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adb is not just a command line tool used to communicate with our devices. . ????????2012.06.13 – ???? – ??????? ?????????? – ???? ?????????? – ???? ??????????.
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Aug 2, 2020
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Jul 7, 2019
2020-03-13 15:49:01.646
2019-12-22 12:54:30.003
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Jul 3, 2018
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As well as currently being an active member and a leader of team Hearthstone at Blizzard


First, your user ID consists of your ??? (description) + your ??? (username) + a random number between 1 and 6. This is to not allow someone else to steal your account and access your private games. See this screenshot on how it should look.

I guess, whatever system chooses the number for you, they need to do so between 0 and 12 inclusive. One example that comes to my mind is to choose a serial number from a list of 12 reserved words (if it were 0-11, then every other keyword would do the trick). You could even set the property name to a list of valid words (e.g. [nop, quit, exit, logoff, exit, exit, hf, wl, hj, wj, wk, wlk]).

From 0-11 you could use the first 12 US Natural Ordering, for example:

nop -> 0
quit -> 1
exit -> 2
logoff -> 3
exit -> 4
hf -> 5
wl -> 6
hj -> 7
wj -> 8
wk -> 9
wlk -> 10

For 12 and higher you could use the last digits of a credit card number for example. You can print a unique card number if you wish.

You can actually hardcode any number between 0 and 99 inclusive and it will be unique, so you’re not limited by the above example (if you leave it unset).

Since you mention you’re just learning about this, I should mention that a more robust solution would be to use a UUID. These are a version 4 encoding of a 128-bit number that will be unique and different on every OS.

To make sure that you don’t generate the same UUIDs when copying a file multiple times, you should use a timestamp. You can simply add time.



To check if the UUID is already used, you simply increment the



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