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* **Keeping your original files safe**. The next time that you want to open a file, Photoshop won’t let you. Open a file from the new background and save it under a different name. That way if your original copy is accidentally damaged or corrupted, you still have access to the original file. After that, you can open the file again by opening the new background or selecting it and pressing Ctrl+N to open the original file in a new window. You can also lock a file or make it a read-only file.

And you can also _lock layers_, which enables you to prevent anyone from accidentally changing those layers. This is particularly useful when you edit the image using all of the features in the program, whether or not you have the image in Photoshop as a source. You can lock layers by pressing Ctrl+L, or you can right-click any layer and choose Layers?Lock.

* **Editing images**. By using the History panel, you can save time by using the same combination of editing steps again and again. Suppose, for instance, that you find an image that is slightly off, and you want to fix it. Rather than learning the basics of how to resize a photo, cut and paste, and fill in objects, you can simply add a new layer and then edit the result.

* **Taking advantage of the tools**. You can use Photoshop’s tools and commands to quickly retouch images, and you can use the layer tools and commands to create and arrange new layers.

* **Mixing and matching**. With the layers tools, you can easily combine existing layers and then layer those new combinations or move the layers and their effects to the top of an image, or to other layers. You can also quickly duplicate layers, or edit them, move them around, and otherwise use them for your own purposes.

Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4) Download [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

However, there are a lot of great features and editing tools in Photoshop which can be used to create amazing assets for website and mobile app developers, regardless of skill level.

So today, I’ll show you 24 Photoshop actions you can use to improve the design of your next project. From vector to pixel-perfection.

I hope you’ll find them useful and constructive.

Let’s start.

In my Photoshop actions I frequently use Emojione as a font. You can use your own custom Emojione font or download an awesome font from the Internet for free. If you don’t have your own font just use one of the pre-designed set of Emojione. Download all the 25,000 plus Emojione fonts from

Add a border to the image.

Original Image


1) Create a border using Crop Border Photoshop action

2) Use the Stroke For Corner Photoshop action

3) Copy and Paste the image and add any color or style using any of the following actions.

4) Add a brush that looks like a classic font to the foreground image

5) Use a highlight effect to make the selected part of the image look more 3D

6) Create a vertical shadow from any current image on the layer, using the Gradient Selection Tool

7) Use the Drop Shadow Photoshop action to create a drop shadow effect.

8) Use the Gradient Selection Tool to create a new selection and copy the color from the background into the new selection

9) Use the shape tool and make a rounded rectangle

10) Using the Ellipse tool make a more rounded version of the existing shape

11) Use the Pattern Overlay Tool to add a texture that looks like graffiti.

12) Place any texture you want to use.

13) Change the style of the pattern overlay or the position of the texture

14) Stretch the gradient to fit the selected part of the image, using the Crop Brush Photoshop action.

15) Use the Crop Stamp Tool to use the image you created from the Crop Border Photoshop action to create a sticker.

16) Use the Gradient Selection Tool to create a new selection and copy the color from the background into the new selection.

17) Use the ellipse tool to make a more

Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4)

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What’s New in the Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4)?

Sponges can be used to blur objects within an image, or the painting tool can be used to soften and smooth textures.
Photoshop is extremely powerful, but sometimes you may need to quickly access a special feature or tool to edit an image. In most cases, you can do this directly from the keyboard and then press a combination of keys to invoke the tool. However, there are some keys on the keyboard that may come in handy while editing an image.
The following list contains shortcuts for commonly used keyboard commands in Photoshop.

Active Layer Layers are used in Photoshop to organize objects and edit layers. Active layers are transparent and have visible rectangles around them. When you add a new layer, the layer immediately becomes the active layer. To make the active layer the currently open layer, click on the color box above the Layers panel. To access the active layer’s properties (transparency, blending mode, and layer mask), click on the arrow next to the layer in the Layers panel.

Brush Photoshop brush tools are an excellent way to add textures to images. The Pen tool is great for painting pixels and lines, but the Brush tool allows you to paint or erase specific areas of the image using brush strokes. To activate the brush tool, click on the brush icon on the toolbox.

Clone Stamp This tool allows you to copy pixels from one area of an image and paste them into another area. Use the Clone Stamp to repair damaged or corrupt images.

Ctrl To activate the Ctrl key on the keyboard, hold down the Ctrl key and press the B key.

DesktopThe desktop is the screen where you can work in your Photoshop projects. Photoshop opens files and other documents on the desktop.

Delete The Delete key on the keyboard is used to remove layers from a document, delete pixels, or even delete an entire layer. If a layer is selected, you can right-click and select Delete Layer to easily delete the layer from the document.

Ellipse Select a circle and then click and drag to draw a perfect circle on the image. To zoom in, hold down the Ctrl key and click and drag the mouse.

Fill Color The Fill Color feature allows you to create a color with specific properties. Use this feature to create a selection, erase part of an image, or even merge two objects into one. The Fill Color tools can be found in the Tools panel of the Photoshop

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