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This study has some limitations. The major limitation of this research is that the results of this research are based on the analysis of a sample of civil servants living in Tehran, and therefore the findings cannot be generalized to all civil servants. However, it is noted that the results of this research are consistent with the results of previous studies on this topic.

Conclusion {#sec1-5}

In conclusion, considering the findings of the present study, it seems that the factors affecting the knowledge and use of healthy cooking and cooking techniques among the participants of this study were as follows: gender, BMI, education level, and smoking.

It is suggested that, based on the finding of this study, the general health sector pay more attention to the need for increasing the nutritional knowledge of the public and improving the nutritional status of the public in general. It is also suggested that considering that the factors affecting the knowledge of the participants of this study is in line with the results of previous studies, the nutritional knowledge and use of cooking and nutrition can be increased.

This research project was funded by the Research Committee of Tarbiat Modares University.

**Conflict of Interests**

The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests.

Best way to replace one letter of word with another in multiple files

Suppose I have a text file in which the first word is “abc” in every line, and I want to replace all instances of the letter “a” with “a1” in this file (one a per line, and every “a” with “a1”), and after that, I want to replace the same letter “a” with “b” in this file and so on.
Is there an efficient way to do this, with automatic generation of a replacement string for a file like this?


Use sed to replace all instances of a with a1, then /a/ with /b/ again.
sed’s/a/a1/g’ file | sed’s/a/b/g’

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