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AltDrag is a tiny and portable program that you enables you to seamlessly reposition the windows of any open applications anywhere on the screen by holding down the Alt key while using the mouse.
It can also resize, close, minimize or lower windows, make them stay on top of other frames, or quickly place them on the center of the screen. All these actions are achievable with configurable hotkeys.
Portability perks
Since installation is not required, you can drop the app directory anywhere on the disk and just click the executable to launch AltDrag. It's also possible to save it to a removable storage unit to run it on any PC directly. It doesn't modify Windows registry settings.
Systray accessibility and general settings
Once launched, AltDrag creates an icon in the system tray area and immediately becomes active. From this point on, holding down the Alt key enables you to move a selected window anywhere on the screen, so you don't have to click and drag the window's title bar anymore. The tray icon can be hidden from sight.
The application supplies you with several configuration settings. For example, you can also press the Ctrl button to focus windows, scroll inactive windows, enable MDI support, as well as force windows to automatically snap to the screen borders. Plus, you can switch to another UI language and set the program to run at every Windows startup until further notice.
Mouse and keyboard settings
The additional window actions we previously mentioned (e.g. resize, minimize, stay on top) can be enabled for the following mouse buttons: left, middle, right, the fourth and fifth, and scrollwheel. By default, they can be triggered in combination with the Alt key. However, you can replace Alt with another key or add more: Left and Right Alt, Left and Right Windows key, Left and Right Control.
Create blacklists and configure advanced settings
When AltDrag is active, the hotkey settings are applicable at a global level. The utility lets you create exclusion lists for any processes and windows, though, in addition to a list of windows that should be snapped to (the syntax list is available on the developer's website). The app also features a small tool for identifying the classname of any window.
As far as advanced options are concerned, it's possible to enable snapping when normally moving windows (works in conjunction with automatic snapping), open AltDrag's initialization file to make changes, disable automatic checkups for software updates, or set the tool to look for beta versions too.
Evaluation and conclusion
The software application worked well in our tests, without causing Windows to hang, crash or display error messages. Unsurprisingly, it had minimal impact on computer performance, using low CPU and RAM.
All in all, AltDrag is a very practical tool for any power PC user who wants to rapidly control windows by just pressing buttons on the keyboard. It has intuitive options that even less experienced users can figure out.







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Developer’s Website:


If you plan on having a lot of files to manage, you can use TakeFiles, a small utility that provides a windows explorer-like interface to quickly perform different actions with files and folders. With the program, you can copy, rename, move, delete and create a symlink to files and folders.
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AltDrag Crack + Product Key

A small and convenient utility that enables you to quickly perform actions on your favorite applications by pressing your keyboard’s key combinations.
For example, create an exclusion list for Internet Explorer by typing cmd+alt+i.
You can configure hotkey settings by pressing the Startup key (F2) on the system tray icon, then clicking the configure button. For example, you can change the active window’s behavior (e.g. to disable the Alt key), add a new hotkey, hide the tray icon, set hotkey combinations, set the behavior for the Alt key, and activate the check-for-update option.
You can press the arrow keys to move the cursor in the settings dialog. For example, by pressing the Up arrow, you can move down and select an option. If you press Enter, you’ll commit the new selection to the config file and save changes.
Please save your current settings before changing them. Your changes will only apply to the current startup session. The Startup key (F2) is not a restart option!
Finally, the program’s window manager displays the configuration settings and you can see what hotkey combinations you’ve just created. For example, you can create more hotkey combinations, hide the tray icon, save settings, force the window manager to redraw or close the program’s main window.
Add another UI language by pressing the key. The add-language dialog displays. Choose an alternative language, click , then save changes by pressing the Startup key (F2) on the system tray icon. Press Enter to commit.
We used the Czech language in our tests. When we activated the program, we got the following settings dialog:
Let’s see what else you can do. For example, you can define a hotkey combination to resize the selected window. Here’s the hotkey box:
You can also use the Alt key. It’s important to mention that Alt+Drag keeps Alt pressed. For example, by pressing Shift and pressing Alt+Drag, you can drag the window to the right edge of the screen and then release Alt.
Use AltDrag Crack For Windows’s auto-checking option for install updates. If the application encounters a new update, it displays an exclamation mark in the system tray area.
To activate the option, select the check-for-update box on the

AltDrag Crack + Activation [2022-Latest]

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What’s New in the AltDrag?

AltDrag is a tiny and portable program that you enables you to seamlessly reposition the windows of any open applications anywhere on the screen by holding down the Alt key while using the mouse.

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System Requirements:

OS: Win7 / 8 / 8.1
CPU: 2.2GHz
Hard disk: 6.6GB
Video: 2GB
Framebuffer: 2GB
Input: 4 buttons + analog joystick
D-Pad: 2 buttons + analog joystick
Resolution: 1280×720
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Minimum System Requirements:

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