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With its slightly different approach towards creating a community, based solely on upvotes, Hacker News is one of the most popular social news websites with a strong focus towards computer science and technology in general.
If you spend a lot of time browsing content on Hacker News, you might be interested in moving the feed from your web browser directly to your computer's desktop.
Electron-based wrapper for the Hacker News web app
Fortunately, with the help of Hacker News Unofficial, you can now watch and read everything that's of interest for you on the website within a distraction-free and ultra-simplistic interface.
This is a good time to point out that Electron-based piece of software is actually a wrapper for the Hacker News web app. Nevertheless, finding your way around the feed and jumping from one article to another is possible in a similar fashion to that of using a typical web browser.
The utility can be used to read any article but, evidently, for anything more (upvote, comment and so forth) you are required to log in using your official Hacker News credentials.
Take advantage of a clear-cut interface with a couple of useful themes
Despite its overall simplicity, you do get a set of benefits over the option of accessing the feed via a web browser.
For example, from the Themes menu, you can choose from a small collection of skins and make browsing the Hacker News feed more friendly towards your eyes according to the level of light that surrounds you in the present moment.
Also quite handy are the few options accessible from the View menu. You can effortlessly copy links or reload the feed page you are currently visiting but the most useful of the lot is surely the self-explanatory option named 'Go Back'.
The Hacker News feed – out of your browser and right on your computer's desktop
All in all, while it does not stand much chance of impressing anyone, Hacker News Unofficial proves itself to be a very useful app for those who are looking for a hassle-free way of getting relevant information about technology and computer science and are fed up using a browser in order to achieve this.









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The most popular tech and startup news in a clean UI.

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If you’re working with a Mac, you can copy files and folders between Mac and Windows. What are you waiting for?
The article will teach you how to copy files and folders using Mac to Windows through the Get Info feature in Finder. It’s a method you can use on both Windows and Mac to get the desired end result. If you want to get this working on a Mac, you must have the “Show Hidden Files” option on in Finder. Once it’s on, you should have a Mac version of Get Info.
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Hacker News Unofficial Crack + Free Download

Hacker News is a website about technology and startups.
It has news, discussions, and articles about programming, startups, and the intersection of technology and business.

Press the download button.
(If not, you can download it from my other youtube channel )
Open the downloaded file.
Open chrome and type about:flags in the URL bar and press Enter.
Now you can change any flag or disable them.
Copy the url, open the terminal and paste it.
Type the command “chrome –url-scheme hackernews-unofficial-lite.”
You can change the theme by editing the file “custom_theme_main.css”.
Main Features:
– The same interface as the web version.
– You can read the comments on the main page, and read all the articles.
– You can jump from one article to another from the top navbar
– You can read the comments on the article you are reading by pressing the comments button
– You can write comments on the article.
– You can upvote, downvote and mark articles as favorite.
– You can sort the articles in various ways.
– You can comment on your favorite articles
– You can comment on your favorite users and interact with them.
– You can follow new users and subscribe to their articles.
– You can stay updated with articles you are interested in and follow your favorite users.
– You can keep your feed in sync with your Google Reader

Hacker News Unofficial Crack + License Key Download [Updated]

A clean, simple, easy-to-use RSS feed reader that automatically gets your Hacker News feed and puts it right on your desktop so you don’t have to go to the site to read it.
What’s New in This Release:
* New features:
o Filter/mark reader items to see only
o Preview/preview internal links
o Full text search using the search box
* Minor bugfixes:
o Fixed a bug that would cause the feed url to be unavailable after the browser restart.
o Fixed a bug that caused the link to be unusable after the app restart.
o Switched to python 3.5 for some minor stability improvements.
o Fixed a bug that caused some articles to be inaccessible.
o Switched to Google as the default search engine.
o Added support for comment navigation.
o More minor tweaks and documentation fixes.
o Made the about and license more visible.
o Fixed a bug that made some articles inaccessible.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the font size from being adjusted.
* Fixed a bug that made the articles inaccessible.

Instapaper is a sleek reading app that lets you save the content of
websites and periodicals directly to your device. By the end of
the day, you can browse your carefully curated content via a
simplistic interface and be sure to keep on learning and
enriching your life.
The best thing about using the free version of Instapaper is the fact that you can save unlimited pages and articles to your Instapaper account.
With its convenient single-tap reading solution and emphasis on long-form articles, Instapaper is really quite similar to Readability – the app that introduced articles to your iPad in the first place.
Instapaper – your saving app for the web
Instapaper does indeed have a number of advantages over Readability.
Firstly, it was created much earlier and has a more polished user experience.
In addition, it doesn’t just cater to the iPad version of the app but to the Mac version as well.
Furthermore, the app offers shortcuts to the three top tabs that you see when you log in – Featured, Search and Tags.
With the Featured tab, you can quickly browse the saved articles and grab whatever you find interesting.
The Search tab helps you find and save articles of interest and the Tags tab offers you a quick way of categorizing your saved articles in no time.
With Instap

What’s New In?

Hacker News Unofficial is a lightweight, simple and colorful Hacker News client based on Electron.
It is designed to be the best Hacker News client on Windows.

Installation Details:



Recommended system requirements:

Windows XP or higher

Available for download from the Windows Store

Latest Version:

Old Version:


Hacker News Unofficial User Interface

Hacker News Unofficial System Requirements

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Hi, im just trying out this and feel I am super impressed
This app is amazing I have been using the app for half a year now in fact, and its really powerful. It has its downsides like standard browser, and you cannot read comments on individual posts.
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System Requirements For Hacker News Unofficial:

This guide is for games running at 1080p. All other resolutions are possible, but may not run at their intended resolutions. The recommended system specification below can run 1080p games at max settings.
Recommended System Specs:
NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 GPU
Windows 7, 8 or 10 64-bit OS
2 GB Ram
Intel Core i5-4590 / Ryzen 5 1600 Processor


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