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regjistri i barnave pdf download. regjistri i barnave pdf download, regjistri i barnave download, regjistri iThe Communist League of America (CLUSA) is calling on everyone interested in socialism to “to try to get a job with the ‘public sector unions’ before having the moral outrage … your children will be worse off if you don’t.”

It’s just one of dozens of provocative statements that CLUSA has made over the past few days.

The group, which draws from the anti-union United States Communist Party, started out its statement by asking people what they thought of socialist policies, “including but not limited to national health care and socialized medicine (single-payer) programs, ‘green energy’ mandates and over-regulating business,” as it called out liberal Democrats like Elizabeth Warren (who is running for president) who have pushed such policies on behalf of their party.

But then it veered into a seemingly absurd statement that has confused the Left and conservatives alike:

We have become more educated and progressive, with more health care, housing, jobs and education than ever before in history. Our families are growing and getting married later in life and staying together. Middle and upper class taxes are being cut. Children are being educated in desegregated schools. College is affordable. Right to work has been ratified. Minorities are treated equally under the law. All of our freedoms are protected.

“All of this has been done without destroying all those gains,” the statement continued, “by destroying the private sector and the benefits that bring.”

“This is why socialism was to never work,” it said. “The Soviet Union has provided us with a sad history of failed state-planned economies, mass murders and millions of lives lost to the failed socialist experiment,” it added.

The statement largely ended there, but it was a short one with many provocative statements.

The Left has increasingly embraced socialism since President Trump took office, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, AOC, and many others loudly supporting the policies of “democratic socialist” Sen. Sanders, I-Vt., who has since endorsed Ocasio-Cortez. Many Republicans have gone out of their way to distance themselves from the policies of the left.


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