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FIFA 22 also brings to life a new broadcast mode on PlayStation 4, allowing players to take control of the game camera and view action from a wider angle to provide a real feel of being on the pitch. The demo was played with 4K capabilities on Sony’s 8K TV.

The new 4K mode is a welcome addition to the modes currently included in FIFA. Players will be able to play the game in full 4K/60fps capabilities (previously only the Main Menu was available in 4K), with an improved image quality of players and items in the game.

According to EA, FIFA 22 also features many gameplay updates and further improves customization options for players. For example, players can now cycle through preset player attributes such as “quickness,” “agility,” “strength” and more to adjust their game style. New attributes also include “Kick the Ball Forward” and “Pace the Pace” to make football gameplay even more authentic.

The full demo for FIFA 22 is available now for PlayStation 4 players only. The demo is available at PlayStation Store here and will be available in stores on November 10.

PlayStation 4 can play FIFA 22 in 4K resolution on the new 8K TV

Robert Baade, Director of Publishing at DICE:

“We worked closely with FIFA on a range of technical innovations to create a very realistic, authentic and enjoyable version of football for our PS4 players to enjoy. These include the HyperMotion™, broadcast mode and the ‘Pace The Pace’ and ‘Kick the Ball Forward’ player attributes which give players the tools they need to adapt their game play to their footballing style.”

Simone de Rampon, Producer, FIFA:

“Our goal was to make FIFA as authentic and enjoyable as possible. With the debut of the 4K mode and our new ‘Pace the Pace’ and ‘Kick the Ball Forward’ player attributes, we’ve made significant improvements to recreate the authentic feeling of playing a football match and provide the most realistic football experience possible with FIFA.”

See the new FIFA 22 broadcast mode in action in this video:

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Features Key:

  • Groundbreaking “HyperMotion Engine,” which is the most realistic and immersive soccer experience to date.
  • 27 official leagues and kits, including authentic designs for Chelsea and Arsenal
  • New, powerful game engine (50+ improvements including the new Motion Threshold and Movesim engine tests)
  •, a dedicated game area for more FIFA content. In addition, free content is constantly added from the FIFA community.
  • New Player GK Agent, enabling more creative control over all aspects of goalkeepers’ performances
  • Improved Player Attributes, makes it easier than ever to perfectly optimize players’ values with the new “FIFA Trainer”
  • New Pro/Master Players, create your own unique team by drafting any player in the game. And now, you get one of your players +10 for FREE in Career Mode!
  • Utility Skills, including new Off The Ball>> and new Grab>> and new Goal Your Way. Other features include variable Stadium Architectural Style, Authentic crowd, player, kit and ball announcer… And more!


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FIFA is the world’s best-selling gaming brand, and this year sees the biggest, best and most authentic FIFA experience to date. For the first time, fans can create and control their own player through Pro Clubs, enabling them to set the number of goals and assist that each player can score, as well as decide which player suits their style of play. Another first for FIFA is the addition of the first-ever FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 brings together some of the world’s top players in a brand-new season, with 24 of Europe’s biggest clubs included in the UEFA Champions League, and 10 elite MLS (Major League Soccer) teams. Sides like Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Manchester City and Real Madrid are all named among the big-names in the new game.


Control the game like you would in the real world. Whether you want to free kick in from range, pass through the defence or cross from the back with a precision lob, FIFA ’22 lets you unleash your creativity with tools and actions inspired by the real-world game.

FIFA 22 is the most authentic, authentic football game experience yet. Take on the opposition on the pitch as FIFA ’22 lets you not only control your player through the match, but you can also give their attributes a real-world boost by unleashing your creativity with new tools inspired by football in the real world.

Precision Passing & Directional Overhead Shot

A simple flick of the catch and pass controls short, long and diagonal passes with ease. Create pinpoint precision attacks and high-percentage finishes as you control the ball like never before.

Advanced Sideways Overhead Kick

Launch your most powerful and accurate kick into the opposition’s penalty area with the simple flick of a catch. Directional kicks further increase your control on the pitch, letting you cross the ball with a new finesse.

Goalkeepers & Defenders

With FIFA ‘22 you can now approach every situation as a goalkeeper or defender. Use your new attributes and movements – including intelligent run decisions and tracking – to react to your opponents in ways you never could before.

First-Person View

FIFA ‘22 builds on the world’s best first-person view technology to immerse you even deeper into the action. Intuitive controls allow for faster, smarter and more accurate dribbling.



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With a brand-new Squad Management feature, and a new format that allows you to explore the entire roster of your favorite national team’s players, FIFA Ultimate Team has never been more accessible. The Squad Roster brings the most comprehensive and authentic roster of players ever created – all in one place.

LIVE ONLINE TOURNAMENTS – With the return of global online qualifying matches and more ways to play against the world, FIFA Ultimate Team features a variety of new gameplay modes. Including Online Tournaments, FIFA Ultimate Rivals, and online Quick Play, FIFA 22 introduces new ways to compete against the best players in the world across new modes.

VISUAL STYLE – All the action on and off the field has been reworked for a sharper, more photorealistic, and more intuitive display. The new more detailed player models and animations make team positioning easier to track and control, while the revamped game engine and ground texture technology brings the field of play to life with increased realism.

Control your choice of action with the all-new Player Trajectory System. This feature redefines the way the ball moves in the air, allowing you to control every crucial pass and scoring opportunity as you knock it past the opposing goalkeeper, while your other player’s run and positioning will be tracked with greater accuracy.

FIFA 22 also features new celebrations, multiple goalscoring systems, and new goalkeeper reactions.

SQUAD SELECTION – Pick your National Team, customise your squad with over 20 new stickers, and then create your own Ultimate Team. Create a squad of fantasy players, like Suarez, Bale, Neymar and Co., or go all in with an all-star team like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Aguero and co. In Ultimate Team, the selection and customization are put in your hands. Create a team to represent you, or play with a chosen coach and take a hand in creating your dream team.

SQUAD FORMATION – Manage your way to victory in the most innovative way in career mode, complete the most challenging open-world matches, or take control of the action in online tournaments. Create the way you want to play.

MULTIPLAYER – Live out your dreams as either a manager or player in FIFA 22’s new Live Contracts feature, or take the lead from the bench as your favorite player in FIFA Ultimate Team. Play the most authentic live football matches ever created with up to 32 players per side.


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