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The space is set in a near future where evil has overtaken humanity. Powered by bio-electric power, anti-grav treaders roam the galaxy and attempt to take over and capture the people’s minds.
You play as a technician who awakes to find that you are trapped in a 3D holographic theater of torture. The motives of the characters and your options in dialog have been carefully crafted to seamlessly allow you to manipulate your environment.
The structure is not built from a procuting rig like the other game I have worked on. We design special assets for this particular space and make sure that all stations can be accesibly viewed from every angle. This takes time and polish. That is one of the big reasons I am putting this project on this platform. I do not like making games that are not easily viewable to as many people as possible.
The music is an homage to score like in Syphon Filter series.
The game was built as a concept piece for an exhibition I had been developing called “The Spinner” which would take place in a dystopian space themed to the computer game pioneer Spinnin’ Records. I did not have the chance to finish it for that edition.
I believe that gamers in general have an eye for creativity and we want to make them a part of this game.
That is why we are mixing the two concepts. You play as a technician trapped in a virtual world that is not as it seems. You can even disconnect from the game and enter a small observatory mode where you can view and configure the game setting.
Do you wish to be trapped in a virtual world?

Welcome to the next evolution of streaming! Take your community “virtual” in a hosted, cinema themed 3D space!
Current Features
– Text and Voice communication (3d spatial sound)
– Dedicated theater hosting for users to start and stop
– Streaming service API integration for chat and video
– Direct streaming of video feed through an OBS of your choice into your theater
– Customizable theater options and administration
– VR Support (early development)
– Progression and level tracking system currently based on view time
– Avatar customization and clothing option


Net VR Theater Features Key:

  • Online multiplayer mode
  • Multiple game types

  • Online leaderboards


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    Net VR Theater Torrent (Activation Code) Download (2022)

    Award winning VR game Net VR Theater is a multiplayer social VR virtual community theatre. With a cinematic theme, the experience features 3D sound and sight and includes many services to stream, chat, and add content to the theatre.
    On the right you can see the preload page where you can know the current progress of the game!
    WIP shots:
    WIP build:

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    Net VR Theater Full Product Key [Win/Mac]

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      Download Net VR Theater Crack +


      How To Install and Crack Net VR Theater:

    • Download game “Net VR Theater” from its official website and install it.
    • Run and register the game.
    • You have successfully install & crack game Net VR Theater.


    • 3D graphics.
    • Avatar mini!
    • Unlock avatar – a series of mini!
    • 3D full-screen display.
    • Window function
    • High-quality audio settings.
    • Videos&animations: Timewarp, Screensaver, spider web,Monkey, Snake, etc!
    • 3D pickaxe mining!
    • Special effects: special effects!

    How To Play Game:

    • You can be an avatar in a galaxy full of adventure!
    • You can have a roleplaying adventure, and meet with personality&expressions!
    • You can quickly select one of a variety of games.
    • As the avatar, you can fully personalize the look and feel of your avatar!
    • You can enjoy the game as a spectator!
    • You can even record what you want to share in social media.
    • You can also connect the phone to the gamepad.
    • You can take full control of the gamepad through the phone.
    • You can manipulate the game and chat in-game.
    • You can customize the color of your avatar.

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