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PDF Split 3.1 by SysInfoTools – PDF Split.
PDFs can be split easily into multiple pages using PDF Split. Which files contain the pages? How to combine the pages? Does PDF Split split the pages evenly?

PDF Split:

First of all, thanks for trying PDF Split!
Yes, PDF Split splits pages out of PDFs and yes, each splited file contains the pages. If the original PDF is into 10 pages, the splited files will contain as well: 1 page, 2 pages, 3 pages, 4 pages, 5 pages, 6 pages, 7 pages, 8 pages, 9 pages and 10 pages.
If the file has “repeating” pages, the other pages will not contain pages.
Page selection:

By numbers: The pages of the document can be selected by counting up. After you select the desired number, the program will put the rest of the pages randomly.
By size: The number of pages in a document may vary, and it can be difficult to find a suitable size. Therefore, PDF Split allows you to split the pages according to their size.
By page range: In case you know you want only a particular part of a document, you can use a page range option.
By odd or even: The odd pages and even pages can be selected. This is useful if one needs to keep the front and back side of a file.


PDF Split merges the pages back into a single file if it was split. If the program detects that a file needs to be merged, the program will try to fix it with the split pages.
Full technical support: At any stage of operation, you will have access to a friendly team that will be able to provide you with any help you require. You don’t need to worry about anything at all.


PDF Split is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian languages.

Download PDF Split for Windows

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Bottom Line

As a PDF Split program, SysInfoTools PDF Split is simple and easy to use. There is no fancy interface to this simple tool but a UI that will suit any user’s preferences. SysInfoTools PDF Split is also quite useful as it lets you choose the most suitable split option out of 5 to choose from. If you wish to simply

SysInfoTools PDF Split




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Productivity monsters can now generate their own.bit files with their BitPal and BitPron docs
BitPal is an open-source utility that can automatically generate.bit files that are a special format made to save binary documents for use on Windows and other operating systems. BitPal does this by traversing the XML.
BitPron is another piece of open source software that does the same thing only it works on Mac.
The good thing is both BitPal and BitPron allow you to modify the generated file to make it more suitable to your needs.
SysInfoTools PDF Split Serial Key has options to split PDF files by selecting pages to split and using multiple options to choose which part of the document to keep.
SysInfoTools PDF Split is a very simple tool, however, the developer has released two app’s more to make the job even easier. For example, the developer has a guide app which helps you take an easy route to splitting your PDF files, and an app that can merge them back together.
SysInfoTools PDF Split Key Features:

Split PDFs by pages, range of pages, or size.

Cut out pages in selected page range, or exact page.

Preview and split pages based on color.

Option to merge and split pages back together.

Create PDF and split output files.

Applications of SysInfoTools PDF Split

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Slash your files size
It will make sense to see if you can replace the files you send to your clients. After you’re done removing the extraneous bits, you’ll find your files are significantly smaller. PDF files are extremely heavy. Every file you send to your clients consumes a lot of space.
Also, if you send clients the PDFs through email, the PDFs will download in the email itself. Once they open the PDFs on their computer, they’ll be saved in their disk. Since all the files are in a single file, SysInfoTools PDF Split can remove the redundancy and make it smaller.
How SysInfo

SysInfoTools PDF Split Product Key

All utilities for PDF splitting and restoring
Compatible with Windows OS
Language: English
Size: 1.2 MB
System requirements: 10 MB free space

SysInfoTools PDF Split is a must-have utility that can split PDF files and make them useful again. You can use it to split PDFs to get rid of pages that are not longer used. If you want to split your PDF files in individual pages, this tool is ideal for your purpose. In addition, this app will merge all pages back together again to its original version.


The SysInfoTools company is a registered trademark of SysInfoTools, Inc.

SysInfoTools PDF Split is a useful application that will allow you to split large PDFs into individual pages and make them shorter and lighter. The interface is simple and intuitive, which makes it simple to choose from the various options and apply them. It is one of the few PDF splitting tools that you can obtain for free.

Split PDF files into individual pages from the list below.

Split PDF files by page range:

Split PDF files by number of pages:

Split PDF files by target file size:

Split PDF files by change number of pages:

Split PDF files by the change in the number of pages and add them to the same PDF:

Split PDF files by change number of pages and copy them:

You can select your PDF files from the list below to split them:

Split PDF files into separate pages by adding them to a sub folder:

You can choose the folder where the resulting files will be saved:

Free Download

Size: 1.2 MB

Category: Utilities > Computers > PDF Splitters

Pages: 73

Get SysinfoTools PDF Split from the developer:

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Split PDF by size

SysinfoTools PDF Split Description:
How many pages are in your PDF? SysInfoTools PDF Split is able to help!
This is the best app for splitting PDF files on the market.
Split PDF by page range
It is able to split a PDF file into pages by page range.
Split PDF by number of pages
It is able to split a PDF file into pages by number of pages.
Split PDF by target file size
It is able to split a PDF file by target file size.
Split PDF by change number

What’s New in the SysInfoTools PDF Split?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. PDF is an open standard developed by Adobe that is widely used as an efficient way of exchanging and storing electronic documents. PDF files are compact and lightweight making them popular for secure electronic sharing and document archiving. PDF files can be viewed on all major computer operating systems as well as mobile devices. The SysInfoTools PDF Split is a software that is dedicated to splitting PDF files.
Let’s consider a situation where you have thousands of documents that are in need of being split. In this situation, using an unstructured method like a text editor could be a daunting task. Using PDF Split, you can quickly and easily split your PDF documents.PDF files are widely used in a number of applications including presentations, word processing, and spreadsheets. However, splitting a PDF document is not straightforward.
The main features of PDF Split are:
Split By Index
Split by page
Split by page range
Split by size
Split by odd or even pages
Fast & easy splitting
Split size checker
Save file location
Open a splitting window
The following PDF file shows the difference between SysInfoTools PDF Split and its closest competitors in the market.
Features Comparisons:
Split by Index
Split by page
Split by page range
Split by size
Split by odd or even pages
Up next

PDF Splitter is an easy to use PDF split utility which enables you to split a single PDF or whole directories of PDFs. You can split multiple PDFs at the same time with this software.PDF Splitter supports split the PDF with one of the following factors:
Number of Pages
Pages range
Split size
split PDF by odd or even pages
Simple and easy to use GUI
Support split PDF with factor such as:
Number of Pages,
Pages range,
Split size,
split PDF by odd or even pages
Export split PDF to XPS format
Export split PDF to CSV format
Export split PDF to Txt format
PDF Splitter can split PDF with these factors and others to save your time and effort in splitting pdf into new pdf files.pdf splitter is a desktop tool which allows you to split pdf files. You can split PDFs into new split pdf files and also you can choose the split options.pdf splitter also have an excellent split csv and txt pdf converter to import split pdf to excel format.pdf splitter can open and split

System Requirements:

Before buying the game, please consider the following system requirements.
PC Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista
CPU: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 1 GB of free space
Note: Some games and other applications may require more system resources or different operating system version.
MAC Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Snow Leopard
CPU: 1 GHz
Memory: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 1 GB of free

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