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In the dream city of the Nut-Nothings-Wonwald, adventurers have lived in peace for thousands of years.
However, the city is developing, and more and more people are moving in. It’s just an ordinary (very colorful, naturally!) day in the Nut-Nothings-Wonwald.
Welcome to the nutcracker city!
In Adventurer’s Guild, you are an adventurer. You are the boss of the adventurers guild. It’s up to you to take charge of the guild, hire more and more powerful adventurers and solve quests!
You can control the adventurers guild to interact with villagers, hire new adventurers, raise the guild’s strength to avoid the threat of an emergency mission, raise new art skills and a high level, increase the guild’s strength and make your town more beautiful with the special painting style.
You’ve gathered together the strongest adventurers, but the king in the Nut-Nothings-Wonwald has suddenly turned his attention to you. Don’t worry, there is no danger.
But you have to find the way to the king and deliver the crown to him right away.
Players are encouraged to make deeper connections with the villagers while exploring the colorful city of Nut-Nothings-Wonwald and discover more fun.
Game Features:
What kind of person are you?
You are the leader of a guild. There is an adventure spirit in everyone.
Thank you for making the Nut-Nothings-Wonwald safer and more beautiful.
Leader, you can hire more and more adventurer to move around.
You can increase the strength of the guild, and explore the town.
You can find and hire new Adventurers to fight quests.
You can appoint a special brave to be the official leader.
If you do quests or successful to complete the adventure mission, the reward will be given.
If you have enough gold, you can pay for a special art skill or buy the “VIP” adventurer to help you move around.
Players can unlock various artwork skills and explore the city of Nut-Nothings-Wonwald.
Chatting, hiring, solving quests, making adventurers stronger.
Follow the adventure to explore more beautiful city.
Game Instructions:
The Nut-Nothings-Wonwald is an adventure game. If you really want to become a better adventurer, it’s up to you to solve quests.
You can hire more and


Features Key:

  • Fight more than 56 different enemies with many tactics
  • You will discover more than 10 worlds of adventure
  • Choose from over 37 skills, use over 99 weapons, equip and fight with 399 items
  • Encounter magic spells and supernatural attacks like Elder God
  • Use your items to have more upgrades
  • Choose healthy lifestyle with life bars and other effects
  • Recommended game players:

    • Adventurers who want to try a new challenging adventure with total free fun
    • Those who enjoy the dark fantasy world and fantasy adventure
    • Teenagers and elders
    • Fans of Action, Shounen and Fantasy Adventure anime and manga
    • For all those who love fantasy games like I Am Legend, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, etc.

    Game Category: Action, RPG, Strategy, Idle, Fantasy, Adventure, RPG
    Game Model: Android
    Genre: Android, Fantasy, RPG

    It is easy to install and play, and its gameplay is great! You will feel like an adventurer in a real adventure world.
    It lets you simulate a battle in a fantasy world of this game.
    If someone stands in the game room, and you blow it with a magic, then he disappears.
    So, you can discover more about the person standing near you and fight easily and easily.
    You use your own actions to play the strategy of the game, you can win the battle and go to the next level.
    GSM are the owner of andydrive.com using permission from GSM
    You can get the background image song with License from GSM.
    You need to read the bottom of this description to know how to play this game.
    This game can only play for Android 2.2 and higher.

    Welcome to the Kingdom, you are the leader of the guards.
    The guards protect prisoners in the Prisoner’s Sanctuary. You must think about how to manage the Prisoner’s Sanctuary,
    which is the most important thing.

    1) This is the main door of the Jail.
    2) For clearing the prison quickly, guard the Prisoner’s Sanctuary.
    3) When the Guard break through the


    I’m An Adventurer Crack Keygen Full Version Free

    I’m in a Guild, I found a mountain village and now I’m going to the South of this village to find treasure.
    Join me in my journey, I’m looking for dragons, monsters, and items. Thank you for your attention.
    The Players will probably encounter more than just monsters to be stronger. The monsters will definitely be stronger.
    Those Will probably become the monsters that the Players will have to defeat.
    To be able to battle against monsters, you should increase your magic and increase the power of the item you have.
    This Game is free to Play, but some In-App payments can be made.
    The In-App purchases are the premium version of the game, the game can be purchased to receive:
    The Room for each: 6, 12, 24, 36, 60, 120, 200, 360, 600
    Tutorials for each: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800
    Premium bonus content for each: +2x Magic, +2x Magic attack, +2x Experience, +2x Intelligence, +2x Dexterity, +2x Strength, +2x Health, +2x Power, +2x Fortune, +2x Speed, +2x Endurance
    How to Play the Game
    – Play either mode of time
    (2 hours mode and 8 hours mode)
    – If there are other players, the game can be played over the network.
    – The cute little People will do everything while you sit and wait.
    – The inhabitants of the village will share useful information.
    – The dialogue and the map can be shared.
    – The villagers’ descriptions will change depending on who you speak to.
    – If you’re fighting against the monsters, you’ll get experience as a reward.
    Game Features:
    Chat? Interact with the villagers for useful information
    Quest? Assign the most appropriate task to the adventurer
    Hire? To hire more powerful partners by solving quests and getting money
    Keep Alive? Raise the Guild’s overall power to get through the threat of an emergency mission
    Logic-compliant Dialogue
    Interesting character Behavior
    Special painting Style
    Happy Music
    Magical Little People
    Happy Little Game
    What’s New
    1.Bug Fixed
    2.Levels Added
    What’s Next
    Thank you for playing my game.
    Come to see my next game.
    Thank you very much.



    I’m An Adventurer Crack [Mac/Win] [Updated]

    I take risks, make mistakes and get powerful.
    Every time I go on an adventure, I’ll encounter some problems and dangerous enemies. My goal is to survive and take back the scroll of Fairy Castle. Will you help me?
    Gather Coins
    Adventures of Myland:
    You will help: 1. Shopkeeper 2. Librarian 3. Mage 4. Wizard 5. Alchemist 6. Blacksmith 7. Witch 8. Shaman 9. Music Artist 10. Fisherman
    Who are you?
    Functions of ‘Adventurer’s Guild’:
    1. Guild Meetings
    2. Guild Quest – Tasks which have to be solved
    3. Hire to hire
    4. Guild funds
    5. Guild policy
    6. Guild records
    7. Guild Museum
    • Meetings:
    Meet the town’s officials and talk about the challenges and challenges. This is the place where the adventurers can interact and chat with each other. The officials often tell you about local events and guides.
    • Tasks:
    For adventurers, each village provides certain tasks and roles. In order to get a certain task, adventurers need to contact the village officials and request for the tasks. There are 50 tasks in the game.
    • Hire to hire:
    Adventurers will be provided jobs to increase their wealth and abilities. You can help to hire adventurers for their tasks. There is a maximum level for each adventurer, depending on the tier you hire. However, you have to pay for their job and improve their levels through solving quests.
    • Guild Funds:
    Collecting gold is a long process. To save time, you can hire adventurers to help with collecting the gold. The hired adventurer will be able to work faster in collecting gold than you can do it.
    • Guild Policy:
    Maintain the guild to keep the village safe and to get more rewards.
    • Guild Records:
    Maintain the history and records of the adventurers.
    • Guild Museum:
    If you are good in collecting gold, you will be able to buy rare artifacts and other rewards from the museum.
    • On-screen Chat:
    Chat with villagers and explore the dungeons
    Happy character:
    Keep Alive:
    Health and life gauge
    Easy Controls:
    Touch the screen to control the adventurer
    Lots of Collectable:
    Collect coins to win gold and buy items
    Happy song:
    Adventurous theme songs:
    References and


    What’s new:

    .” “Striving for a better life.” “I thought you were staying in Wakanda.” “What are you doing here?” “I figured since you’ve got a thing for mismatched billionaires,” ” I might as well talk to her.” ” Who?” “The girl you’re looking for.” “Merry Christmas, Zuri.” “Tilda, it is your destiny to be a princess, and you will be a princess.” “This egg has been in my family for generations.” “It has seen a lot of wonders.” “And one day, it will see its princess come to life,” ” and then you will know your destiny.” ” Me?” “I know everything about you.” “She is going to be just like you.” “You are a Chakravatar.” “You carry the wisdom of the stars in your body.” “And when you embrace your destiny, you will know what to do.” “This is the history of your world.” “Everything that has been, everything that is, and everything that will be.” “You have the power to stop some of this from happening, but first, you must know who you really are.” “A witch doctor tells you what your destiny is.” “I tell you what your true self is.” ” Who are you?” ” I’m your birth father, T’Chaka.” “You are the Black Panther.” “I am the Black Panther, T’Chaka?” “!” “You, the most powerful warrior in Wakanda.” “That is who you are!” “It has begun.” “You raised me.” “You raised me, and I have no idea who you are.” “You taught me many things, but mostly, you taught me how to be a warrior.” “A warrior looks for a cause worth dying for, a just cause.” “The truth is, you’re a liar and a thief.” “Chak-Toria is my child.” “There is no place for you in Zanda.” “Walk away.” “Is this the destiny that you’ve drawn for me?” “Is this what you want for me?” “My land and my people are facing annihilation.” “You have the responsibility to your people, but not to Zanda?” “This is our land!” ” It is our people!” ” Ours!” “And then there is your destiny, the reality of you.” “Enough!” “I am not going anywhere.” “Then, I cannot do this.” “But this man is.” “This is neither


    Download I’m An Adventurer Crack Full Product Key PC/Windows [Updated] 2022


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    <img src="" class="attachment-post-1425 size-post-1425 wp-post-image" alt="imga_win_crack_game_



    System Requirements:

    PC Minimum:
    OS: Windows 7
    CPU: Core i5-3570 or AMD equivalent (Intel Quad core)
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or AMD equivalent (AMD HD 4650 or higher)
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 4 GB available space
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    OS: Windows 10
    CPU: Intel i7 equivalent (Core i5 or Core i7)
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel HD 5000 or


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