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Can you stack a reset button?

Is it possible to add a reset button?
I want a way to clear my info, such as jobs, equipment, etc.
I know how to do this with a merchant slot, but is there any way to do this without the requirement of taking up an additional slot?


You can’t stack the reset button, but you can put it on another character.
From the wiki:

Resetting a character slot affects all copies of the object that occupy the
character slot. A character slot cannot be reset if it is occupied by only
one object.

So if you have one character slot on a hero and the button is not on that hero, you can switch to another one where you have a slot and then switch back.


Can not select a tag from the xml data

here is my php code
$xml = simplexml_load_file(”) or die (“Error: Cannot create object”);
$book= $xml->xpath(“/calendar/calendar”);
for ($i=0; $i

Das and Mukherjee’s integral calculus and differential equations textbooksQ:

p5.js events are not working

I have the following code in which I use p5.js and Python. I am trying to make the ball bounce off the objects. However, the ball doesn’t have a function that listens for the collision.
Also, the code seems to be working only once. Once the ball drops, it doesn’t move anymore. I am new to programming, so any help is appreciated.
The code is as follows:

var canvas, context;

var x = 50;
var y = 50;
var r = 40;

var w = 400;
var h = 400;

function setup() {
canvas = createCanvas(w, h);
context = canvas.getContext(“2d”);

// Start at the top-left corner of the canvas
canvas.translate(x, y);

// Add the ball to the canvas
context.fillStyle = “red”;
context.arc(100, 100, 50, 0, 2 * Math.PI);



function draw() {
context.clearRect(0, 0, w, h);
context.fillStyle = “#f00”;
context.fillRect(0, 0, w, h);

context.fillStyle = “red”;
context.arc(100, 100, r, 0, 2 * Math.PI);


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