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Keep tabs on work hours and earnings with the powerful portable time tracker
Exports reports to CSV, PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG, and TIF files
Add tags to your projects to follow up on a specific subject
Filter reports by tags
Manages usage data per hour, day, week and month
Tracks your computer usage per hour and day
Tracks applications usage per hour and day
Tracks documents usage per hour and day
Calculates earnings based on a set rate
Tracks computer usage, applications, and documents
Easy to use and highly efficient with an intuitive interface.
What’s New in Portable ManicTime 3.00.00
New: Added Windows 10 preview support.
New: Added support for Windows 10.
New: Support for Microsoft Edge.
New: Ability to log hourly computer usage per device.
New: Added new options for automatic backups.
New: Added an option to start timesheet by pressing Alt+F11.
New: Ability to choose rate for automated earnings calculation.
New: Ability to choose date format in daily schedule.
New: Use Ctrl+T to toggle the timer to start or stop.
New: Remove categories from schedules with -.
Fixed: Ability to remove category from schedules.
Fixed: Ability to create schedules for Excel Calendars.
Fixed: Fixed bug with daily schedules.
Fixed: Now the daily schedules can be run by schedule name (without -).
Fixed: Now the daily schedules can be run by time interval (without -).
Fixed: Now the daily schedules can be run by the day of the week (without -).
Fixed: Now the daily schedules can be run by date of the month (without -).
Fixed: Now the daily schedules can be run by the day of the month (without -).
Fixed: Now the hourly schedules can be run by hour (without -).
Fixed: Now the hourly schedules can be run by day of the week (without -).
Fixed: Now the hourly schedules can be run by date of the month (without -).
Fixed: Now the hourly schedules can be run by time interval (without -).
Fixed: Now the hourly schedules can be run by day of the month (without -).
Fixed: Now the hourly schedules can be run by day of the week (without -).
Fixed: Now the hourly schedules can be run by day of the year (without -).
Fixed: Now

Portable ManicTime Crack (Latest)


Portable ManicTime was designed to give people a better view of how they use their computer, as well as save people time.With Portable ManicTime, you can easily view the details of the tracks you made for your work time on a schedule. Portable ManicTime will help you find your lost time, quickly monitor your computer usage, and analyze your daily work tasks so you can schedule work efficiently.
Portable ManicTime allows you to select the recorded time and click the “Track/Plot” button to instantly start your tracked time.
Clicking the “Plot/Track” button allows you to start to track your activity.It will start with Show Track to select a time when you want to track your activities. In addition, you can select the time then check its time frame, program, computer, etc. Next, you can set the product for tracking such as computer activity, document read, webpage opened, etc. The track you’ve set can be placed in one of the following categories: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. It can also be set as a graph in order to view the time spent on each task.
Tracking tasks when your computer is idle can also be done with Portable ManicTime. You can schedule the idle time if the time isn’t in the tracking session, so it is saved.
Tracking records can be located, organized, and modified by choosing the date to view the data of a day, hours, or week. The organization function will help you find your lost time so that you can find it easily when you are offline.
You can easily view your daily time consumption and track the documents you used the most. By viewing the statistics of your tracked documents, you can make better decisions about which to use frequently.
Using the scheduling function, you can set the track to be set automatically when logging into your computer. You can select “manual” or “automated” in the “Logon trigger” to choose the schedule.
You can also manually schedule logs for an entire week, month, or year. You can choose how many days you want to view for the track.
Using the tagging function, you can add a title or note for the track to help you find it quickly when you are offline. A master password will also be set for your track record. With

Portable ManicTime Patch With Serial Key

• An advanced time tracker for Windows
• Provides detailed statistics and reports
• Can be used on any device
• Doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry
• Copy it anywhere
• Easy to use
How Portable ManicTime can help you:
• Create a personal timesheet of computer usage per day
• Track computer usage statistics, applications, and documents
• Analyze the top used applications and documents
• Add and remove tags to stay on top of your work schedule
• Save the statistics in HTML or CSV format
• Backup your system at any time
• Works on all Windows systems including Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X 10.10 and higher

Windows 7 Hotkeys Program 4.1

Windows 7 Hotkeys Program 4.1 description

This simple, lightweight and user-friendly software offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly create some of the most commonly used hotkeys on Windows 7. Hotkeys can include special key combinations like Windows+Enter to open a file, Menu+Space to open the context menu or Quick Launch buttons to open frequently used applications. Most of the hotkeys listed in this program can be customized and set to the hotkey you prefer.

Windows 7 Hotkeys is the ultimate tool for quick and easy building and editing of Windows 7 shortcut keys in case you need to assign specific key combination to an application for opening frequently used files/folder.

Most of the shortcuts can be set to the default or custom hotkey, which helps in changing the hotkey appearance, one at a time.

Hotkeys will help you to avoid the keyboard hunt for your frequently used files on Windows 7 by creating shortcuts for opening frequently used applications and folders, such as the web browser, e-mail client, image viewer, file manager, and any other Windows application that you need to use frequently.

Quick preview of hotkeys will be useful in case you want to customize existing hotkeys or if you want to delete selected shortcut key.

You can print Hotkeys configuration (should you need it) and save it to a file with the custom hotkey scheme.

Installation Package:

Windows 7 Hotkeys is a standalone installation package and can run without an installation.

Home and Office Window Intruder Remover 2.0.1

Home and Office Window Intruder Remover 2.0.1 description

Home and Office Window Intruder Remover

What’s New In?

>> Manage your schedule with the aid of reports that provide detailed information about the most used applications and computer usage.
>> Track time spent on your tasks with the aid of a timesheet report that is automatically generated based on the selected day.
>> Keep your friends at bay with the aid of a master word that allows you to set password-protected schedules.
>> Track system usage with the help of your own customizable graph and table.
>> Create reports in the form of a CSV file to send to your colleagues.
>> Cut and paste your timesheet report to the clipboard.
>> Schedule and export your timesheet report to PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF or PDF file format.
>> Track productivity with the help of a built-in stopwatch that works automatically.
>> Set tags for keeping an eye only on the tasks you have selected.
>> Create up to 12 different schedules based on your tags.
>> Configure your schedule with the aid of the built-in timer.
>> Print a schedule and playback your work schedule with the aid of the built-in stopwatch.
>> Work with the latest version of Portable ManicTime
Managed via the Windows 7/Vista and Windows XP interface and setup is easy enough for all users without any prior knowledge.
Getting started is a few simple steps and you are ready to start using Portable ManicTime as soon as you boot up the tool.

TimeBuddy is a handy computer time tracking software that provides you with an opportunity to effectively monitor your work schedule. It permits you to track and manage your time in detail, as well as record any follow-up actions you perform, such as mailing or emailing.
TimeBuddy special functions
If you wish to check how many hours you have been sitting in front of the computer each day, then TimeBuddy will enable you to make use of the built-in timer function. The program will automatically keep track of the time for you, even if you have left your PC unattended for a moment, without you even realizing it.
Apart from the ordinary timer, TimeBuddy includes a scheduler which lets you create multiple schedules for tracking the time. You can edit the time limit for each schedule which is an important feature because you can adjust the time frame to fit your needs.
Moreover, you can make use of TimeBuddy while working on various projects at the same time without having to switch between them. This way you can

System Requirements For Portable ManicTime:

*Intel CPU supported.
*Memory must be at least 2 GB.
*At least 2GB RAM recommended.
*OS (Windows 7 or later)
*Internet connection (required to download)
*Hard Disk 1GB free
*1GB memory card
*Supported OS: Windows 7 or later.
*Eligible regions: Worldwide.
*Eligible languages: English, Japanese.
*Clicking purchase button will result in the opening of a new tab. Please close all


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