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1. Count words, characters, digits, punctuation symbols and other features.
2. Print a summary or convert the data into a wide variety of formats.
3. Merge characters, words, lines and paragraphs.
4. Cut, paste and select the content of a document.
5. Export content to other applications.
6. Undo and Redo changes.

Word Count is a simple word counter and editor designed to help you count words and non-printable characters in a text document. With the addition of the user-friendly Cracked CharCount With Keygen+ plugin, Word Count may serve a dual purpose as a word counter and a character counter. The plugin lets you count characters and words, while the same information is displayed at the same time.
You’ll find all the common controls in Word Count, such as total number of characters, words, non-printable characters, line numbers and paragraphs. It also displays the total number of pages and settings. There’s nothing else to learn and Word Count may be installed and launched with the click of a button.
Word Count description
Word Count provides a basic text editor with minimal number of parameters. The interface is quite minimal, yet it is very intuitive, meaning you’ll spend a minimal amount of time getting started. The interface is split into two areas: left side with controls, and right side with the document you’re editing. Right-clicking a word, line or paragraph displays options to count words, characters, non-printable characters, words within sentences, lines and paragraphs.
In addition to its core functionality, Word Count has an advanced plugin available as well which allows you to count words and characters. The plugin comes with its own set of settings, and it allows you to choose how you’d like to view the data. The main display window displays the total number of characters and words. When there are marked words, the plugin allows you to count characters and words separately.
Installation and settings
Word Count can be easily installed in a few clicks, using a free utility provided by the developers. To use Word Count, you can either download the application straight from the author’s website or execute a standalone installer. To run the program, download the text editor from the developer’s website.
For instructions on using Word Count, please refer to the tutorial available here. As for the plugin, the link can be found here.
1. Counts words, characters, digits, non-printable and other characters.

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? Convenient interface
? Word and character counting
? Popular options
? Quick and easy to use
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CharCount Crack + Free Download [Mac/Win]

What’s New:
Bug fixes and enhanced search. Also, a fix for the “Sort Results” menu option is included.
OS: Windows 7

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What’s New in the?

1. Count words and characters
2. To count all words, click on the green word counter
3. To count all characters, click on the green character counter

CharCount is a tiny and portable text editor that can automatically count all characters and words within a document. It doesn’t include complex options or configuration parameters, making it accessible to all types of users.
No setup necessary
Since there is no installation involved, you can save the program files in a custom location on the disk and simply click the executable to launch CharCount. There is also the option to save it to a USB flash drive to be able to directly run it on any computer with minimum effort. Unlike most installers, it doesn’t modify Windows registry settings.
Common interface with basic options
Made from a simple window with a familiar appearance, the interface is user-friendly, taking cue from common word processors such as Windows Notepad. It lets you type or paste text, view line numbers, check out the total characters along with the current position of the mouse cursor (i.e. line and column), as well as enable word wrapping mode.
Count words and characters
It’s possible to print data, undo and redo your actions, cut, copy, paste and select all text, as well as to view character information regarding the total characters, alpha, numeric and other characters, together with consonants and vowels.
Lastly, CharCount reveals total words and unique words. Apart from the fact that you can save modifications to the original file or create a new text document, there are no other noteworthy settings available.
Evaluation and conclusion
We haven’t encountered any issues in our tests, since the utility didn’t freeze, crash or prompt error notifications. Unsurprisingly, it had minimal impact on computer performance, using low CPU and RAM.
Although it doesn’t integrate rich features, CharCount offers a simple solution to counting words and characters within a text document, and it can be seamlessly handled by anyone.
CharCount Description:
1. Count words and characters
2. To count all words, click on the green word counter
3. To count all characters, click on the green character counter

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System Requirements:

How To Install:
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