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“There’s nothing more rewarding for me than seeing how players move,” said producer Fabio Vignaroli. “I developed the technology myself because I’d never seen anything like it. But I was surprised to discover just how unique and personal each player’s movement is. Based on this research, we’ve created FIFA 22 ‘First Player Creator,’ which lets you customise your player movement to suit your playing style.”

In FIFA 22, players will be able to create their very own avatar, free of personal characteristics and generated from an analytical and synthetic model of their physical movement. More than 60 motion capture demonstrations are included in FIFA 22 and the addition of a story mode features a range of animated sequences showing players and their opposition in action, including a variety of injuries, tackles and the blood-spattered surface of the pitch.

FIFA 22 is on sale now, with more news and features to follow. Make sure you follow all the latest news on the FIFA website and share your opinion in our EA Social forums.Q:

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Features Key:

  • Live your Dreams as a Manager and a Player. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.
  • Drive Real World Moments with the brand new, engine-powered Live Shot Animation System. With Live Shot, FIFA players can make a difference by taking a shot from the top of the box and turning it into a one-of-a-kind goal celebration. It’s a powerful new way to drive game moments.
  • THE WORLD IS YOUR OCEAN. Take your personal and league geographies and dive into the deep in the brand new Football Generator. Choose your squad and begin a game on any of the 25 new pitches. Create your own team, or dive into your friends’ leagues and modes using the new one-club Universe Mode.
  • More Ways to Prove Yourself. The brand new PROVE SYSTEM lets you customize your stats to show off your strength, stamina and speed.
  • NEW OPTIONS. Kick the ball as you move and go into the box as a defender. Create a new style of play and put your back to the wall.
  • Fixed issue that prevents achievements from unlocking after restarting Matchday.
  • PITCHY MULTIPLAYER. Enjoy head-to-head controls in any Stadium to compete on any pitch and make any tackle, using just a single controller. FIFA 22 is the only football game that allows this.
  • PLAY THE CAMERA AWAY. Immerse yourself in living and breathing stadiums with new Ball Physics. Aim, pass, defend and decide which team is champion. Play how you want.
  • BRAND NEW KITS. Adidas and Nike turn the living game world into a living theme park with over 25 new kit designs.
  • DYNAMIC WEATHER. Play through conditions that will test your technique, and every game presents new challenges, including snow, rain, and season changes.


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    FIFA 22 Ultimate Team lets you build dream teams filled with real-life stars. Customise your look, your team and your style with millions of possible combinations.

    PES 2018 Season Pass – Play as your favourite team in PES 2018, at home and away across all competitions from the start of the new season.

    FIFA 18 A-Z Legend – Play for your favourite club with your dream team in FIFA 18 A-Z Legend.

    DayZ: Underground has been declared Unplayable

    Press release for 15th December: “After almost two years of development, DayZ: Underground has been declared Unplayable.”

    Since the launch of DayZ: Underground on December 6, 2015, players have eagerly anticipated a wide variety of the game’s end-game activities, such as managing a post-apocalyptic city. In a discussion on the Steam forums, Obsidian producer Jens Andersen said in August 2016, “Right now, we are still looking at the post-apocalyptic elements. We’re not sure that we will incorporate them into the game. We’re looking into other gameplay features first, and then we will create the post-apocalyptic segments of the game. This is why the game has gone through many, many changes.” Although the game has been through many changes, Obsidian did not improve DayZ, making it almost two years since the launch.

    In spite of the weak development, DayZ: Underground has remained in the top positions of Steam’s charts, ranking in the top 1,000 for over two years. Players are even demanding that the developer of the game release the server data. According to Steam’s stats, more than 10,000 players have been actively playing DayZ: Underground since it launched.

    “Even though DayZ: Underground is a game that has gone through many changes, we feel that it will be hard to provide a solution for the development of the game. If the game really promises to become a ‘zombie survival’ game, we will be able to make progress in the game by releasing the server data.”

    During the PC version of the DayZ: Warface Beta, Obsidian produced a statement about the Warface Beta which pointed out that developing and testing the game during the beta phase had caused mistakes in the release version of the game. That statement was followed by a series of updates from the developer,


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • NEW CLIMATES – discover diverse and authentic football environments like the Aviva Stadium and Allianz Arena in the Eredivisie in Holland and Germany
    • MORE ACTION – relive a variety of challenges including tackles, clean sheets, crosses, heading and cornering.
    • GENERATE COLLECTIONS – new features include Create-a-Career where you create your own player and choose his kit and formation. This provides players with a unique identity and gameplay style and will reward players with useful attributes that help their on-pitch performance.
    • STYLE TIPS – canada for instance, can play a 4-5-1 formation.
    • MORE ACTION – Relive the Premier League in style. New features include tackle, heading and cornering, and more authentic environments with the EPL, MLS, La Liga and Japan L League. FIFA Ultimate Team players, improve your FIFA skills like new, clean sheet and saves.


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    Experience The World’s Most Popular Sport The Easy Way

    Every year millions of people of all ages play FIFA. The most popular football simulation on PC, PS3 and Xbox, FIFA is a professional sport simulation that brings authenticity and heart to the game.

    Create your Ultimate Squad

    In FIFA, you will build and manage a squad of the world’s best footballers, and compete in live match-ups with your team in the ultimate goal: being the best club in the world.

    Play Online in Unique Online Modes

    Battle against friends and opponents in traditional head-to-head match-ups, or go against friends or strangers via custom tournaments. In FIFA Ultimate Team™, you can collect FUT points in unique ways to upgrade your stars and playas, or create your own fantasy teams in My Team and Club Tournaments.

    Watch Your Team Play Live Spectacular Matches

    In FIFA Ultimate Team, you can watch your favourite team play live in FIFA Ultimate Team matches. Watch your team challenge other teams in Live Events, or watch other teams play in Friendlies.

    Play Live with Friends and Online

    Join up with friends to play exciting friendlies against them, or host your own friendlies for free.

    Match Virtual Players to Look and Feel Like Real Players

    A powerful avatar creator lets you match your appearance to that of the real player, while an incredibly detailed physics engine dynamically models your on-field play, complete with realistic movements, ball control, animations and collisions.

    Play FIFA To Create Accomplishments

    EA’s ultimate goal is to truly make you the best ever, and that includes making you feel like a real football star on FIFA. For starters, you can choose from 200 real-world national teams, and you can compete against them online. There are over 100 historic leagues and competitions, plus thousands of player profiles and real-world clubs. And players have more in-depth stats than in other football games.

    Authentic, In-Depth And Playable Career Mode

    A new Career Mode lets you pick one of the 10 real-world professional leagues in the world, or create your own. Build your own team, and play matches in your league, or play friendlies against all others. Playing matches against rivals can earn you FUT points, which can be used to play cards and further boost your players.

    Ultimate Team™ – Manage Your Dream Team

    Earn F


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