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DSWB (Dead Simple Web Browser) will provide users with a command line based browser. It is written entirely in C#.
The idea is to create as simple as possible of a web browser that is completely controlled by command line arguments. Its written entirely in C#. I loved many of the ideas of UZBL but I couldn’t find one that was compiled to Windows.
Please check the wiki for the command arguments. This does not have a toolbar or url bar for you to enter a web address. This is meant for use from the DOS prompt or batch file.
· URL Bar – Control-N displays the current url and allows you to type in a new url.
· View Source – Control-U opens a source code window.
· Refresh Page – Control-R refresh the page
· Print Page – Control-P prints to the default printer
· Back – Control-B or Control-Left Arrow Key will take you back one page
· Forward – Control-F or Control-Right Arrow Key will take you forward one page
· Stop – Control-S stop the page from loading
· Information – Alt-I Display page information
· Presentation Mode – Control-Alt-M – Put the window in presentation mode. The Escape key will take you out of presentation mode.
· Quit/Exit – Control-Q – Exit the application







DSWB (Dead Simple Web Browser) 1.20 Crack+ (LifeTime) Activation Code PC/Windows [Latest-2022]

Dead Simple Web Browser (DSWB) is a simple command line based web browser. Designed to be as simple as possible. Uses the WebBrowser control.
It uses an embedded cache so no large file uploads required.
The idea is to create a web browser that is completely controlled by command line arguments.
Please download from here.

Please read the readme file for information on compiling and usage.
This is C# code. To compile, you will need Visual Studio. Here is the code at the time of this posting.
Note: Multiple screenshots have been added to this file. I don’t know why but this will not display correctly using Preview.
· X86 Machine
· Visual Studio
·.NET Framework 3.5

· 2012-04-23 Update of this download
· 2012-04-24 Update of this download
· 2012-05-03 Fixed a bug
· 2012-05-04 Fixed a bug
· 2012-05-08 Fixed a bug


You will need to select the file type for your operating system.
You will need to chose the language of the file.

Operating System / Language File Type File Size (KB) Windows* C# Super Simple Web Browser for Windows 4.1 2.92

* Note: Windows 32 bit platform is required. Windows 64 bit platform is NOT recommended as this has not been tested.


This software is a free download. It is also offered as a free trial download.

It is distributed as-is and comes with no warranty. It is provided “as-is” without any warranty of any kind.

The authors disclaim all warranties with regard to this software, including all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall the authors be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of this software.


Contact information

If you have any questions about this application then please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please do so at jb@dlitz.net. I have been notified of your e-mail address

DSWB (Dead Simple Web Browser) 1.20 Crack + Serial Key

Dead Simple Web Browser is an application for the Windows platform that is perfectly designed to make browsing and reading data on the web an enjoyable experience.
While at it is easy to use, yet complex enough to offer the ability to browse the web while still maintaining ease of use.
There are three main components:
· The Browser
· The Source code code viewer
· The History Tracker
The Browser
The Browser is all about simplicity and convenience.
The Browser can be used from a DOS prompt, a batch file, a start menu icon, or via the Start menu.
By default Dead Simple Web Browser will use Windows Internet Explore 7 but can be used with other browsers from WebUpd8.org
When using a batch file you will just need to go to the folder and type in:

Open a DOS terminal and type in:

The Browser
The Browser can be used in an interactive mode by typing in:

or to read a web page from a file:
dswb file.html

The Source Code code viewer
This is a completely unique and important component of DSWB. What we are doing here is providing functionality that is normally only found on the Mac or Linux platforms.
The Source Code viewer can display and navigate back in source code.
The source code will be displayed in a black text box with a light grey box around it and the mouse cursor. The Source code viewer is completely customizable in how it looks and what it is capable of.
The Source Code viewer provides a few commands for navigating the code:
· Control-A will scroll down.
· Control-E will scroll up.
· Control-I is for scrolling to the nearest symbol.
· Control-T will scroll to the nearest text box.
· Control-F will scroll to the nearest footer.
· Control-B will scroll to the nearest header.
· Control-G will scroll back to the first line of code.
· Control-N is for showing the current line.
· Control-U opens a source code window for a specific line number.
· Control-K closes a source code window.
· Control-Q will quit the program.
· Control-L will quit the program and show the console.
The History Tracker
This is the main component to the program. It is solely responsible for keeping track of all of your past web

DSWB (Dead Simple Web Browser) 1.20 Download

The simplicity of UZBL’s idea of not having anything other than an URL bar was intriguing to me. Instead of a toolbar with buttons to select a new page, you control everything with the command line. One of the things I disliked with UZBL was that if you were anywhere in the middle of the page and wanted to preview the next page in the same place you were, you had to hit the back button. This could easily lead to a different portion of the website being left behind. With DSWB, this is never an issue.
Another thing that irritated me with UZBL’s idea of running off the bottom of the screen is that at times you couldn’t see the url bar where you inputted the page to load. With DSWB you can see the url bar while you view the webpage and enter another web address.
When you open a page it will automatically go to the top of the page. This is very useful because a lot of browsers have to scroll down the page to get to the url bar. With this feature you can go directly to the url bar and have a solid view of the page you have opened.
The code is self contained and does not require any installation of.NET or anything like that. All you need is the.NET 2.0 runtime libraries and.NET 2.0 (C#) or something compatible.
What I am looking for:
· WPF version of the browser would be nice.
· View Source would be nice. It is right above the url bar and you can find all the code that makes up the page.
· I would also like to add a logo as the title bar.
· Font selection
· Should be able to highlight text.
· I would like to have the url bar available when a page is not loading.
· Scrolling capability would be nice.
· Ability to input and go directly to url bar is nice.
· Ability to see previous and next pages would be nice.
· Double clicking would be great if that was possible.
· Pop up a dossage box when you exit the program.
· Can bring up help dialog boxes instead of just the prompt.
· Can add some sort of autosave capability so you don’t have to start it up after you exit it.
· Arrange to minimize to tray.
· Ability to filter internet explorer to work would be good.
· Ability to resize and move windows.
· Ability to bring up and close

What’s New in the?

DSWB (Dead Simple Web Browser) is a simple WinForms based application for Windows. It provides a command line mode browser for loading and viewing web pages. It is mainly a program for ease of web surfing using the command line of DOS. It is built from the ground up for windows with minor adjustments for the command line. The goal is to provide a simple web browser application that is easy to use. It is very simple to understand and should get someone up and running without issue.
There are two methods for installing DSWB. You can either install by double clicking the exe. Or you can download the setup package and install from the internet.
Double Click:
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UZBL is a web browser with lots of extensions/modules, but is in no way a CLI browser. It’s still a browser.
Krox was a CLI browser.


The only CLI web browsers that I know of are:

krox – closed source
ucw – open source, written in C#

(There are no CLI web browsers with an active development community any more. The Dillo browser project, which once was quite popular, died a while back.)

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