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Now, i am trying to install only 2018 r3 (Autodesk Exchange) in a Windows 10, with a Lenovo, with a i5, 8gb ram. The plot is to install it so it is similar to a coworker, who just received the laptop with the 10.10. The plot is to use the machine to study AutoCAD and create some drawings. And then, the plot is to have access to the “the Cloud” by the internet.
Thanks a lot.
. I have another problem, when I click on the AutoCAD 2018 (or the Autodesk Exchange 2018) and click on the “Install” button, but the system show a message box that says: ” It is not possible to access the software in the place where it has been installed.
In this case, I prefer install AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT in my Desktop, but I could not install them (it is the same that I cannot open the “Software”).
Is there someone who could give me any information to work with?
Autodesk professional Architectural Desktop ( Architecture .
These are the scenarios of the operation of the Autodesk software:

Click on the icon “home” on the toolbar.
Click on the icon “AutoCAD .
Now click on the “Autodesk 2016 Autodesk Exchange”.
After this step, is the same, the error: “It is not possible to access the software in the place where it has been installed”.


You can install any Autodesk software on Windows – unless you are referring to an installation that is affecting only the Autodesk Exchange for Design (formerly Autodesk Design Review).
I suggest you look at the Autodesk Exchange for Design website and search for “Create a Review Submission” (registration required)

Open the Review Center
Create a New Review Request
Review Type = Create a New Review
Set Launch Location to the folder where your software is installed.
Select Autodesk 2019 Autodesk Exchange for Design from the dropdown list of Review Tools.
Attach your login, license, and activation to the request
Submit the request
The review system will contact you to let you know when the request has been accepted for review.

The Review Center will open when you select to Launch the Review Application.

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