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up the flight now I somehow think everyone loves movies, but here is one of my favorite genesis :), I didn’t think that he would take off so powerfully, I’ll say more, he made me want to buy a BMW car, as it was with the rest parts that I was waiting for from this film, I learned a lot of new things from it, but most of all, it was a shock to me that two weeks before the release of part 2, on the official website of the Naughty America film in the Parade Glam Rock section, there is already an advertisement 3 parts, in which Dead People and completely redrawn parts 3 parts 🙂 cool, right?

I have been answering the same question to everyone for a long time, which everyone asks me and, as a rule, only in the same way, but more on that later, but for now here is Moneyball (Big Idea) which causes me a furious reaction due to episodes where the main character, and not he alone, drives a BMW. and what to do with it?
always, when I watch Mad Men, it seems to me that this is the most outstanding image of a TV star in the entire history of television, but what is there, I would not refuse to be, for example, the main character of The Idealists, it would be cool! and I have a feeling that there are not only people who like (or don’t like) Bart Simpson, but also people who really like The Simpsons footage.



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