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How many here have Windows 8.1 on their desktops? Windows 7 is fine, but Windows 8 is a disaster, so I am. I think this is a general problem.
I was able to use Sinhala unicode perfectly well with Windows 8.1 platform. I was also able to use different Cyrillic fonts while Windows 8.1 made me use a Sinhala font that I had to choose from.
I am not sure if the problem is because of the language packs or the way the system handles unicode in Windows 8.1.
It is something that is driving me crazy.


The problem is that some font renderers are not designed to take into account the fact that some characters have 2 representations (namely, when there is a way to say the same thing in both the Latin script and a Latin-script specific script).
Some devices are smart enough to be able to use one of those representations in the system font, which is a font that is already installed on the device.
But other devices need you to provide the specific fonts, or at least the specific font.
You’ll have to edit the font, make it display both the characters, and see if it will change the font it is now using.
Edit: some pointers for the unicode tool (the one that shows the characters):

If your font is not included in Unicode, that means that font is not generally recognized. In that case, you have no choice. You have to provide it, or provide another one that you know works, or work without the font.
If the font is one you chose (and it is a Microsoft font), it is likely in a specific range of numbers that you do not use.

Edit2: in your case, the font seems to be included.
Probably, try:
font -f (font name)

and see which of the unicode script codes correspond to your symbol.
Edit3: according to the MSDN page about unicode and font usage:

on the Microsoft Windows system, the fonts that are installed in the English language code page are also available in many other language code pages. For example, the fonts available in the Arabic language code page are the same as those available in the English language code page.
The number of characters available in the Arabic language code page is larger than in the English language code page. However, there are several differences in the display of these

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Jun 3, 2011 9:59:09 AM – yfrog

I recently had the opportunity to hang out with colleagues in Clovis, New Mexico, while doing some work for the Sierra Club.

This is the address of the house that was raided:

3853 Kettle Creek Road

And this is the video from the raid:

Three people were arrested, two of them being juveniles. During the raid, officers raided a nearby house that was used to produce meth, and discovered that the three people arrested from the meth lab had also been involved in the shooting death of a woman. Police haven’t said how they are related, but they discovered a gun at the house where the shooting took place and according to the newspaper, “the victims face two counts of murder and a possible third count of conspiracy.”

Comments (9)

Has there been some kind of domestic dispute? The connection between the meth lab and the murder of a woman is somewhat hard to understand, but not really surprising.

No, this has to do with personal drug use, and possibly some gang affiliations. The situation is more understandable if you think of the three people involved as being on the fringes of the drug economy:

One guy (Callahan) is the typical street-level drug dealer, having a house full of supplies and a supply chain of users.

One guy (Jackson) is the actual cook. He’s the guy who knows what he is doing, who is not a typical street-level drug dealer, and is probably very good at it, producing meth that other people can buy. He probably takes on cooking jobs for people who can pay more, because it puts him in a position to diversify his income.

One guy (Jackson) is the roommate of Callahan and Jackson. He is the person who has the skills to actually cook methamphetamine, and probably works for Jackson’s crew. He knows Callahan, but not Jackson, and probably isn’t one of the cooks, because he doesn’t

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