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Beautiful sunset. Calm sea and waterfalls. Mountains, pines, clouds in the sky. It’s all nature at your computer.
You can’t see the details of the graphics, but it’s very beautiful and relaxing.
Background music by Art of Burning:
Contact them for licensing their music for the screensaver:


Make your selection in the ‘Settings’ tab.
If you do not see the option to make your settings, try to disable the “screen saver”.

Clip de Screensaver HD

Birdie HD

*beautiful animated screensaver
*set your dvd or music in the background
*keep in touch with nature
*enjoy watching the birds fly through the air
*cool graphics and music
*enjoy watching the birds fly through the air
*cool graphics and music
*easy to use

The Beautiful Screensaver

Beautiful Screensaver

This is an absolutely beautiful HD Screensaver. The combination of nature with the beach style is amazing.
It features a lot of birds, dragonflies and flowers in wonderful landscapes. The music is soothing and elegant.
For those of you who like watching animated screensavers, this is a must! You will not be disappointed with this.
The background music is by Art Of Burning.

Old School Screensaver

BirdHD Screensaver

Beautiful Animated Screensaver

This wonderful Screensaver features over 50 different types of birds, all flying in formation.
It features a relaxing music that puts you right in the mood to watch the birds. You will not be disappointed.

The Beautiful Screensaver


Bird HD Screensaver

A very beautiful, relaxing,and calming screen saver. Great music, birds, and water.

Bird HD Screensaver

Beautiful Screensaver

This is one of the most beautiful and relaxing screensavers I’ve ever seen. The birds are flying in formation and the music is beautiful, really puts me in the mood to watch the birds in a beautiful setting.

BirdHD Screensaver

Great screensaver

Excellent software

NFS BirdHD Crack+ Activation Code

NFS BirdHD is an easy to use screensaver with a lovely flying bird on a sunny mountain. You can make a single or multiple screensaver by adding your favorite images, including animated images, and set the duration of the screensaver.
This screensaver is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Vista. Moreover, we support Apple Mac OS X.
NFS BirdHD main features:
– the application allows adding multiple images and backgrounds
– adjustable timing of the screensaver
– music is optional
– monitor is completely in focus during the screensaver
– multi-language support
– adjustable volume for the music on/off
– system wide screen for standard DPI
– customizable desktop backgroundQ:

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NFS BirdHD Free Download

Summer is in the air and nature has come to its best with the wide range of insects and birds doing their part of their seasons chores.
NFS BirdHD contains 100 small, animated (by motion sensor) pictures of birds. After watching the screen rotate, you will see…

The Sky Wizard is a program that allows you to view the positions of the planets, the moon, comets, asteroids and of course the satellites orbiting our planet. If you have an interest in astronomy and would like to get a personal view of the Universe in your computer screen this is the right program to use.

The Sky Wizard Features:

Slides and Stars

With the automatic slide show you can view the telescope view with celestial objects, planets, etc..

Planetary and Lunar Locations, Date & Time

With the astronomical icons you can see the position of the planets and the moon in the morning, in the day and at night.


With the automatic satellite slide show you can view all the satellites flying around the world and on the time.

Customizable Navigation

You can customize your navigation by drag&drop and by using the fixed geographic view.

Search by Icons

You can search the planets by using the best filtering technique: the search by icon. You can also search by names of the planets and the satellites.


You can bookmark your favorite stars and objects.

Quick Reference Tool

After the search you can see your position in the solar system. You can see quickly with this tool the positions of the planets, satellites, etc…

Voice Scoring

You can get information about the positions of the planets, satellites and the Moon. You can also hear a sound (native) about the measured distance from the planets.


To take screenshots just press CTRL+ALT+PrtScn

The Live Support

You can send us your inquiries: The Sky Wizard support by E-Mail, Phone, Skype, Yahoo, Skype, Yahoo, Skype, Yahoo, Skype, Yahoo, Skype, Yahoo, Skype, Yahoo, Skype, Yahoo, Skype, Yahoo, Skype, Yahoo or Skype.

Please give us the following information:
– The system specs in which the program run
– The type of computer and operating system you are using
– What are your expectations from the program.

– Do you have any other comments to write?

What’s New in the NFS BirdHD?

– Numaz v1.0 screensaver – Size: 5.9 Mb. – CPU:…

FolleTWX is a 3D screensaver that simulates a turbulent landscape and the transformation of the sun as it sets.
With a special effect of beautiful, deep, and rich colors, the transformation of the sunset you can’t ignore.
This screensaver is designed from several animations with 64 polygons in each.
You can download a demo of the screensaver to get an idea of the quality and…

Green Sunset ScreenSaver – Free screensaver with green sunset, orange colored clouds, minimalistic design to leave you in a pleasant mood. Pick this screensaver from thousands of free screensavers if you need one that helps you relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The mood and the colors of this screensaver look very soothing and soothing, so it’s an excellent choice for relaxing evenings or even for…

The Dreaming Astronomer is a space screensaver that comes with a great image, background music and includes many options to customize the screensaver.
The Dreaming Astronomer is a screensaver for NASA that simulates the illusion of flying around the Universe, with the help of graphics and images downloaded from the official pages of NASA.
This beautiful screensaver is interesting for people of all ages,…

Sunset Ambiance Screensaver – Free screensaver that includes an animated sunset over a calm sea and a floating sunset. The screensaver contains captions with music and images.
This free screensaver is the ideal choice for people who prefer a relaxing atmosphere.
The displays a soft image over a calm sea, and you can select a very pleasant and beautiful background music.
The screensaver…

NASA-Screensavers is a collection of animated screensavers that simulate the images and videos found in the official NASA website.
It includes Space images, Shuttle launch images, satellites.
Moreover, the screensavers have a great number of options to customize your needs.
If you’re looking for a nice and relaxing screensaver, NASA-Screensavers will be your best choice.

NFS Bird HD – Bird screensaver. Dynamic bird HD screensaver with a background of a beautiful sunset and several spots for flying birds.
Choose this screensaver from a lot of other free screensavers if you need a relaxing and relaxing screensaver.
This free screensaver displays interesting images and graphics that make this screens

System Requirements For NFS BirdHD:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10
1GHz or faster processor
1366 x 768 display resolution
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with Pixel Shader 3.0, Shader Model 3.0, Support for Vsync, Windowed Mode
16 GB available space
Varies with OpenGL version used
Additional Notes:
The user interface to be used is the proprietary WinUI which is not made available for download.
Once installed,

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