Mr. Diker Program Za Izradu Kuhinje ((BETTER))

Mr. Diker Program Za Izradu Kuhinje ((BETTER))


Mr. Diker Program Za Izradu Kuhinje

????? ??????????????? ???????? … ???????? ???? ???? ? ?????????? … ??????? ????????? ??? ??, ??? ??????? ????. » ??????? ????????? ??? ??, ??? ??????? ????. ??? ??????? ? ?????????????? ??????????? ??????? ????????? ???????????????? ?????? ? ????????? pooU:.The strollers usually have an appropriate number of wheels attached to a frame, which provides easy moving and transport. As the stroller’s wheels are arranged on the frame, it can be folded or collapsed to a certain extent, and therefore, it is convenient for users. Usually, to fix the position of the wheels on the frame, a number of assembly holes or grooves need to be drilled in a surface of the frame or the wheels. Thus, an user needs to change the assembly position of the wheels according to a particular application, to enhance the stability and folding effect of the stroller. In the prior art, a wheel of the stroller is usually locked or fixed with a locking pin in a hole of the frame. When the stroller is in a folded state, the wheels are restrained by a pin and wheel fixture arranged on the frame. However, the wheel fixture has to be removed manually in order to unfold the stroller, and the wheels can be easily detached from the frame. Therefore, the operation of locking or unlocking the wheel, and loosening or tightening the wheel fixture are inconvenient for a user.In

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