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Risk Of Rain 2 Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Eight unique themes composed by Nathan McCree
  • Voiceover by Christopher Cornum
  • Easy to follow notes with detailed explanations
  • All game soundtrack into one zip file
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    Risk Of Rain 2 Soundtrack PC/Windows



    Risk Of Rain 2 Soundtrack Download [Mac/Win]

    IMPORTANT TIPS: Please Note: The (Part 1) and (Part 2) will not be available at launch! Please Note: The (Part 2) has a few jumps but will be locked once its in the game. In this album you will find: (Part 1) All tracks included in the main Risk of Rain album. (Part 2) All the tracks in the (Part 1) but in a different track order All tracks in the main Risk of Rain album that have no game related vocals. All tracks in the main Risk of Rain album that have additional vocals on top of the game-related vocals. (Part 2) Tracks with extra vocals on top of the game-related vocals. (Part 3) All the other tracks in the main Risk of Rain album but rearranged. (Part 4) All tracks in (Part 1) but swapped out for the (Part 3) versions. (Part 5) All the other tracks in (Part 2) but rearranged. (Part 6) All the other tracks in (Part 3) but rearranged. (Part 7) All the other tracks in (Part 4) but rearranged. (Part 8) All the other tracks in (Part 5) but rearranged. (Part 9) All the other tracks in (Part 6) but rearranged. (Part 10) All the other tracks in (Part 7) but rearranged. (Part 11) All the other tracks in (Part 8) but rearranged. (Part 12) All the other tracks in (Part 9) but rearranged. (Part 13) All the other tracks in (Part 10) but rearranged. (Part 14) All the other tracks in (Part 11) but rearranged. (Part 15) All the other tracks in (Part 12) but rearranged. (Part 16) All the other tracks in (Part 13) but rearranged. (Part 17) All the other tracks in (Part 14) but rearranged. (Part 18) All the other tracks in (Part 15) but rearranged. (Part 19) All the other tracks in (Part 16) but rearranged. (Part 20) All the other tracks in (Part 17) but rearranged. (Part 21) All the other tracks in (Part 18) but rearranged. (Part 22) All the other tracks in (


    What’s new in Risk Of Rain 2 Soundtrack:

      Featuring One EPIC Big Boss Drop It feels so good to finally announce the soundtracks for our games! You can now listen to the soundtracks in the official Risk of Rain 2 Website! This masterpiece, developed by the same team behind the original Risk of Rain is led by guitarist, composer and sound designer for Rainbow Studios, Kriss Akabuska. The soundtrack features 5 original tracks from the original Risk of Rain as well as three new tracks by our very own artist, Ido Nagel! You can listen to the Risk of Rain 2 soundtrack in the Risk of Rain 2 Website. This soundtrack will be out for the game by the end of the Kickstarter Campaign. We are still hard at work on the long awaited Risk of Rain 3. I know you’re anxious to hear the epic closing theme of the Risk of Rain 3 Kickstarter, so you can cross it of your worries! Risk of Rain 2 Soundtrack – Original Tracks Frontier 1. Action, Adventure, RPG 2. No More Hunting 3. Revenge of the Esper 4. It’s All Part of the Plan 5. Nowhere to Hide 6. Iceman’s Revenge 7. Federation of Bountiful Dwarfs 8. Eagle Claw’s Revenge 9. Gloves Of The Gaming God 10. Humble Servant Cleric 11. Kill the Gold 12. Pieces Of The Puzzle 13. Good Thief 14. Chief’s Friend 15. The Teatre 16. Heads Of State 17. Frontier is Afraid of the EDL 18. Free Trade Zone 19. Acid Foundry 20. A New Era 21. Last Man Standing 22. Gold City Invasion 23. Close To Home 24. Danzig Boys – Vampire Motorcade 25. Mistral’s Land – Tragedy of the Commander 26. Worker: Traitor 27. The Gold Risk of Rain 2 Soundtrack – Demo Songs The Dark Side of the Moon Ticking Away The Great Moments Guy Fieri’s Song Spiderman: The Music That Should Have Gone to Music Video Game Super Bowl Wall St Appen: The Imeem 2430’s Song Moon


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