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Wnmp [32|64bit]

wnmp (Windows & Nginx & MySQL & PHP) is a complete, fast, easy-to-use web server that you can put anywhere and run from anything.

The server is based on the popular Nginx web server for its speed and ease of use. It comes with several optional extras that make it a full featured solution for even the most challenging web applications.
You can use it as a CGI application, but this is only recommended for development and testing. If you need CGI applications then use the Apache and FastCGI setups instead.

wnmp works with MariaDB (previously known as My-SQL) but also includes a built in version of MySQL.

The server comes with pre-installed PHP 5.4.x, but it also includes the latest version of PHP (5.5.x as of 1st April 2016)

To get help and support, please go to There you will find a FAQ, How To, Frequently Asked Questions, and more information.
To get help with general configuration questions, log in to the forums at The wnmp authors and other forum users will be happy to help you.

To donate or support the development of wnmp, please use the “Donate” button at the top of the project page.

NOTE: The username and password supplied to the web server may be different to your actual MySQL or wnmp username and password. If you are not sure what this means then stop using it immediately.

Installation is simple – just download the installer and run it. wnmp will detect the Nginx and MySQL servers installed on the system and will create all the required directories and set all the permissions it needs.

After installation, you will be able to access your server using the address:

This is the default setting but you can change this if desired.

Windows specific Notes
– wnmp doesn’t access and change the data directories of the various MySQL and Apache services. It uses the system defaults. So you don’t need to make any changes to these.
– In order to have wnmp automatically start when Windows starts, you need to place wnmp.bat in the startup folder.
If you placed it

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Languages: PHP, Python, Shell, Pascal, Perl, JavaScript, ActionScript, Lua,…

wnmp is a complete and portable web server for Windows. It is the work of a great friend of mine, Maxim Kuzin (TSG Systems) and has been developed with a single objective in mind: to make it easy to set up a very basic site, be it a personal blog or a web forum or any other type of site.

Having said that, wnmp allows you to get a very nice and very fast site running from your PC or a flash drive very quickly. It is not a web server you install – it is a server to run a web site from the rest of your computer.

Because of that, it is possible to run the whole server from a Compact Flash card, a USB drive, or from a memory stick.

The main target of wnmp is to provide a tool for those who want to quickly develop sites without having to go through an installation process. But it can also be used to manage a very simple website where the structure of the site is known or fixed, as well as to start using PHP and MySQL to develop more sophisticated sites.

Unlike other web servers, wnmp does not try to be a complete solution for all web sites. It is not intended to replace other web servers or other solutions.

I am not going to explain every piece of code – that’s not the purpose of wnmp, and besides, I myself don’t understand all of the code and I know it is very likely to annoy some users.
So, if you have questions about the code, check the README file that’s included in the installer file.

With the fast and easy deployment, you should be able to develop a web site and have it up and running very quickly. wnmp is very light on resources, because it does not install a PHP interpreter and it does not use the Apache, Nginx, or Lighttpd web servers.


After you install wnmp, it is time to get your site up and running. I suggest you save a copy of www.ramblings.net in a place where you are sure to never lose it – then download the wnmp.dmg file and double-click to download and install it to your hard drive. The installation is a pretty straightforward process, and most of the time you won’t need

Wnmp Keygen [Win/Mac]

Wine httpd with MySql and PHP support – web server that you could put anywhere and run from anything.
– You can run from all kind of programs – from Windows as a service to Linux as a daemon.
– You can run from Windows and Linux as a Windows Service.
– You can run in console mode.
– You can run PHP script in CGI mode.
– You can run PHP script in FPM mode.
– You can run PHP script in FCGI mode.
– You can run PHP script in SCGI mode.
– You can run PHP script in SAPI mode.
– You can run FTP script in FTP mode.
– You can run MySQL from Windows service.
– You can run MySQL from command prompt or Linux as a daemon.
– You can use MySQL 5.1 or higher to run PHP scripts as MySQL.
– You can run MySQL 5.5 or higher to run PHP scripts as MySQL.
– You can run MySQL 5.6 or higher to run PHP scripts as MySQL.
– You can run MySQL 7.0 or higher to run PHP scripts as MySQL.
– You can run MSSQL from Windows service.
– You can run MSSQL 2008 from command prompt or Linux as a daemon.
– You can run MSSQL 2012 from command prompt or Linux as a daemon.
– You can run MSSQL 2016 from command prompt or Linux as a daemon.
– You can run Oracle 10g as a Windows service.
– You can run Oracle 11g as a Windows service.
– You can run Oracle 12c as a Windows service.
– You can run Oracle 12g as a Windows service.
– You can run PostgreSQL as a Windows service.
– You can run PostgreSQL 9.6 or higher to run PHP scripts as PostgreSQL.
– You can run PostgreSQL 12 as a Windows service.
– You can run PostgreSQL 15 or higher to run PHP scripts as PostgreSQL.
You will get:
– Wine httpd – the main application, acting as the web server.
– Wine MySql 5.5 – the MySQL database
– Wine PHP 5.3.3 – the FastCGI implementation of PHP
– Wine PhpMyAdmin 5.2 – the MySQL database management tool
– Wine xdg-open – a similar command line application to xdg-open
– Wine wn

What’s New in the Wnmp?

Great News!
wnmp was born in a fast-paced world where being productive is all about keeping up. We take our inspiration from a fast and furious lifestyle, and believe keeping things simple is the quickest way to achieve this. So we sought for an alternative to most of the heavyweight solutions, yet without sacrificing the powerful advantages they provide.
Here is what wnmp offers to web developers:
Ease of use. Our extensive and easy-to-use interface allows web developers to benefit from a quick and easy way to get online, tweak their favorite website and then go back to their real life.
Multiple websites in one. A web server is a great way to host multiple websites. You can run one website in production, whilst deploying another on the staging server. You can even run one website for your friends and customers, while another website is for your blog or personal website. With wnmp, you’re able to run multiple websites and easily switch between them with no need to restart.
Serverless. WNMP can run as a fully configured server on your local computer, so you can access it directly through the command line. You can access the server remotely using a web browser. You can also use wnmp as your backup for all your websites, or use it as a torrent server for accessing your torrents.
Secure. We take security very seriously, and deliver an ideal solution for every type of web developer.
Sophisticated. WNMP is a fully featured full stack content management system that integrates access control, a lot of advanced functionality and automated procedures.
Lite. wnmp is designed for ease of use, so we don’t need to include a lot of advanced functionality. This means that we can focus on adding only those features that you actually need, so you can focus on working and not wasting time configuring, understanding and tweaking settings.
High-performance. WNMP is designed to be a great addition to an already-up-and-running modern web server. Through its LSM (Log, Size, MB Level) design, you can run the system with great performance and a small memory footprint.

GNU Social Network Server is a multi-platform, cross-platform, easy-to-use and commercial grade GNU Social network server. It is based on Zimbra, a scalable, and easy-to-deploy Open Source Enterprise Social Networking platform, with powerful and affordable features and large scale, all-in-

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: 3.0 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo, Quad) / 3.4 GHz (Intel Core i5, i7)
Memory: 2GB RAM (4GB recommended)
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible with 512MB RAM graphics card
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 4GB of free space
Additional Notes:
Spoiler – When your machine meets the minimum requirements, but not the recommended ones, the game will automatically run


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