Wnmp (April-2022) ❎

            Wnmp [32|64bit] wnmp (Windows & Nginx & MySQL & PHP) is a complete, fast, easy-to-use web server that you can put anywhere and run from anything. Nginx The server is based on the popular Nginx web server for its speed and ease of use. It comes with several optional extras that make it a … Read More

Wnmp 160731 Free Download [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022] 🟠

Wnmp is an open-source project that manages to combine simplicity with the prerequisites for building Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP projects. About the supported technologies Having really specific compatibility traits, Wnmp is only needed for Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP projects. As such, this project targets developers who use Nginx for the management of online-based servers and their components, MariaDB for database … Read More