Hand Of Fate 2 – Outlands And Outsiders

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A fantasy themed card game where players collect wealth, alliances, and power to gain a better life.
In a world where magic has long been forgotten, mortals are restricted to the mundane world of agriculture and forging. They can even be forced to marry at birth.Those who die without heirs may be reincarnated into the mortal world, where they can gain wealth or enter an endless cycle of reincarnation forever. Of course, each life is short, and events from your last are never forgotten. The wealth accumulated can be used to make your life easier when the heavens open. You’ll need to make the right alliances, take advantage of opportunities, and perhaps even sacrifice if you want to survive.
Where will you end up? It is up to you.

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Hand Of Fate 2 – Outlands And Outsiders Features Key:

  • A brand new setting, where outside the Kingdom, in the realm of the Outlands, you’ll encounter a nature more raw than ever before. From druid-worshippers to dark elves and beyond, this new setting is time travel and death-dealing indeed.
  • The Outlands setting means an increased danger in the locations! From snipers to cults, the dangers are multiplied.
  • Explore the Outlands alone or with friends in local co-op.
  • All previous game modes remain, with the only difference that players now get new wacky abilities related to the Outlands.
  • Hand of Fate 2 has new achievements!
  • How to get Hand of Fate 2 – Outlands and Outsiders Game Code Key:

    1. Unbox/install the game (DVD version) from the original discs.
    2. Download HOF2 from your purchase page (>
    3. Log in with your Gameloft account.
    4. Go to My Games and Applications.
    5. Locate and open HOF2. The game will be added to your list of games
    6. Enjoy!

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      Hand Of Fate 2 – Outlands And Outsiders [Latest]

      You are the successor to a famous oracle who has looked into the future and seen a dismal fate for the world.
      You must negotiate three cases of the Mapmaker Challenge in order to locate a portal that can save the world. Then set out on a dangerous quest to discover the oracle’s solution – the fate of a world!
      New campaign options and characters
      New crafting and equipment
      Additional Mapmaker card decks
      Contact Support
      If you have any questions about this DLC, please visit:


      – Changes in Cards
      – Change amount to start at 500

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      Hand Of Fate 2 – Outlands And Outsiders Free

      Play as a mighty shaman with striking tribal tattoos and a ferocious command of nature. Your future is tied to the plants and animals around you, allowing you to build a powerful shaman in a beautiful world.

      Unique Oracles:

      ?Sacred Fire: A flint and steel ball that lights on the Shaman. Upon striking a point on the map, it will light the area in a blaze of flame, increasing the power of each Shaman’s Oracles.

      ?Sacred Brew: A potion made from the blueberries you gather. Your Oracles power goes up by 3 every time you use this potion.

      ?Sacred Forest: A sanctuary planted with a powerful variety of plants and trees. This is where you and your Oracles heal and find shelter.

      Become the best shaman in the world with the Oracles of Fortune DLC expansion for Hand of Fate 2.


      ?Five unique Oracles:

      ?Sacred Fire: Find golden balls in the wilderness, strike the center and watch them light the sky and set the landscape ablaze.

      ?Sacred Brew: Mash blueberries and drink the rich juices of their bodies. Each time you drink the pot, your shaman heals an amount of HP equal to the amount you drank.

      ?Sacred Forest: This forest has been planted with the most powerful variety of plants and trees.

      ?Two new Oracles and three new encounters.

      ?Six new equipment cards and six new action cards.

      ?New totem card – the Heart of the Wild: draw the object on the top of your totem, regardless of the card draw card, draw two new cards.

      ?New companion – the spirit of the forest is your guide and protector.

      Additional information: The Oracles of Fortune DLC includes the following additional content:

      ? Optional Mods:

      ?Tabletop – Conflict and strategy in the Capital is just the tip of the iceberg, follow events in the Outlands and The Mournful Wastes.

      ?Guided gameplay – where you lead the Player’s hand, with the DM’s agenda, you can change the course of events.

      ?Tools – Oracles of Fortune includes five cards to act as a GM’s guide to content and tools.

      ? Optional Tutorial – Hand of Fate 2 Oracles of Fortune features an optional tutorial


      What’s new:

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