 1080

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