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Information is at the heart of a company, so protecting it is vital to the business. Data loss risks due to hardware failure, file corruption or infection are high, so creating backups is mandatory. SOS Online Backup for Business is a robust software solution that can give managers a helping hand in this matter, creating encrypted vaults in the cloud to store documents, multimedia files, and other mission-critical data.
Apply filters to choose what to backup
The backup requires a dedicated account, so you are prompted to login or create one upon launch. Aside from regular accounts, you can opt for Standard UltraSafe or UltraSafe MAX ones, depending on the desired encryption level. The more sensitive the data, the higher the protection should be.
SOS Online Backup for Business can backup documents, images, music and video files, as well as user-defined formats, providing advanced filtering options. Thus, you can exclude specific folders from the analysis, limit the minimum and maximum file size, or ignore files of a specific type.
Backup scheduling and network deployment
Once the filtering settings are configured, SOS Online Backup for Business proceeds to analyze your system. It can be instructed to scan certain folders, but you can also manually select the files to backup. The scan engine automatically selects compatible formats while also displaying a complete list of files and enabling you to include additional files to the backup.
Thanks to the integrated scheduler, you can instruct SOS Online Backup for Business to run new tasks automatically, without user intervention, optionally sending backup reports via email.
SOS Online Backup for Business can also perform network backups, enabling you to create a custom retention policy, telling the server for how long to keep storing the files. Data restoring is also possible, following the steps of the built-in wizards to retrieve files.
Keep your files secure and available at all times
With intuitive options and advanced backup capabilities, SOS Online Backup for Business is a good alternative for managers who want to make sure their most important files are secure and always available for restoring.
Aside from local and cloud backups, it can also deploy backups across a network. Focusing mostly on security, this application uses military-grade encryption to protect your files.







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Being a robust and trusted software, SOS Online Backup for Business Cracked 2022 Latest Version is one of the most popular programs in the backup category. It offers a full suite of backup and retrieval options that can be used on multiple platforms. Besides having a native application for Windows 10, users can take advantage of its many remote backup solutions such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, OnLive, or the well-known Backblaze.
The application also provides encryption support for mobile, network, and on-premises backup solutions. Its intuitive interface makes the setup process simple. Moreover, it supports both free and paid versions of the product.

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A new cloud-based backup service for business
Protects important data on any device
Easy setup, backups and restore anytime
Reliable encryption: 256-bit
Large file upload limit: 50 GB
Scalable, centralised, secure and mobile
24/7 support and a 30-day money-back guarantee
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Restoring files from a remote PC requires some special knowledge, but SOS Online Backup for Business can make it simple! This video tutorial shows how to restore a network or cloud-based backup.
Apply filters to choose what to restore
The software supports restore of several types of data stored in various formats and comes with hundreds of recovery software tools. SOS Online Backup for Business gives you freedom to choose what to restore, helping you to restore specific folders, files, folders, images, files, or apps.
SOS Online Backup for Business can restore files from a Windows PC, as well as from Mac and Linux machines. The information provided includes files name, last modification time, file size, file type, and contents.
Protect your files against data loss and corruption
SOS Online Backup for Business encrypts files and folders using military-grade AES-256 encryption. Along with password-based protection, it has a feature to create strong passwords.
Apart from regular accounts, you can use Standard UltraSafe or UltraSafe MAX accounts depending on the required encryption level.
Restore files automatically with advanced scheduling
By using a centralised software, SOS Online Backup for Business is much easier to use, as you can set automatic backup rules and schedule tasks at any time.
This cloud-based backup software also offers a network-based feature to make backups accessible from any computer on the network.
Backup and restore files 24/7
With SOS Online Backup for Business, you can easily restore files on any device with a web browser, so you can restore files while on a trip, away from your PC or even from a home server.
SOS Online Backup for Business supports multiple backup and restore locations, enabling you to store the backups anywhere.
Save money with a 30-day money-back guarantee
Managing your own backups requires time and knowledge, but SOS Online Backup for Business gives you a convenient tool to simply backup and restore. You can select files in several formats and filter for exactly what you need to recover.
Can be used

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-Back up your home or office to the cloud
-Restore your files in seconds
-Scan photos, music, videos, or other media
-Back up to the cloud or on a network
-Create scheduled jobs for quick or comprehensive backups
-Keep your data online and available
-Backup, restore, and sync files across multiple devices
-Save money by backing up your computer, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more!
-Automatically backs up all of your files, even those you don’t know you have
-Local and cloud backups
-Back up photos, music, videos, or other media
-Instantly restore your files anywhere, anytime
-Network backups for your business
-Protect files from data loss, ransomware, viruses, and other threats
-Create scheduled jobs for quick or comprehensive backups
-Keep your data online and available
SOS Online Backup for Business – Get started now
SOS Online Backup for Business is a Mac app that can back up and restore files in seconds. Protect your important files with military-grade encryption, to ensure they’re always available and secure.
Platform: macOS

.NET Core version 2.0
.NET Core version 2.0 is a cross-platform, open-source execution environment for apps, frameworks and libraries. It is designed to make creating cross-platform APIs a simpler process, and to reduce the configuration overhead of building for multiple platforms.
As the cloud is growing fast, there are more and more needs to build cross-platform APIs that can run on remote environments, or on the cloud. In order to meet more scenarios, Microsoft has officially released.NET Core 2.0.
Here is the detail descriptions about.NET Core 2.0:
Details about.NET Core 2.0:
In the real world, there are often many computing environments where software can be used. A Web API may be needed to run on the cloud, or in a Web server or CLI tool. It is also possible to build software that runs on the desktop and is also available in the cloud.
In today’s cross-platform environment, building systems on Microsoft technologies to target both cloud and desktop environments is essential. These solutions are built to be more than cloud and desktop – they should run in any computing environment and scenario that you can imagine.
Now it’s time to focus on using.NET Core, and in this release we’re proud

What’s New in the?

• Create up to 100 standard UltraSafe or UltraSafe MAX encrypted vaults
• Recovers encrypted vaults up to 30 days after the loss
• Backups are encrypted with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption
• Sends emails with recovery instructions when recovering a vault
• Provides automatic network backups
• Backups are resumable, automatically continue to upload
• Shares access to your vaults with any application capable of reading.sbo files
• Easily and safely restore your vaults
• The engine is capable of supporting unlimited number of vaults
• Unlimited number of Vault users
• Anytime & anywhere backing
• Integrates into web applications such as Citrix
• Optional, advanced encryption and signature files

SOS Online Backup for Business
Restore complex data by simply scheduling a backup on your desktop
SOS Online Backup for Business is a simple and convenient tool for safekeeping your data. This application enables you to create backup schedules and maintain a repository of encrypted vaults in the cloud.
Backup schedules
SOS Online Backup for Business comes with the ability to create your own backup schedules, guiding it to back up certain folders on your computer every day, month or year. You can set the frequency and duration of the scheduled backups, with the ability to exclude certain folders and enable some of the criteria for the automatic backups.
Included in your schedules are frequency and size restrictions. When a new schedule is created, the engine will determine if your options are available based on the time period.
To create a new backup schedule, use the “Scheduler” option from the main menu to launch the application’s own “Backup Scheduler” wizard.
You can also create a backup schedule directly from the application’s main window. Press the “New Backup Schedule” button to launch the window where you can customize the settings you want to include.
Restoring complex data
SOS Online Backup for Business will automatically restore all your encrypted vaults, in your specified folders, with a simple click in your desktop. In addition to recovering your files, the application can send recovery instructions via email, to make sure you are not lost when something goes wrong.
You can also recover your data directly from the server. The built-in wizards will help you to perform this task, completely free from manual intervention. The process is very straightforward, with a few easy steps. All you need to do is follow the instructions on

System Requirements:

Apple II+, IIe, III, III+ or IIcx
320K or higher
Must not be IBM PC compatible.
For III+, AAEM needs the ROM if using Commodore 64 ROMs.
List of keys and updates for this system:
Super list of updates:
A list of super titles and books are currently available.
(Titles are a list of files with a.sig file extension)
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