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That depends on which kind of casual sex you’re having. If you’re in the wrong person’s company while you’re wearing a fake pregnancy test, for example, or you’re using sex as a coping mechanism for workplace woes, there’s a better chance you’ll end up regretting it. According to a study by researchers at the University of Miami, having sex with a person you don’t actually like can leave you feeling “sad and guilty,” while sex with a good friend — as long as it’s well-intentioned and you’re being genuine about your feelings — can result in a feeling of “sexual-affective sensual completeness,” its researchers wrote.
Setting the right expectations is key. “If you really are someone who enjoys casual sex, you have to find somebody who’s going to be the same way and see if this is something you both want,” says Stoya, whom you may know as a porn star. “If you feel that you are too moral or religious for casual sex, there’s nothing more boring than having sex with someone who is (because your head will be all that needs to be convinced) on some weird Kama Sutra sexual fantasy.”
How to find a sex life without much commitment.
Because a physical attraction-driven hook-up culture doesn’t seem to result in very much commitment. “What we like to call ‘hooking up’ now is sexual ‘consummation’ alone,” says Stoya. “It doesn’t leave an emotional space for one to learn to trust or to love. The idea of a longer-term monogamous relationship was somehow lost when the definition of monogamy itself was removed. Now it’s just sex as a guaranteed opportunity for sexual ‘consummation.'”
The app is tailored to the modern student’s on-the-go lifestyle: It works on your phone or laptop, is free to use and easy to navigate, and has a huge user base, making it likely that people you find online are engaged in casual encounters (if that’s not your thing, just hit the “Not Now” button).
And it’s not all about hooking up, either. Most dating apps will go through the whole process: App discovery, matchmaking, chatting, and negotiating. What matters most in your casual sex life is what will happen once those apps come in and out of play.
When you are looking to hook up, you can start by looking at the local scene. Is there a party going on somewhere that you think you
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The rise of hookup culture has become so widespread that, even among those who have always disapproved of it, there’s now a sense of resignation to casual sex. “People get the fact that they’re just participating in a popular cultural phenomenon that is essentially changing the nature of sex from monogamous to unmonogamous,” says Dr. Frederick Peper, director of the Center for Sexual and Relationship Well-Being at San Francisco’s Institute of Noetic Sciences. “There are still some people who are saying, ‘Hey, don’t do that.'”
But more than a few people (even a great many in the world of swingers) are trying to say “no.” This is what science is telling us: While some people experience great sex after just one time with their Tinder match, others will experience significant pain from frequent hookups. That means that the best thing you can do to protect your body and your heart is to make sure that you’re being thorough when it comes to vetting your partners.
Luckily, your phone can give you some clues about the mental, emotional, and physical health of potential hookups.
Even though they seem vague, body language can reveal what a potential partner is feeling. It can say a lot about the attraction or lack of it, and it can be a good indicator of how a person might approach sex.
Research has found that one of the few physical differences between people who have sex daily (a.k.a. casual sex) and those who don’t (a.k.a. hookups) are belly-button attractiveness. And according to research by the University of Texas, those who tend to have sex with a variety of partners report higher rates of acceptance and lower rates of rejection than other people (you can’t get more of what you don’t know), and one of the best ways to improve your self-esteem is to be with a wide range of people.
So how can you tell if this person you’re hitting on feels like your bestie or if they’re just after the fun?
Check out their gestures — Too much eye contact can mean one thing, too little — and their legs! Are they leaning in with open arms? Or are they still trying to stay away?
Their legs can give you some clues about their general mood — For instance, if they’re ignoring your advances but offer to walk with you, that’s not a good sign.
But wait, what if they’re just weird-looking? Never fear, technology is here

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