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Wow that’s a lot of rows. You’re probably getting stuck on that.
The easiest way to debug the problem is to use the “Preview” option when creating a new row. You can then see the error when you click OK.
You also need to clear your history as it may be stomping your current rows somehow.

Update: It seems that there is a limit of 10,000 rows, which is quite low considering that “Add” is an OLE automation method. See error message, more below:

File ” cannot be saved because it is open for editing.

Update 2: It seems that there is a limit of 10,000 rows to be processed (see next message). Your current rowcount is going to be 10,018 so your query is taking a long time to return anything at all.

Error while AddRows automation element.

Other than the apparent limit, you’re facing problems elsewhere. For example, if you step through and see the “Preview” option is not working for you, you can see your current rowcount, which is way past your original specified limit of 1000:


As you go back to “Choose Table” and select again, you’ll get an out-of-range exception.
Bottom line, though, is that the “Edit Table” dialog is killing you.
Can you try to open your selection in Microsoft Access (not sure if it is the default, but it is certainly easy and fast) and then run a query against it to see if that works?

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