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Nokia has almost no cloud presence – and it’s paying the price – magda_wang

This is good news, but even though it is not 100% cloud-native, it is still

However, they have just announced the acquisition of Catraca, an Italian
startup that offers a cloud-first, no-SQL-storage approach to mobile app and
machine learning. This would at least leave them with solid knowhow in cloud
storage, particularly for mobile.

Source: [

I don’t get this. The article says:

> They also promised to launch a new smartphone in the third quarter, but
> this is sure to launch with a Nokia-branded version of Android rather than
> a completely new OS from the start – the latter was Nokia’s own solution in
> its previous peak years, when Symbian was the platform of choice.

It seems like an incredibly timid strategy to me. The only case I can think of
where it makes sense is if a new OS would take a year or more to build
initially, in which case they should have just skipped launching a

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We would add that the announcement of the Divorce and Annulment Act in 1985 made an important change in this regard. This change was reflected in the Family Section of the statutes by a slight amendment in 1984 which declared that a marriage, like other marriages, was a contract and that a decree of divorce would be a contract. This meant that a marriage could no longer be dissolved on the basis of public policy. The fundamental objective of this Act was to recognise, as married persons themselves, the rights and responsibilities of married persons in the administration of their matrimonial affairs.

The Divorce and Annulment (Amendment) Act 1985 (No 29) also gave effect to some of the other recommendations of the commission and the previous minister of the law. It announced that a divorce should be subject to a reasonable grace period of up to two years so that individuals, in particular, could make restitution for any wrongs that had been committed.

The 1984 (No 2) and the 1985 (No 29) Acts reflect a massive change in attitude in the judiciary towards marriage. These two acts reflected that attitude by creating legal consequences for some of the elements of the contractual relationship between the spouses. They are designed to make the marriage a product of public law and to make it a lasting one.

The second part of Mr. Tereles’s submission was the effect of the Acts on costs. He said in his submissions that the 1984 Act should be considered in pari materia with the civil procedure Code in regard to costs. He said that all matters on which the two Bills are not in agreement are matters which are in the making and that it is the executive that should regulate costs.

A key difference between the two Acts is that the 1985 Act did not contain a reference to costs. On the other hand, the 1984 Act specifically empowers the courts to

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