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Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!Tora! MP093 Features Key:

  • Engage in air battles and fight as ten different Tiger fighter planes in 31 single elimination Battle Royale
  • Control Leader, one of the four Tiger pilots in the game. Lead the way to victory.
  • Explore 32 different stages and victory conditions
  • Collect unique Tiger fighter planes
  • Engage in exciting air fights full of furious attacks and head-on confrontations, as you go up against foe after foe
  • A revolutionary new Battle Royale experience in the Tiger Fighters genre
  • Game Supplied by:

    • G-LOC Pres. by FUNGI Electronic
    • Brightman Gun by G-LOC Pres.
    • G-LOC Pres. Program design + Real Time Software eng.
    • B’tiger Fighter, Airbats & B’WING PU (Advet) have come together to develop this game & made it possible
    • Our biggest respect goes out to?B’tiger fighter, Airbats & B’WING PU for giving our game their support & Their works just totally make Tiger Fighter a success.

    Tiger Fighter will be released in North America/Europe and East Asia on August 11th, 2017 and worldwide on Nintendo Switch in the same month.

    The game is divided into three portions:

    • Merge allows you to organize Fighter Base to make it easier to battle with.
    • Fight Mode allows you to test yourself against enemy pilots to determine your prowess.
    • Battle Mode pits you against all opponents in the game.

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    Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!Tora! MP093 With Registration Code [32|64bit]

    In the game the player take control of a fighter in the War area of
    Battle of Japan
    The attack of Japan will take place at the beginning of the war
    The player continues to fight with his opponent in a turn-based battle
    You can choose the kind of fighter and weapons you are going to use
    while fighting with enemy
    You can choose to combate with regular or bombers
    The mission of the present War is to destroy enemy fleet
    In the game you can obtain the points, health, levels and weapons
    while playing the game
    The game is optional and not compulsory
    You can use your gamepad keys to move or click
    Key map:
    -Up arrow to move player
    -A to shoot
    -D to jump
    -L to rotate camera
    -S to use new weapon
    -F to toggle showing name, health bar, health levels etc
    Also you can use gamepad shoulder buttons to select view, left and right
    shoulder buttons to move camera
    You can see your current weapon and it’s mode of bullet types
    See the current score and enemy hit points
    Your character health bar and it’s levels
    Inventory Weapon
    Inventory Weapon has two kinds, short range and long range
    You can switch your weapon mode while using your inventory weapon
    Up arrow to switch weapon
    *Only Fighter available in game
    You can shoot at a distance, you can also jump
    *If you jump you will see under your feet a line
    You can jump as much times as you want if you jump safely
    *If you hit enemy when you jump it will decrease enemy hit points
    *If enemy is dead when you jump you will score points
    When you attack a ship, play as same as main game, and you can obtain special weapons that you can only use on enemy
    *Some ship has special bullets (Red and Yellow).
    They will hit center of it and don’t follow it.
    *Some ship has special bombs(Blue or Brown).
    If an enemy bomb hits enemy, it will decrease the points.
    There are extra extra hot area of enemy ship.
    They have special damage property for regular and bombers
    Defense weapons
    Some ship has strong defenses
    They have shield.
    If enemy ship hit the shield it will decrease enemy hit points
    If you hit a shield of a ship it will decrease enemy hit points until the end of your turn
    You can equip a single ship with 3 types of


    Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!Tora! MP093 Crack For Windows

    High Quality Voice Actor and Voices The Voice Actors(Multi Language)The Game’s Story and CharactersThe game story is set in an alternate universe where the Allied Forces of World War Two have joined forces to defeat the Imperial Japanese Army of World War Two.The game features 23 different popular songs from the United States and other nations, in which the player can increase his score by shooting down all enemy planes and tanks. All the enemies are historical avatars, leaders of their respective countries and are larger than ordinary fighters with many battle.Enemy aircraft you shoot at -are stronger than your standard enemies. It has more military hardware,more shields, a higher weapon damage and more speed.(i.e one of the mission will be a multi-stage attack like the second World War).Shoot down all enemies and complete each mission in order to win the game.Play all the missions to know how the game plays and more about the setting and story.The game is playable in English and Japanese.Tiger Fighter -1931 uses the Arcade games physics engine, so the game will be fun to play.The controls are easy to play and similar to the controls for all the other flying combat games.A wide variety of environments like mountains,valleys and beaches make Tiger Fighter -1931 a truly fun to play.Japanese and English local languages option and Volley Mode that helps the player shoot down enemy aircraft easier,please refer to the manual and game disc.( Note:Volley Mode is available after completing the game)Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission if you purchase the product. Please know we spend a lot of time working on this game and its content. Thanks for your support.Tiger Fighter -1931 is an arcade shoot ’em up game, built in Adobe Flash,gameplay similar to the arcade games of the 50’s, the most popular of which was ‘Space Invaders’, with a little differences.In Tiger Fighter -1931 you are given a ship in which you have to shoot down all enemy aircraft and complete each mission to win the game. In the game you take on the role of a pilot for the US Navy and the game is set in World War Two,at the time of the US entering the war.The planes are historical avatars and are larger than ordinary fighters with many battle.At the beginning you start with a machine gun,then after completing a mission you can add a bayonet, a rocket launcher and gun machine. In addition you can get upgrades from the many new items available


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    Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Traditional Modern.
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