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* Create and delete layers
* Edit layers
* Add layers
* Duplicate layers
* Flip, rotate, and resize layers
* Correct skew
* Add fade, blur, and brightness effects
* Color correct images
* Improve contrast and color
* Correct exposure, saturation, and white balance
* Fix color
* Apply photo filters and effects
* Compose images
* Create and modify PDF files
* Create and edit video projects

Plug-ins are used to add even more functionality and make Photoshop a powerful tool for marketing and graphic design.

Creating a Simple Grunge Image

The reason Photoshop is so powerful and is known as the industry standard image-editing program is because of its ability to flatten layers and add multiple-colored overlays.

1. **Open your image from its folder in Photoshop (choose File?Open).**
2. **Select the background layer and use the Eraser tool to remove the top layer of the image.**

Photoshop erases the top layer of the image so you can preserve the layer below it while adding an overlay.

3. **Highlight the layer below the bottom layer of the image.**

The layer below the lower layer should appear in the background color while the lower layer is visible in the foreground color.

4. **Create a new layer above the background layer and type the text you want to add (you can use any color, size, and font, but use 12 pt and 1.5 pt to match the default settings shown in Figure7-1).**

Photoshop automatically places the cursor in the foreground color, ready for you to begin typing text.

**Figure 7-1:** Create text on a new layer in Photoshop.

5. **Type the name of the project or your name, a description of the graphics you want to include in the image.**

The reason you’re working with a new layer is so that you can edit the text layer separately. When you have finished adding the text, you can delete the text layer.

6. **Draw a selection box around the text.**

Doing this enhances your work and saves time.

7. **Click the arrow at the right side of the Layers palette, and click the Select from Top Layer option.**
8. **

Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0)

Yes, it is possible for the average user to make decent money in the Adobe Photoshop field using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Elements is a fantastic tool and it should be your starting point in the Photoshop world.

That being said, it’s a little more complicated than some of the other learning guides.

Today’s Photoshop elements user guide is designed to get you started with the basics of designing in Photoshop Elements using a template.

This tutorial covers the following:

Basic Photoshop Elements template

Basic tools in Photoshop Elements

Basic Creative Cloud Libraries

Basic Adobe Stock tools

Basic photoshop elements tutorial:

NOTE: This tutorial is designed to be followed completely and it is a good idea to start a new document, begin with the template and always work with a new template, as that way any mistakes are not linked to previous documents.

You will need:

Any computer with internet access and a common internet browser

Any kind of sketch, format and/or photo editor software

A good understanding of the Adobe Photoshop Elements user interface

Any free tutorials you have watched before on how to use Photoshop Elements

Basic Photoshop Elements template

There is a full 30 day trial of Photoshop Elements, it is totally free to download and use. Here is the link – just download and install, you will then have 30 days to evaluate the product.

Once you have completed this 30 day trial, you can download a full 30-day subscription for just $5.

If you already have Photoshop Elements, then you will already have most of the tools required, you will just need to download the full 30 day subscription of Photoshop Elements.

The best way to learn the elements is to use the basic template which comes with Photoshop Elements.

Basic Photoshop Elements tools and features:

This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of the Adobe Photoshop Elements user interface, you will also learn many of the simple tools, functions and features that make up the Photoshop Elements program.

Getting Started with the Photoshop Elements Software:

The first thing you will need to know is the Photoshop elements software and how it is laid out.

What I mean is like the Photoshop file system. How do you get to files?

In Photoshop Elements, you can still find all the Photoshop files inside the folders where you would expect them, but there are a few new Photoshop Elements files and folders inside the program.

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