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Handle an entire fleet of vehicles with MyCar-Monitor, an advanced, yet intuitive software. It’s an all-in-one application which takes care of all important activities, such as tracking, reporting, tracking history, vehicle history, service history, maintenance, and driver logs. It’s a data-rich application, and you can easily access different information from the graphical user interface, or view reports on the go.
Any number of vehicles can be easily handled, and drivers can be organized into different databases, based on information such as the owner, address, and more. You can also track vehicles over time, and see total cost information for a given period of time.
Security features include assigning a password, setting up alerts and reminders, and protecting databases with user accounts. MyCar-Monitor also has a built-in calendar, which lets you manage all important dates and activities related to your fleet.
This fleet management software also allows you to analyze the performance of vehicles, and check the status of your fleet at all times. You can generate graphs to analyze detailed information, and you can do further analysis from the charts you generated. Reports can be made on the fly, and you can export them to a number of file formats.
• Real-time cost efficiency
• Reports can be made on the fly
• Simple, yet comprehensive user interface
• Generates graphs for detailed information
• Strong feature set and security
• Database integration
• Ease of use
• Database can take time to be generated
• Frequent issues with the configuration wizard
• Best known for old function updates

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Are you interested in monitoring the condition of your car? Using MyCar-Monitor you can do it with an ease and minimize the hassle of keeping tabs on your vehicle’s health. In fact, this excellent application is capable of not only monitoring the condition of your car, but also its performance. In other words, you can track the value of your car, get information about its past and future performance, as well as check fuel consumption. MyCar-Monitor provides a database of the vehicle, which can be searched by vehicle attributes or by condition. The application also maintains a calendar of events and also lists the available time. As a bonus, the application is set up so you can get notifications when your car meets the expectations you have set, and when something goes wrong. Therefore, the program allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses.
Main features

1. Maintenance and service.
You can check the maintenance history of your car with ease. You’ll be able to check the date of last service as well as service details like when, where and what was done. Moreover, the application features real-time performance results.
2. Fuel consumption.
With this amazing software, you can find fuel consumption data. You’ll be able to get total fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, and maximum fuel consumption. The application even shows the total miles per gallon for the year, month, week, day, hour, and minute. This way, you can easily monitor fuel consumption and keep track of miles traveled.
3. Notes.
The notes section of this application can track information about your vehicle. It features all safety information about your car, any required maintenance, as well as details like normal operation data, service information, and so on.
4. Engine.
The engine section of the application provides detailed information about the engine condition. You can get information about the amount of time since the last oil change, as well as details about engine temperature and coolant temperature.
5. Car Condition.
This is a great feature of the application. It provides information about the condition of your vehicle. You can check the last service date and service details like whether the car has been checked out, as well as if it’s been filled up and inspected. You can even check if the tires need to be replaced.
6. Fuel.
Using the application, you can track fuel

What’s New in the?

MyCar-Monitor is the most complete
The application offers a well-designed, user-friendly interface which displays your car's life cycle. If you would like to track your vehicle's safety and performance, then it can be done effortlessly through the software. It gives you all the details that you need to know about your car's condition, and you can keep a close eye on all the things that matter, such as safety, mileage, and more.
It is wise to know the lifespan of your car before buying a new one, and you can achieve this through tracking the vehicle's life cycle using MyCar-Monitor.
Easy data access
To track your car's life cycle, it's important to know what data to collect. If you are interested in the condition of the car's interior and exterior, then there are quite a few fields to choose from, such as odometer reading, stereo, condition, brand, and more.
You can also view vehicle data in an easy to understand way using graphs. Once you're done, you can upload your data to a database or your preferred cloud storage service.
Know the maintenance
MyCar-Monitor allows you to monitor vehicle maintenance such as oil change or radiator. The application comes with filters that show you the vehicle's monthly oil change frequency, service interval, and other details.
You can also view battery and charging information such as when the battery was last charged. It also offers other useful features such as tracking your car's fuel economy.
Multiple vehicle tracking
MyCar-Monitor also gives you access to a database of another car's condition. You can choose the type of car you want to be monitored, and you can also add details such as a pictures, engine, and more.
After you set up the vehicle data, you will receive an email notification. Once you do, you can view the vehicle's performance, status, as well as other details such as maintenance cost, as well as pictures.
Advanced search functions
It's great to get information about your vehicle's condition, and the program offers a rich set of data fields. When you are done, you can share data with any social network service such as Facebook, Twitter, and more.
The data can also be exported to various file formats. You can also generate reports to keep an eye on what's happening in the vehicle.
Additionally, you can look at important data such as vehicle mileage, miles per gallon, as well as maintenance cost, and more. This application can help you manage your vehicle and track its life cycle.


System Requirements:

PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) library
PHP version 5.3 or later
PHP unzipping extension
PHP SHH extension (
PHP curl extension
Optional: install PHP mbstring extension
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