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Using a simple mechanic, players control a character using a handheld controller and become a superhero to save the day! “Sportsfriends is the most in-depth, engaging party game I’ve played.” – Eurogamer “Sportsfriends represents video games at their very, very best.” – IGN “Team sports are usually dull, but the frenetic, colourful world of Sportsfriends holds out a ray of hope for just about everyone.” – Eurogamer “I love sports games, and Sportsfriends is the best by a country mile.” – Reddit, GameSpot “You won’t believe the excitement generated when you see someone wearing your favourite team colours”. – Eurogamer About Sportsfriends In an award-winning UK studio, Olly Moss, James Ryman and David Joyce came up with Sportsfriends. Three friends sitting in a pub one night decided to make a game together. It took a year to create, and it took another two to write. The final result is a mixture of retro sports games and frenetic, candy-coloured action. Play the Game Every Sportsfriends player has their own unique character, all of whom are available to play in 6 different game modes, with various mini-games and challenges. Get to the Pro level and unlock more content as you progress through the campaign in one of five modes. As a team you will work together to achieve the best time in each mode. Work together as friends, family or a team and explore the full range of game modes that include Speed, Tag, Group, Assault, Rocket and Smash. Challenge your friends in each mode as a team or head against them individually, as you choose. But before you get into a game, you’ll need to choose your own character. Choose from the 6 different members of your team, each with their own unique style. Everyone looks the same, except for their uniform. Start a game with your friends. Share the excitement as you compete head to head. Show your skill, and get your team to victory. Fight the good fight With this one simple mechanic, you will be able to play through a variety of game modes and mini games. Whether you’re the greatest player in the world or a complete novice, you can play Sportsfriends. When you start a game, you’ll find that there’s no tutorial. You’ll have to read the rules of the game and figure out how to play and get the most


Features Key:

  • You can create your own customize club, and save the name to your photos
  • Use your customized clubs to challenge your friends
  • Connect with your friends to compete each other
  • Use your customized clubs to challenge your friends

Sportsfriends Game Instructions:

  • Click start button at the main page
  • Collect the clubs to create your own club
  • Connect with you friends to compete each other
  • Enjoy your new game experience. “Sportsfriends” created by you

Sportsfriends Game Play Video:


Sportsfriends Game Video Screenshot:


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“Join your pal Seamus, on the journey of a lifetime as he attempts to become the greatest’sportsdog’ player the world has ever seen. With the help of his friends on the single-player journey, and the intrepid world of multiplayer, seamus must get ready for Sportsfriends: the greatest team-based sports/competitive games show ever.” Support Sportsfriends: * Support Sportsfriends with in-game advertising * Keep Sportsfriends free on multiple platforms * Support Sportsfriends on Kickstarter * Follow us on Twitter For more information on the game, visit or Twitter: @Sportsfriends Check out for more info. Key Features: * Local Co-Op: Play with up to three other friends in full Co-Op mode in a single game. * Co-Op Mode: Now accessible even if your friends haven’t played Sportsfriends yet * Inventory: Keep the gear on your character for use in a battle. Equip or unequip gadgets, add or remove weapons from your buddies. * In-Match Credits: Earn in-game currency and spend it on more incredible gear. * Team Strategy: Coordinate your team strategy through a series of menus that let you set the pace of play, from matchmaking to game-play modes, and even levels of difficulty. * Hand-Picked Levels: Choose from a selection of hand-picked levels that can be quickly selected on the fly. * Tech: Never lose connection with your friends during online or co-op games. * Tools: Tools enable your friends to stream your games and control your character, with choices of fully customizable controls. * Dynamic Battle HUD: Friendly HUD elements show off your allies’ accuracy, speed and drive with a simple swipe. Your enemies are represented with a simple number to let you know just how terrible they are. * Free to Play: Play Sportsfriends 100% free without any pay or limitations, so long as the game runs on your device. * Achievements: Earn achievements in-game to unlock even more gear. * Live Leaderboard: Compare your scores with other players to see how they rank and how you’ve gotten better through time. * Leaderboard: Track your performance across all your games to see how you rank and where you’ve gotten better. About the Game: “The year is 2063, and you’re an R d41b202975



If there’s ever a “most fun game” to be had, this one is it. If you are looking for an addictive game that can be enjoyed by even the most casual gamers, Sportsfriends is the game for you. Key Game Features: -More than 30 sports with new sports to come in the near future! Epic events and Epic goals: How will you reach your goal? Sportsfriends has the most ways to reach your goal in sports games, only the fans will decide the rules and the path to the achievement. How will the story of Sportsfriends unfold? The world and the people will create their own story as you play, with their own rules and their own achievements. Build your own Sportsfriends! Sportsfriends will be released as an open beta, and you will be able to test out the game even if you don’t own a copy of it yet. Gravity Boxes: Interactive board and box used to amplify the effect of your gravity, and some new fun elements will be added with Gravity boxes. Space! : The card game system is now being developed and tested with Steam. You will be able to play as soon as the game is released. The Game Play – Sportsfriends is all about hockey in real life, played by real players, mixed with the cutest characters in the world. Players take turns at taking a shot on the computer in a variety of game modes: head to head, exhibition, best of three, etc. The Gameplay Of all the sports games I’ve played, this is probably the most accessible to the uninitiated. Play in real time and you’ll probably win by default. Play in fast forward and you’ll be lucky if the games last more than a minute or two. Play the way I do, and the games will probably be over within five minutes. Sportsfriends will play how you want it to. All the sports available in the game will not be included, but one of the sports added in the future is being developed as we speak. You’ll be able to choose between the following types of game modes: Exhibition, Head to Head, Best of Three and Best of Five. Every game will be played in round robin style. The order of the rounds is based on the previous games. Since there will be so many games, you can change the order and be able to have a variety of different experiences. For instance, if you want to have a lot of


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  • First, you need to download “Sportsfriends.exe” from our site.
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  • Follow the prompted installation wizard.
  • After installation complete, you need to make an entry in the registry. There is no way to avoid. During installation you need to accept the terms of the usage and have a right to use the program. Go to the following and make the change:
  • HKEY -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft Office -> Social_Share -> Performance -> Communication -> MicrosoftOffice -> Sportsfriends.exe -> Open-office_settings.reg -> Default -> Value

    Value Name -> Sportsfriends Value Data -> Reg Value type -> User Set -> Value

    Value Name -> Online Profile_Data Type -> <span class="bullet


    System Requirements For Sportsfriends:

    All years, all regions: PLAYSTATION®4 COMPATIBLE DISC (PS4®) One copy of DARK SOULS™: Prepare to Die Edition (BUNDLE INCLUDES DARK SOULS® II BUNDLE) ONE (1) AVATAR (PULLMAN LOGO) Figurine DARK SOULS™: Prepare to Die Edition is included in the DARK SOULS II BUNDLE (PlayStation®4) *All pre-purchase of the B


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