SnapGene 6.0.0 [32|64bit] [Latest]

SnapGene has been created as an alternative to digitally document DNA constructs, which allows easy sharing of the results across the web. It can be used to view and annotate DNA sequences.
For most users the layout is far from intuitive, but this is only because they are not accustomed to the terminology of the domain the application is intended for.
You can easily enable the display of enzymes, primers or translations in the map view and all the elements are interactive not just in terms of highlighting the selection but also of editing.
The menus available in the top part of the application window are highly visible and contain a clear set of options.
SnapGene is not for the average user as its purpose is scientific but, if you are familiar with the terminology and DNA sequences there should not be too long until you uncover the possibilities included in the application.
After loading a DNA file (some samples are available in the program) you can start analyzing the genetic sequence.
It allows finding genes by showing open reading frames (ORFs) and users can add, edit, remove or duplicate features or primers.
SnapGene has no problem working with larger sequences as it supports even one gigabase large sequences.
At the bottom of the main application window there are several tabs that can switch the view to check the sequence, enzymes (display restriction sites), features and primers.
Export functions enable saving a particular selection, an entire sequence or map. This also applies to features and primers.
SnapGene has a specific purpose and it is highly flexible as far as finding items or groups of similar items. It includes plenty of documentation, accessible in the form of video tutorials as well. Its applicability is restricted to the field of molecular biology.







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System Requirements For SnapGene:

Standalone: PC, Mac OS X and Linux compatible
Online multiplayer: Mac OS X and Linux compatible
Online multiplayer: PC compatible
“Eight Ball” game mode: PC, Mac OS X and Linux compatible
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (32bit) or Windows 7 or 8 (32bit) or Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8 (64bit)
Adobe Flash 10.3 or higher

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