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The English capital is said to be facing its worst riots in a decade and it’s uncertain whether the city will ever recover.

The Capital’s economy is said to have shrunk by about 5 percent, owing mainly to lower sales of consumer goods and decreased tourism.

However, economists are less concerned with the city’s economy’s current situation; they are more interested in the potential fallout.

Will there be more riots?

According to a report by the BBC, a number of economists are predicting a steady stream of unrest that will last for years.

“Riots are now part of the cycle of economic growth and they are going to happen in poorer areas for a long time to come,” said Mike Spicer, from the Institute of Economic Affairs.

“The longer they persist, the less likely we will make progress in terms of improving social mobility and reducing inequality.”

London is just one of the cities which have struggled to recover from the riots, and in fact it’s quite common for rioters to turn to less affluent areas to attack.

Trouble began last year when police stopped a 23-year-old man, Mark Duggan, for a traffic offense in Tottenham, a neighborhood in north London, which has a high incidence of gang violence.

As Duggan sat in the police car on his way to an appearance in court, he was fatally shot by officers.

Deaths in custody

The incident incited riots that spread across London for several days, leading to widespread looting and arson in many shops and public buildings.

Over 1,000 people, from juveniles to elderly people, were arrested during the riots, and dozens were injured.

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