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Table in tabular is too close to the last line

I am creating an Excel sheet with Apache POI (HSSF or XSSF). I need a table in the last row of a page.
My problem is that the table always goes to the next line and then stops. I am using a for-loop for the cells and adding empty cells between. Then I fill the cells with data.
In some cases the table goes to the next line, and in some other cases it just stops and I get a white empty space.
Can someone help me fix this?
What I have done till now:
for (Cell cell : (List)cellRange) {
Cell cell2 = row.createCell(0);

// Creates an empty cell in second row
Cell cell3 = row.createCell(1);

cellRange.setCell(0, 0, cell2);
cellRange.setCell(0, 1, cell3);

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The Application helps the CAM users to find and use camera by IP. It is a tool that contains parameters of the CAM (Camera Model).The application is used to design a simple or a complex Tv at home.
IP VIDEO SYSTEM DESIGN TOOL is a software which is used in designing IP camera. You can use this tool for designing of a We provide Proxy Service and VPN (Virtual Private Network) with the IP Video System Design Tool Crack Softwares that help you to securely.

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