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New Zealand are planning to fast-track their progression to the World Cup after the ICC announced the top-ranked side will be invited to the showpiece event in England.

A panel of members considered the idea of an expanded 10-team world tournament as well as the possibility of dividing the ODI and T20I championship into separate events.

But they decided the qualification process for the 2019 event will continue to be based on the results of the ICC Championship.

“The vote did not include expanding the World Cup to 10 teams, but it was very clear that the top-ranked team in the Test rankings is the next step in progression to the ICC World Cup,” said an ICC statement.

“The panel recommended that the ICC Championship should continue to be the pathway to the ICC World Cup, so Australia, England and India will continue to be ranked at the top of the ICC World Cricket League Championship, and as such those teams will play in the next ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier tournament in 2019.”

Earlier this month, the World Cup was voted the most successful Twenty20 competition of all time, based on average attendance and TV viewers.

ICC chief executive David Richardson said: “This was an immensely difficult decision as it was taken in the best interests of cricket.

“The qualification structure for the 2023 World Cup is in place, and as a game, we believe the qualification process should be strict, fair and consistent, with no ability to manipulate outcomes as some national boards have done in the past.

“There has been a great deal of uncertainty for our members over the qualification process for the ICC World Cup and the fact that different members have different concerns is reflected in the number of different viewpoints that were put forward.”

The ICC decides when, where and how the world championships will be held, but they are not tied in with the rankings.

The qualification process for the next World Cup has been complicated by the fact that the top-ranked side at the end of the Test rankings no longer earns automatic qualification for the event.

That is only if the event is also expanded to 10 teams.

Last year Australia and England were the top two ranked


I’m not sure where else to ask this. As of now this is my question.


I found the answer to my question. There is a group on Steam called ‘Friend on steam’ and the link to open up on steam desktop is Friend on Steam is also on iOS and Android. I saved the link to Steam and am using that since then.


In the U.S., where does the term ‘dining’ come from?

I was reading up on how the term ‘dining room’ became the term ‘dining’ for a room where people eat.
And also, I am curious about the history of the word’s development. I know ‘dinner’ refers to a meal, but is there any explanation to the term’s origin?


“Dining” as a verb has old, old uses:

To diuen = to eat together.

That being the case, it would be wise for you to edit your question to reflect that you are specifically asking about a use of the word in the phrase “dining room.”

Cellular localization of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase in mouse spermatozoa.
Acid and alcohol chemical concentration in the cell is under control of both enzymatic activities and non-enzymatic transporters. Decrease of sperm metabolic potential during spermatogenesis results in decreasing levels of intracellular ATP. Acetyl coenzyme A (AcCoA), a byproduct of the Krebs cycle, is needed for the conversion to the citric acid cycle. Acetyl-CoA hydrolase (ACAH) has been shown to lower acetyl-CoA concentration in sperms of protamine 1 knock out (P1KO) mice. 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase is the first enzyme of the de novo cholesterol synthesis pathway and has not been characterized in sperm. In this study, we examined 3-HMG-CoA reductase expression and cellular localization by immunocytochemistry in sperms of fertile mice. We used immunocytochemistry and Western blot for determination of HMG-CoA reductase expression in sperms of fertile mice.

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