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– Free horror game
– Game has no real end goal. You are always free to go on the track and experience it all the way.
– There will be plenty of moments on the track where you will find something to unlock. Make sure you listen, especially at the beginning of the game, because you may miss the unlock if you don’t listen close enough.
– Starting track will take around 15min
– There will be 2 more horror tracks in the future.
This game is not sponsored or endorsed by anything, it’s not a paid game and does not contain any 3rd party advertising, all the resources (flash & sound) is only used with the best intentions in mind.
Credit to the following creators for their work on the theme:
– The Dead 360
– Maciej Michalski
– Tyotamarie
– Xenoblade Remix
Thank you for playing!

This is a build for the Virtual Reality title Full Dive In
This version should work with any CV1 headset or one similiar to it (Plunge games recommended!)
To control the camera, you have to move around in the cockpit with the trigger
Hold your direction to travel (I suggest pressing Z to the left and X to the right)
– The Cactus does a decent job of stabilizing your camera
– I made the cockpit big enough to fit the camera, because I’d rather spend those ingame hours jumping around in the sky than battling Crystals. Which is probably why the cockpit is so big
– Another reason I made it big is because it can be useful for photo editing and editing your downloaded island sounds
– All the textures were taken from the game and placed in a folder, you shouldn’t see any weird place cards or eggplants though
– The alarm will only work if you have a CV1 headset or one similiar to it
I have added a feature that should work with every headset you have. It creates a snazzy little gate effect at the front of the ship to make it easier to avoid obstacles.
Please send me your feedback on here or twitter (@sondoras) or submit to the post code you’d like to keep updated on development.
Thanks for supporting this project!

A quick level for most of the game!
– 1: 1 minute
– 2: 2 minutes
– 3: 3 minutes
– 4: 4 minutes
– 5: 5 minutes
– 6


Features Key:

  • Graphically Full 3D
  • Multiplayer HD
  • PS3, XBOX360, WII and Cell Phone support
  • Play with thousands of other crazed fans online
  • Work your way up the star ratings system
  • C.O.P AND
  • Heebie Jeebies: The Roller Coaster is the only game of its kind, where you can immerse yourself in a,life-like, roller coaster with patented free-ride system. Play online with the crazy crowd, become a “Heebie Jeebie” and ride with millions of other maniacs. Or just play single player with your friends. Addictive and absolutely free there isn’t anything else quite like it. Go on a wild ride of a lifetime without ever having to leave your sofa.

    Infos isbn:9780364429839
    Available On:playstation 2
    Publisher’s description:
    The beta version of Heebie Jeebies is coming in 2005!
    Heebie Jeebies will be LIVE at the end of the year, after years of hardwork!
    If you want to come and check it out, and be part of the beta launch, click here!

    You can obtain this by using AS2 Editor, or any other as2 editor that can be found through google (I recommend AS2 Editing with Workbench).

    Tools:: Use ‘AS2 Generator’ to open the file AS2.AS2. Inside AS2.AS2 there is a menu entry called ‘Generate AS2’. Press the button, then the system can be generated. Note the file ‘AS2.AS2’ is kept unchanged.

    As3 Editor creates the same file, but doesn’t contain the necessary tools in AS2.AS2. In the ‘Generate AS2’ menu, you can add as many tools as needed. You can also add ‘AS2 Menu’, ‘Start AS2’ and ‘Intro.


    Heebie Jeebies: The Roller Coaster Download

    There are more than 50 levels, some of them are almost impossible and there is no safe way to die.
    This is a VR game designed especially for HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, Playstation VR, Oculus Go, Playstation VR, Htc Vive, Htc Vive Pro and Oculus Rift.
    HTC Vive tracks are handled by your wand in front of you.
    If your wand is in your hand for some time, you will be able to touch your HTC Vive trackpad.

    Ride The Roller Coaster VR is a horror simulator. In this game you will have to survive a long train ride with a creepy zombie. Riding through the scenario, zombies will be attacking you.
    If you will press the track brakes too early, you will be over him, and that is the end of the game. Don’t panic, for survival there are many other ways:
    – protect your goal
    – press the VR devices controls
    – make use of all the physical objects that are lying on the track
    – save your goal by spinning
    – no matter how frustrating it may sound, you are not completely destroyed by zombies, you will survive
    – save your body from the first zombie attack
    – use existing obstacles to your advantage
    – and much more
    Mineral Fibres:
    Shockwave: The Virtual World In Your Head [NCS Release] Cover by: AVEP
    Watch Live Video:
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    Help Penny Lane find the keys and bring the doll house home to life. Includes a collectible doll and a time-traveling game.
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    Heebie Jeebies: The Roller Coaster Crack + Activation

    ]]>Tue, 09 Aug 2017 18:05:00 +0000Another art book has been added to the catalogue: The Sighs and Shocks of Heebie Jeebies, created by David Oppenheim
    ]]>Tue, 09 Aug 2017 18:03:46 +0000Heebie Jeebies, an horror rollercoaster game, now has an official website!Visit for more information, and for regular updates!
    ]]>Wed, 12 Jun 2017 15:03:00 +0000There is no discount available for the June 2017 Head-To-Head Track/Catch-Up, it’s a reduced price for everyone for all tracks.

    There are 6 more tracks in the December edition, with this one added. More information on how to join can be found at this link

    ]]>Tue, 24 Oct 2016 18:28:07 +0000We are happy to announce that we have launched a Patreon account. We will be doing live streams of our gameplay on our Patreon, and you can join the live stream for even more zombie game action! More info on that and other things coming up can be found at this link:
    ]]>Thu, 20 Oct 2016 18:30:00 +0000It is possible to buy Heebie Jeebies for iOS and Android! (See description below!)

    ]]>Tue, 24 Aug 2016 14:52:00 +0000Drawn and painted by David Oppenheim, Heebie Jeebies is a horror roller coaster game that’s for the ages! Head over to for more info, and the latest news!

    ]]>Tue, 14 Jul 2016 17:13:00 +0000Heebie Jeebies has been added to Steam! It is now available for purchase on the platform, for the PC, and also for the Mac! Heebie Jeebies is available for digital download at a lower price than the Steam version for everyone who has bought it on Steam!

    You can download the demo on

    ]]>Tue, 15 Jul 2016 17:17:05 +0000Heebie Jeebies is added to the SHARE ME APP! Make the “Heebie Jeebies”


    What’s new in Heebie Jeebies: The Roller Coaster:

    Story of the American International Pictures

    Last week the Hollywood Reporter dusted off some dusty old tales in American International (AI), the home movies that vividly remind us how difficult making a successful, independent studio picture from the ground up really was. I had never heard of AI until those stories came to light, and I had to do some investigating on my own, to learn how unprepared AMC was for reality on its first try as a production company, what those early, desperate years were like, and how that set the tone for the rest of the studio’s dismal history.

    There are a few key points to this story you need to know before continuing: Who are the Rob Lamberts and Bruce Davids—the directors and stars—of the original eight movies? Not the actors who borrowed their roles from these films, which admittedly has a part in the story because I was dumb enough not to look them up the first time around and got Rob’s wife, Anne Rogers, arrested for punching a librarian who was blocking her view, and wound up with my very own prisoner report card in my copy of The Making of American International Pictures (by Dan Hildebrand), from which these accounts are derived.

    Below, I’ll explain how Marchetti wound up at AI, how it took them just eight production weeks to quit the company and how they gave it a slightly clearer definition of what an independent film meant. Then we’ll take a brief look at two other teams responsible for it (Gillray’s and De Laurentiis’), before moving on to the other three I mentioned.

    January 1982: Marchetti and AI

    Despite AJK’s reputation as the king of comic book adaptations, by the time the first AI movie was released in 1983, studios were trying to bring these films back as live-action movies with a PG rating and all the studio muscle. Ironically, the same critics who praised AI for its originality shuddered as early attempts at computer animation struggled and looked so crude and laughable. When one of the first Pixar movies shipped, its opening weekend box office, thanks to hype and Pixar’s reputation, was higher than all the production cost of the entire AI movie line. As crazy as it seems, in the year leading up to the release, there were three live-action “Spiderman” movies, two “Ghostbusters” movies, and a “Star Trek” movie


    Free Download Heebie Jeebies: The Roller Coaster Crack + [32|64bit] Latest


    How To Crack Heebie Jeebies: The Roller Coaster:

  • Download and unzip the game to your desktop ( i.e C:\HeebieJejeebies ).
  • Delete the folder.exe using your File Explorer or Windows default options.
  • Now press
    >                                                                                                    &n



    System Requirements For Heebie Jeebies: The Roller Coaster:

    DirectX 11 graphics card with at least 1GB of RAM;

    i5 or later processor;
    Mac OS X 10.7 or later.
    Space Patrol Commander: First Light
    A single-player game that I originally finished using, and plan to continue using, Final Reckoning’s combat engine. I will add in all the necessary graphics and features from the Final Reckoning mod, so you can use the project files to run this game without any patching, just like the mod. I intend to be very thorough about upgrading the engine, so you



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