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HyperMotion Technology is a major milestone for the team, not only as it increases the authenticity of on-field action, but also provides enhanced AI intelligence. The impact of new ball physics mean players exhibit more realistic movements, tackling and winning headers become more dynamic and possession becomes more varied and unpredictable. Overall gameplay has never been better.

“The key thing for us was to move away from the timings and deliveries of the ball,” says Head of FIFA HLS John Gaither. “We wanted to learn from players, not just the goalkeeper, and what we found was that our existing AI systems will improve by having the input of the movement of the players, how they perform and so on. It’s a big boost for the game, and not just for the AI but for the players as well.”

The new Pitch Movement Technology (P.M.T.) supports the new real-time naturalistic ball physics. It has been built on the basis of HLS’ analysis of the movements of professional football players, resulting in a new, unprecedented amount of ball physics detail and first-rate player animations, resulting in the most authentic football simulation available.

In addition, the new passing AI system also has been improved, with intelligent looping and keeping options that help improve dribbling and passing, and tactics that ensure the ball runs straight from the team’s first pass to the far post.

“The team also wanted to strike a balance between how players make decisions on the pitch,” adds Gaither. “It’s about the player understanding how the team will play based on how they themselves play. We also wanted to increase the pass accuracy of the players, and for the AI to be able to deal with players with different styles and physical characteristics.”

The presentation of players has been given extra attention and this update has seen the introduction of a new player ID system. The introduction of these new player ID’s is for a number of reasons. The first is that the Real Life Player ID system is more comprehensive and better to use. They are also lower in number and the key focus is that there are now plenty of different player traits.

When it comes to diving, the team has updated the penalties. Diving is now a foul and the penalties have been given a new animation and behaviour.

And finally the Player Motion Engine uses both frame-by


Features Key:

  • 22 new authentic players bringing the total to over 1000 worldwide.
  • Smarter AI. Players use contextual intelligence to balance aggressiveness, fouling or composure.
  • AI-controlled assistant on the touchline. Offers tactical advice
    leading to better-quality decision-making.
  • New Announce Your Assistant mode. Compete against your coach as you
    maintain possession, shoot and score. Land the best combination of
    pass and shot. Make the best use of out of possession.
  • Home advantage. On pitch, create the most powerful team in the game
    simply by selecting your favourite stadium.

  • Diverse on pitch styles. Select your play style with four different
    features – freestyle, possession, counter-attacking or with purpose.
  • Pro performance touch ups. Instantly optimize your first touch,
    accuracy and speed with six new ‘Pro’ mode Touch Updates.
  • Squads and Team sets. Create your best side with one of the
    thousands of Player and Team to choose from.

  • Dynamic thrusts. Take on the world.
  • New console. Play your game in stunning 4K graphics, the true
    premium gaming experience on PS4.


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FIFA® 20 is the game that goes where no game has gone before. A truly next-generation game, it offers truly next-generation gameplay features, while bringing together teams and rosters from the past, present and future. The game features a host of innovative gameplay mechanics not seen before, such as PreciSoccer, Cutting-Edge Squads, Pass-and-Move and much more.

FIFA 20 is built from the ground up for the next generation of consoles: PlayStation®4 and Xbox® One. Featuring a striking new appearance and enhanced gameplay, the game redefines what fans have come to expect from the world’s top football game. It now comes with FIFA Ultimate Team™, allowing fans to truly build their own team with more choice and more ways to unlock players than ever before. There are now over 1,000 new players and brands, including more than 300 official kits and jerseys for fans to collect.

FIFA 20 is built on EA’s Frostbite™ engine, which has powered some of the most successful games in the history of the PlayStation® and Xbox® platforms. The latest version of the engine features incredible new player reactions and animations, team tactics and formations, players’ injuries, and player attributes. It also enables the creation of highly-detailed stadiums, which now include everything from new interior designs to stunning new exterior architecture.

Whether you’re playing online, or in the all-new FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode, FIFA 20 will capture your breathless, on-field experience in ways that the most demanding players have come to expect.

This is the most detailed, authentic football simulation game available. FIFA 20 brings the game closer to the real thing than ever before, with fundamental gameplay advances and a season of innovation across every mode. The game engine is also rebuilt on a new core platform that supports both XGEN™ and Frostbite® Engine v.1, delivering unparalleled fidelity.

What’s new in FIFA 20?


The latest version of PreciSoccer™, the game’s all-encompassing real-world physics engine, sets a new bar for player realism and fidelity across the full spectrum of action. The game will now track and capture every millisecond of every pitch – translating into more realistic player moves and behaviour on the pitch.

Cutting-Edge AI

AI has evolved into one of the best components


Fifa 22 [Latest]

Unleash your creativity in FIFA Ultimate Team. As a manager, choose your squad on the pitch and build your collection of players to dominate your opponents. Choose a position, play a formation, and then sign your favourite players and watch them blossom as they lead your team to victory in over 270 leagues. As a player, put your unique skill and touch on the ball to score goals, use your speed, power and agility to take players on, or shield your defence. Build a team that’s yours and go on an epic journey as you prove your worth on the pitch.

Choose from over 270 leagues and 5,500 iconic licensed players
Dominate the opposition in My Team – The most thrilling and rewarding way to play the game as a Manager, My Team lets you take control of your team and manage it on the pitch to success against your rivals. Every player has a unique skill and plays a specific role on your team. Your team comes together with decisions made on the pitch. Your style, formation and tactics directly affect the characteristics of your team. Every choice you make has consequences. Create your team from over 5,500 iconic licensed players from around the world – plus a new monster XI to take on your opponents.

Get into FIFA 20 as a player and experience the explosive, beautiful and authentic football gaming experience with the all-new game engine FIFA 20. The PS4 version of the game will be available to download starting 11 October 2019. For more information about the game, please visit:

The FIFA 20 Dream League app for iOS and Android is available to download now for free. With a total of over 1,500 official players, more than 500 real-life licensed stadiums, the Official Champions Cup, the Dream League Show, the Dream League Manager and even a dedicated app store within the game, FIFA 20 has all the features that create a true football experience. Play football with the football you love, run your own club and challenge for the dream league championship.

The app also features the Best Football Clubs and MVPs, the Ultimate Skills, Season Challenges, Cross Platform Matches, Scouted Players, School of Dreams, VAR, Fan Interactions, Online Fantasy and more. For further details on the FIFA 20 Dream League mobile app, please visit:

Lions’ roar :
Get a sneak preview of what’


What’s new:

  • Improved Player AI – Create the next new way to play.
  • New 3D Physic Engine – Improved collision response for more accurate ball control, more realistic ball physics, and a new ball trajectory system.
  • Season Pass Online – A new platform for additional content and benefits. Experience an enhanced gameplay, offline & Online. FIFA games will get bigger with FIFA 22’s Season Pass.
    • Become One of the World’s Best in FIFA

    New squad management opportunities and possibilities to customize your team, combining with the depth of strategy in the new Draft Champions Mode to create new tactical opportunities. Wreak havoc on the pitch with a new goal celebration: the “FIFA goalkeeper trying to divert the ball with his mits”.

  • Enhanced Player Personality – New player animations and facial expressions to bring your favourite characters to life.
  • New Player Equipment Tool – Equip additional equipment to unlock new gameplay features.
  • FIFA Street Helmet 2.0 – New helmet model and improved lighting to make players look and feel more street-ready.
  • Improved Player Chemistry – New Teams trigger realistic gameplay in different situations, on and off the pitch.
  • Interactive Futsal Ball – Ranged, shot and physically influenced to give players the true feel of futsal from within your game.
  • Assists System – Real-time physics bring the magic of assists back to Football.
  • Full-Screen Leaderboards – Show off your FIFA 22 skills online in full-screen.


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FIFA is the official videogame of EA SPORTS FIFA. It features all the players, teams and stadiums used in the 2010-2011 official season. You can play in all 18 official match modes, such as FIFA World Cup™, FIFA Women’s World Cup™ and FIFA Club World Cup™, in addition to all the official soccer tournaments and championships. You can also practice, customize your teams and play online against other FIFA fans around the world.


Teams improve and evolve

Increase your team’s strength, style and chemistry by evolving your squads. Through gameplay and player development you can adapt to your team’s opposition, making each match unique. Your opposition also evolves, unlocking new formations, tactics and team kits.

Get to know your fans

As your team grows, you’ll be able to develop deeper relationships with your players, coaches, fans and even rivals. Your manager can make it possible for your key players to form long-lasting friendships and rivalries – with benefits. For instance, you can reward your team’s captain with personal equipment to help him out in tough situations or you could even let him roam the pitch in EA SPORTS™ FIFA Street™.

Modes and ways to play


Master the tactics to perfection. Change the flow of the match using custom tactics, formations and player roles. Evolve your tactics throughout the season to counter your opponent’s.


Play to win by competing against other players for the highest number of points in online matches and for the best rankings in tournaments and seasons.


Discover your favorite training drills, and practice your skills under your personal coach. Create a specific training session to practice your favorite tactics, or switch the difficulty up to suit any level of player.


Build your dream team and guide them to glory in one of the most authentic soccer team management simulations. While managing your squad’s team lifestyle, your main focus is on improving your team’s quality and performances in order to reach your ultimate goal, which might be winning one of the many football tournaments or progressing to the next step in your career.


Career mode sees your player evolve, become more knowledgeable and improve as you take them through a series of gradual steps in the career pyramid. Your player can earn money for their teams, as well as win titles and attributes to increase their reputation.


Authentic player movements

Player moves are brought to


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