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Township Hack For Mac Township Hack By Game Killer MacOSX


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Nature is an entertaining logic arcade game in which you have to stand up for the lush rainforest, destroying all kinds of poisonous insects.
The game consists of 15 squares, which are grouped into 6 cardinal points. Each square has its own area where three living creatures are kept. They are 2 birds and 3 moths. The task of the game is to find a living organism that owns a particular square.
Built-in hints will appear on the screen when passing each level. However, at a certain stage, you will have to be guided by your imagination.
The right mouse button is used to control the character.
The developers of the game “Nature” took care of the need to put your Ipad or Iphone in the “Support mode” so that other users can help you. This will help you detect, for example, poisonous insects and eliminate them.
The controls in the game are quite simple. You can rely on your eyes or use movement in the six cardinal directions. And if something confuses you, you can enter the text of hints.
You can download the game “Natural Balance” for free on the App Store.
A popular game in the style of “Intellectual bowling” for iPod and Iphone, which, despite its primitiveness, can give you real pleasure, especially since all levels of the game are quite interesting. You can play it both alone and collectively.
When passing, you will play for three numbered “pushers”, each of which needs to score “points” (balls that break against a wall, tank, other obstacles), while hitting “stones” (bricks that fly out of the tank).
The game is fun, dynamic and exciting. You can turn on / off the sound, switch between players, evaluate the complexity of the game.
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