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Minute-long sequences where you can simply follow the hand motions and perform the choreography, open up a world with no limits and create your own magic. In the world of HandsON, the narrative unfolds in an unusual way. You will be asked to free your own hand, and after that, other members of the band, and finally the band itself, are freed.
In this experience you can use a mobile headset in order to dance along with the band, immersed in a magical world of movement and music. You can also use the mobile headset to dance along to the soundtrack.
Key Features:
• Virtual Reality experience in a musical environment
• Interactive experience, where you can dance along with the music
• Dynamic visual experience that you can view in 360° by using a mobile headset
• Move your head and look around in the VR world
• Browse through the posters to discover more about the band and the storyline
• A collection of different outcomes on the website
• A large variety of hand choreographs to choose from
• Share your experience on social media
• Different hand choreographs
Customer Reviews:
“Amazing! An incredible piece of technology”
“A motion VR experience unique and interesting”
“A heartening experience with hands that transcend the mundane”
“Sculptures of hands dancing and moving in a magical and mysterious world.”
“The musical experience in HandsON left me speechless. This piece of music and dance has sent shivers through my body. A true VR experience.”
“The most exciting thing of HandsON is the notion of being with dancers and choreographers in the form of sculpted hands. I felt truly alive.”

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HandsON is a unique experience in virtual reality. Be amazed in this magical world of hands and dance and immerse yourself in this exclusive soundtrack that takes you to an interactive surreal world.
The latest production by dance company Another Kind of Blue is a special experience in virtual reality. In keeping with the theme of this dance company from The Hague, HandsON also focuses on the relationship between people and technology. At first glance these seem like two extremes, but Another Kind of Blue merges these two seemingly contradictory elements into an innovative work that makes you think.
Fascinated by the hand gestures of today’s world leaders, choreographer David Middendorp has created “hand choreographs” that form the basis of


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    Subverse: New Generation is a full 3D role-playing game (RPG) with hack and slash gameplay in which up to 8 players can battle together on a variety of maps, starting with town, castle, field, mountain, and ship towns, to dungeons and the overworld for good measure.
    Narikiri is not supposed to be just a pretty face. As a female fighter, her objective is to take out enemies with precise tactical maneuvers in all four dimensions: on land, at sea, in the air, and in the astral dimension. Players can select from one of four fighters: Narikiri, Reimi, Reiha, and Rini. Narikiri’s formidable primary weapon is the “Holy Sword of the Underworld,” while her enemies attack with swords and greataxes. Narikiri can use every phase of her Battle System in her greatest weapon, and with her battle style, some of her allies can be used as guards, and her party can grow as she fights. As players advance, new weapons can be gained, with which to strike down enemies in battle.
    Featured Articles:
    Gameplay Features
    ? Player choice makes a difference
    The player can choose weapons for their hero from a variety of choices, which also affect the dungeons you go to.
    ? The four dimensions are all covered
    All types of terrain, including towns, castles, fields, mountains, and ships, are available in this game, which means players can choose dungeons from all over the world.
    ? Up to 8 players can play together
    Up to eight players can play together as Narikiri, so you can make even your friends into part of the game.
    ? Webstore [] ? Twitter [@Narikiri_App_] ? Facebook [] ? Google Play Store […](
    ? Website []

    1. “Hugh Jackman who made Wolverine famous.”
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    Game “NARIKIRIVTuber”:

    Narikiri’s Horror Stories:
    Follow me on Twitter:
    My Instagram:

    This is the first trailer for the OnRPG stealth horror game called Shudder. This is definitely a game I am excited to play and review, because there is a good chance I might actually die in this game!
    First of all, there is a Steam Group to join if you want to play with friends, PS4 players will want to join multiplayer group “OnRPG” to play with others. Then afterwards they can ask permission to be in my footage after the fact.
    Here are a few websites you might want to hit:
    Online Mafia World PSPGame:
    Developed by CODE54:
    Music from youtube library:
    Music licensed through Music For Speakers:


    What’s new in NarikiriVTuber:

    > YwggiH: that is a very good question.
    12.10 I guess.. I am re-reading long wiki article on it
    ikonia: so you’re saying to move the new server to the old server — then transfer the configuration from the old server over to the new one?
    I try Lubuntu and Ubu might try it too, I think lubuntu requires less computing resources
    rhombus: mv servers/servers/ /etc/init.d/servers/
    rhombus: just “mv servers/servers/ /etc/init.d/servers/”
    nikolam: you can install some other distro and then maybe change the screen border color to match your ubuntu one
    nikolam, lubuntu uses lxde, xfce & openbox
    have you tried xubuntu?
    rhombus: that will copy the configs and symlinks over
    I dont have access to install other distros..
    nikolam: what about other clients?
    ThinkT510: ikonia ok, I guess that will work, so I can’t the current server ‘’ in place?
    I have access to it, but I think I can only get it in order to install another distro.
    So got no choice but try Lubuntu.. or move it to another PC.
    rhombus: correct
    rhombus: it will replace it
    nikolam: Lubuntu would be pointless given you can install any other distro
    cool, nikolam u could install ubuntu and swap out the DE
    ThinkT510: ikonia I kind of knew that, I just wanted to be sure before I saved the change
    The groups of the user on the server machine was not synchronized. Now


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  • How To Install NarikiriVTuber:

    • Install the setup
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    How To Enable NarikiriVtuber:

    • Open CONFIG.INI in your mod folder
    • Add this line to the section [Vtuber]:
    • Save the config

    How To Activate NarikiriVtuber:

    • Open the config.ini in your mod folder
    • Change the parameter “Active” from False to True
    • Save the config
    • Open the DELL’s settings and change the loader to Vtuber, then reload the ‘Dell.exe’

    How To Add NarikiriVtuber:

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