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Revo Uninstaller is a free uninstall utility.n Thanks to the advanced and fast scanning algorithm before and after uninstalling the application, you can uninstall it. This approach makes XPERIENT Revo more reliable and faster in removing threats. If you are away from the Internet, you can always use the free version. RevoM (XPERITY) is a very fast and accurate scan that can remove many known viruses.Although the AVG Anti-Virus database currently contains over 800,000 vulnerabilities, this number is constantly growing thanks to the use of the latest threat detection technologies. To achieve its goal, XPERIT can scan software in more than 2 hours.
The program has an excellent interface, many languages ​​are supported and can be installed on various platforms.
In addition to removal applications, the package includes a utility that allows you to defragment your hard drive and recover lost data.
XPEREIT currently contains three databases of vulnerabilities and more than 200,000 viruses. However, soon the developers plan to expand their functionality.
In April 2015, AV-TEST released another version of the free antivirus package Avast! Free Antivirus. Designed to optimize the system in the Windows 10 environment. AVZ 2015 is a free anti-virus package that includes a utility for curing and deleting system files “Dr.Web” (license for 1 year), a utility “ZoneAlarm” to prevent infection of a computer, a utility removal of spyware such as Adware, Adware Browser.
By analyzing files on the hard drive, the program can detect those that could not be detected by conventional anti-virus programs. In order to see exactly which files were skipped, use this program that runs in the background.
Each new downloaded antivirus has its own interface. In the NTFS version, the interface is similar to the interface for other versions, but for the FAT32 file system it is slightly different.
The program can be used to search, remove and optimize entries in the system registry. To do this, in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Policies\\Restrictions\\Parameters, look for the setting DisableRemovabl



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