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Adobe Bridge

With a subscription to Photoshop CC, you have access to Adobe Bridge, which is an application for organizing images in your computer (as well as any others). Bridge houses your photos in albums and lets you add keywords to help you find and retrieve a certain photo. Bridge provides recommendations on which images to add to Photoshop based on your keywords.

The Bridge interface has a separate panel for browsing through your photos in the program called the Content Panel (as shown in Figure 1-2). This is a panorama-like view of all the photos on your computer, including those in albums and in other programs. You can view your photos in either horizontal or vertical views, and you can zoom in and out and scroll left and right to see more or less of your photo collection.

Figure 1-2: The Content Panel of Photoshop can help you locate and find images in your computer.

Bridge also contains a Create New Image dialog box with which you can create an image (such as a JPG or TIFF) from a group of pixels. You can then use Photoshop to apply adjustments to that image. The Create dialog box also offers you the option to adjust the white balance of your photo (if necessary).

You can install Photoshop on a USB flash drive or you can use your computer to access your files. If you choose to install the software on your flash drive, you can access your

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While Photoshop is a cornerstone for photographers and graphic designers alike, it isn’t always the cheapest option for the job.

Thankfully, there are various lightweight and less powerful alternatives to Photoshop that can do the job just as well, and much more cheaply.

The different Photoshop alternatives range in price from free to anywhere between £30 and £500. Some require registration, while others don’t. Some are available on all major operating systems, but not all of them are entirely free.

Whether you want to save money or have your own customised version of Photoshop, these free and low-cost Photoshop alternatives will do the trick.

1. Gimp

Gimp is a free and open source graphics editor that runs on any platform. It’s cross-platform, meaning it can work on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Gimp aims to be a professional-grade replacement to Photoshop or a companion program to Photoshop. It functions as both an image editor and a vector graphics editor.

Gimp is often seen as the closest thing to Photoshop for beginners who are getting started with the program. It’s also used by Photoshop expert users who need to make some customisations to their existing images.

For those who just want to crop photos or resize an image, Gimp offers a bevy of editing options and intuitive controls.

Gimp is a great choice for budding photographers who want to make adjustments to an existing image but don’t have the time or budget to buy a whole new version of Photoshop.

To find out more about Gimp, check out our guide to using Gimp.

2. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a vector graphics editor that operates just like Photoshop, but also has an editor to edit images. It can be used for editing, design or retouching photos.

Pixelmator is a popular digital-only graphic editor with a free version as well as some paid plans.

Pixelmator is a powerhouse of a program that includes powerful tools for editing your own images and plenty of other features. Its cost, however, makes it more of a paid option.

To find out more about Pixelmator, check out our guide to using Pixelmator.

3. LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is part of the popular LibreOffice suite. It’s a vector graphics editor and includes tools to resize and manipulate images as well as import and export images in various file formats.

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There are many other brushes out there. We’ll just mention a few that are commonly used:

Paint brushes are often used to paint on top of an image. You may use them to draw/paint on top of other images or add backgrounds to photos.
Brush tools are used to add effects such as grunge and textures to an image.
Eraser brushes are used to remove unwanted elements from an image.
Pencil tools can be used to make freehand sketches in your images.
Pixel brushes are used to create outlines, and can be used to paint complex vector shapes.
Text tools are used to create text within Photoshop. These might include text and logos, as well as labeling, bullet and memo point tools.

2. Use a Repeating pattern
You can create a pattern that repeats itself horizontally or vertically throughout an image. This is great for making a gradient look more smooth or to create an art project that continues in an image.

3. Scale Text
You can use the Scale tool to easily scale an entire text or just a portion of it. In order to do this, set up the drawing by selecting the text tool and then press Shift + S. Once you’ve done so, simply drag the outline of the text to the left or right.
4. Save Fonts
You can save fonts to the various toolbox menus. Select a brush tool and choose Filter > Save for Web/Screen > New Text Format. This will allow you to save the current brushes set as a new format.
5. Change the Order of Brush Tools
If you’re using the Brush Settings dialog box, you can rearrange the order in which the brush tools will be applied. Simply select the tool that you’d like to re-order, such as the brush known as Round Brush. Press Delete to move it to the end, or you can drag the tool to the location where you’d like it to appear in the list.

6. Add Drop Shadows
Drop shadows are used to create realistic shadows. You can easily add shadows to your brush strokes as long as you have a solid background. You can also use drop shadows to create depth of field.

7. Draw a Reflection
As the name implies, the Reflection tool is useful for drawing a reflection onto another surface. By using the Reflection tool, you can quickly and easily create multiple reflections

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System Requirements:

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Sound: DirectX compatible sound card

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