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DejaOffice for Windows 10/8.1 is a suite of different handy tools, bundled into one application to offer a complete method to organize your life in a more productive and easy manner. It's wrapped into a modern and user-friendly interface that displays distinct icons for each provided function. Since the menu is simple and accessible, anyone can use its options, even those less experienced. Insert relevant info about individuals and set reminders for upcoming events The first feature lets you add numerous contacts and stores them into a local database. The form offers detailed fields, among which you can fill in the full name, nickname, category (private, office, business), company info, email, phone numbers, and address. A profile picture (BMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG) can also be inserted. All records, notes, and activities may be sorted based on specific criteria. It's possible to schedule essential events using the built-in calendar, by inputting the subject, group, if it's private, start and end date, location, alarm, recurrence if necessary, and optional notes. The calendar's view can be switched between daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Protect your information from prying eyes and organize the data in different groups To add a new task, similar fields as for meetings are applied, including the due date, and priority. Completed chores can be hidden from the view. Regarding notations, the situation is simpler, just enter the title, category, and the body content. Clicking on an item shows all the inputted details. From the settings you are able to mask/hide records, set a privacy timeout, and a password, from securing your data from uninvited people. Plus, the sync function can use the local Wi-fi or DejaCloud as storing locations. It's possible to create and manage your groups for an accurate arrangement. To sum it up Taking everything into account, DejaOffice is a sophisticated and reliable program designed to provide a professional yet simple way to compose new notes, schedule events, add new contacts, and manage all of them with a few clicks.







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– Organize your information DejaOffice will be your assistant. You’ll be able to set reminders, sync and share info, and even schedule future events from your desk. – Create notes Use the flexible, intuitive editor to add notes of various types. Press Ctrl+B to insert bullets, align text, link a URL, and much more. Create your own styles and add new ones to color the text, insert images, and apply special effects. – Meetings & schedules Let DejaOffice pull up your schedule in a modern interface that displays icons for each type of meeting. Start, schedule, reschedule, and view your agenda from the calendar window. – Add contacts Discover useful contact information from your bookmarks, Facebook, Twitter, or from a local CSV file. Show additional data about a contact, including their Facebook profile or bios, and share links or files in the email composer. – Logs Capture information about your computer and keep a local history of modifications. Use the logs to manage passwords and to access hidden information. – Local sync Sync your contacts, notes, and group calendars to DejaCloud for a safe cloud-based storage. – In-app purchases No ads, no third-party apps, and no in-app purchases. – Assign tags Filter all your data using rich tags and group by multiple fields. **What’s New in this version:** – Support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks – Support for HTML5 – All settings can be searched **What’s New in this version:** – Support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks – Support for HTML5 – All settings can be searched We just made a major update to the upcoming desktop calendar. Now it’s even better. We’re working on adding all of the awesome features you want: – Support for recurring events – Schedule events outside the calendar – Calendar sharing – Scheduling of events for multiple people – Syncing your calendar to any of your mobile devices Please read the changelog below for all the new features. You can also download the free preview version in the Play Store: – Changes in version v1.1: – Added a lot of calendar icons – Improved the sharing mode – Improved the initial error handling – Added

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DejaOffice is a handy utility that is designed to combine and organize all your data. It is a multifunctional application that can be used to create new notes, contacts, tasks, and appointments. It is easy to utilize as well as to understand for users. It is a perfect tool for both experts and beginners. You can use it to organize your event. Now you can manage all your business and family data easily and keep them organized. The program supports several data types such as JPG, PNG, PDF, BMP, and CSV. It also lets you add a path to the folder. You can search for all items, filter the items, sort the items, and delete the items. You can also import and export your data into a local database. You can move, copy, and rename items. And delete and recover items and folders. Also, you can edit the file attributes and access, and repair file errors. It lets you to edit the items in real-time view and view details. You can also sort the notes by name or description, date, and time. This is a complete package to keep an organized life in an easy way. This program is a tool to manage your every day tasks easily and efficiently. The interface and setting are simple to use. You can customize the application according to your needs. If you want more features, you can download the free version from the official site. It contains all the basic features that you can find in the standard version. Features: • Organize your life with DejaOffice • Add contacts, events, tasks, notes, and other types of data • Automatically add a contact to your address book and calendar • Navigate and modify your contact information with the easy to use user interface • Easily add notes, make tasks and schedule events • Keep track of your appointments and plan your day with reminders • Save time with “Find my iPhone” on your phone, computer, or tablet • Sync data across multiple devices using DejaCloud • Use DejaOffice as a remote control of your computer • Enter comments and fix issues in your documents • Browse through your media files with any supported mobile device • Download videos, images, music, and more • Change file path or rename the file and folder • Filter files and folders according to their attributes • Organize your files easily • Hide items to prevent people from seeing them • Sort and organize files by name 02dac1b922

DejaOffice 1.5.1

DejaOffice is a suite of handy applications that combines everything you need in order to organize your life in a more efficient way. It’s a feature-rich interface that displays distinct icons for every provided function. It’s the Microsoft Office Outlook for Windows and Mac. Features: • Import/Export to/from Google Calendar • Import/Export to/from Yahoo Calendar • Duplicate/clone a contact • Schedule meetings from desktop clock or web • Create/modify/delete a contact • Hide/hide a contact • Add/Edit/delete a task from desktop clock or web • Add/Edit/delete a task from desktop clock or web • Add/edit/delete a to-do note • Schedule an event from desktop clock or web • Import/export notes from/to Notes app • Mark a task as unread • Add/Edit/delete notes from/to Notes app • Add/Edit/delete notes from/to Notes app • Bulk Export or import contacts • Backup/restore contacts, emails and notes • Import contacts, emails and notes from an archive file • Contact profile editor • Calendar editor • Web sign-in (Google, Yahoo) • Inbox experience • Reminders • Direct calendar access • Screenshot and copy log, support Microsoft Log Parsing • Customize the calendar view to show: – Day – Week – Month – Year • Hide the day (e.g. Saturday) • Hide the week day (e.g. Monday) • Hide the month (e.g. 4th) • Icon color/highlight • Calendar color • Highlight busy • Highlight as done • Highlight as cancelled • Highlight as new • Highlight as urgent • Add field • Customize the calendar view to show the following fields: – Dates – Tags – Categories – Background picture • Download events, it shows the event’s start date, time, location, and subject. • No export/import scheduled events. • Clear import and export destinations. • Export calendar to vCalendar, ShareIt, CSV, Windows VCard. • Export calendar to Google, Yahoo, MS Exchange, iCal. • Export calendar to CSV, Windows VCard. • Import contacts from vCalendar, ShareIt, CSV, Windows VCard.

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Your own office in the palm of your hand, effortlessly manage your contacts, events, notes, and tasks with just a few clicks. Key Features * Organize your contacts in a hierarchical structure * Add or remove appointments or tasks quickly * Manage your contacts and notes in a more intuitive manner * Give names to your contacts * Share contacts and notes with family and friends * Schedule recurring meetings * Manage your group of contacts easily * Create notes with multiple sections, bullet, images, and much more * Customize the layout of your notes * Automatically add notes to tasks or notes * Generate new notes easily and automatically * Add notes, meetings, and appointments in the calendar * Modify the color of a color * Set location restriction for notes or meetings * Use the password to protect notes and tasks * Exclude the notes from being synced to the cloud * Lock notes and tasks for privacy * Display meeting photos * Assign notes to the tasks * Change default file type * Put backup notes in the task * Add comments to notes and tasks * View notes, tasks, and appointments in vertical or horizontal style * Synchronize the notes and tasks to the cloud * Schedule notes, tasks, or appointments to the calendar * Customize the event to show the current date, title, agenda, and location * Set reminders for the tasks and events * Customize the color of events or tasks * Add a time stamp to the note * Sort the notes easily * Hide tasks or notes to protect privacy * Modify individual notes with tasks and meetings * Set notes as private * Manage tasks and notes easily * Lock and unlock tasks or notes * Unread count * Mark notes as urgent or important * Show day of the week or week of the month * Choose from 7 different note themes * Export or import notes and tasks from an excel file * Access notes and tasks from your PC, phone, and tablet * Add a picture to a note or a task * Add highlights to a note or a task * Use the notes as a template for new notes or tasks * Find notes or tasks by name * Move contacts to or from the favorites * Add notes and tasks to the calendar * Convert a note to a task * Share notes with family and friends * Filter notes and tasks * Search for specific notes or tasks

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