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Zei You

I would do it for free, but it’s still a part of my garage.

At the minute, it is at the top of the list. If you want to put it on the front page, you can do it. It is one of the most downloaded torrents on this site so far, and I wouldn’t mind it being in the front page.

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Automatic escape sequence for Scala code

Does Scala have an automatic escape sequence for printing code?
For instance, if I wanted to print the following code fragment, I would get this error:
“unclosed string literal”
object Main extends App {

However, if I added backticks, the code would work, such as:

Furthermore, if I want to have ” instead of `, I would end up with this:

If I wanted to have ` backticks, I would have to repeat the backticks.
The lack of an automatic way to escape code blocks (like Python does with “’print’ or “`print”) is not useful at all.


No, the scala compiler doesn’t have any escaping for literals inside strings. It doesn’t even try to put backticks around them.

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