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Land Surveying and Civil Engineering professionals need adequate tools to do their jobs, especially drawing applications. CAD utilities range from highly simple drawing programs to comprehensive land projection suites. In the former category, one can include GroundCAD, a practical and lightweight tool that allows one to quickly make basic CAD drawings.
Create land projections in a 2D environment
The program does not require any installation and continues to be highly accessible, even when considering the actual drawing process. Engineers are free to add custom BMP images, as well as draw their own geometric shapes, such as circles, polygons, and simple lines.
One of the notable features is the program's ability to import data from common TXT or CSV files, as well as from specially formatted containers like DXF, Sokkia SDR33 or Topcon FC4 and GTS7 documents.
Rotate graphical elements and generate DXF output documents
The basic layout of the interface is highly intuitive, with an ample canvas for drawing all the essential elements, as well as multiple top-side buttons. The lower side features numerous tabs that give users a wide range of tools to tackle any issues. The lightweight program supports working with layers or bookmarks and users can apply scale, rotate, and explode modifiers to any graphical elements.
Text messages can also be inserted and users have complete control over the thickness, style, and filling of any geometric shapes added. Magnification factors can be applied by accessing the zoom functions and users can export their projects to various simple or complex formats, such as CSVs, BMPs, PNGs files or DXF12, Google KML3D, and SVG data containers.
A practical and lightweight 2D CAD drawing tool
In conclusion, GroundCAD is a simple land projection CAD application that can be of help to engineers. The program allows its users to create simple 2D drawings, complete with support for a wide variety of geometric shapes and multiple layers. When satisfied, users can export the projections to DXF or SVG formats.









GroundCAD Crack + License Key Full Free (Updated 2022)

GroundCAD Crack Mac is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool that helps to create 2D and 3D land model drawings of areas ranging from small to extremely large, that cover an area of several thousands of square kilometres.
• 2D CAD drawing tool
• Add 3D views using the 3D toolbar
• Apply standard symbolisation and size options for all drawing objects
• Import and export drawings to CSV format, DXF format and SVG format
• Support for custom content and BMP images
• Support for all kinds of terrain and land types
• Export to KML3D, Google Maps and SVG for OpenStreetMap

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GroundCAD For PC

Prepare drawings for construction projects
GroundCAD Full Crack is a simple land projection CAD software that allows users to create 2D drawings which can be exported to DXF or SVG. The free version is limited in functionality but remains a useful design tool for engineers who have an understanding of the software’s simple 2D drawing functions.

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Raster to Vector Converter Review
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GroundCAD Crack + Free Download

Draw beautiful 2D plans of your land in seconds.
With GroundCAD drawing software you can quickly create Land Surveying & Civil engineering drawings. GroundCAD makes it easy to represent your project in a geographic style and save it as a DXF file.
GroundCAD is a useful tool for land planning, construction and engineering design. Its design interface is very intuitive, and its easy-to-use drawing tools make it one of the most powerful and free CAD drawing programs out there.
1. Land Projections
GroundCAD is a graphic design program for drawing land surveys and civil engineering. Its easy to use interface allows you to draw:
• Land Survey or civil engineering drawings that you need in seconds.
• Create topographic views of properties with a zoomable Geographic Layer.
• Choose from several fonts and colors for your lines, text and title.
• Draw complex objects like circles, polygons and simple lines.
• Drag and drop objects on the canvas
• Create sub-sections from your drawings
• Generate DXF files
• Export your DXF or google maps based drawing project to KML3D format for Google Earth and Google Maps
2. Land Survey or Civil Engineering Design
GroundCAD is a useful design tool for land surveys and civil engineering. It makes it easy to draw:
• Topographic plans for drawing construction and engineering design
• Designing buildings, sewers, roads, railroads and more
• Using terrain elevation data
• Plotting desired routes for plans, roads and railways
• Presenting drawings with a geographic style
• Designing cross sections and sections to detail, so you can easily communicate the 3D geometry of your projects.
3. Creation of Land Survey or Civil Engineering Drawings
GroundCAD is a useful drawing program for land surveys and civil engineering. It makes it easy to use for creating land surveys and civil engineering drawings.
• Land Surveying or Civil Engineering Documents including plans, sections and cross sections
• Constructive plans and profiles for use in a variety of software products
• Create complete 3D databases of your land design using GroundCAD – GeoCAD
4. Generate DXF Files
GroundCAD is a simple drawing software for land surveys and civil engineering. It makes it easy to use for creating land surveys and civil engineering drawings.
• Generate DXF Files to import into AutoCAD / MicroStation, AutoCAD LT/Map3D

What’s New in the?

GroundCAD is a simple and affordable 2D CAD drawing tool designed to make land surveying and civil engineering projects easier to complete by providing professional-grade drawing functions in a lightweight and user-friendly package.
What are the main benefits of GroundCAD?
• Simple to set up and use
• Quick visual and drag-and-drop-based drawing
• Simple point-and-click tool
• Import data from file, spreadsheet, and online and free data sources
• Draw custom shapes and text
• Export drawings to a variety of formats
• Export data to Google Earth and SIRadius
• Create X and Y coordinate lists, i.e. Topology
• Real-time interactive viewing for accurate editing
• Bindings and editing made easy
• All functions within one simple, intuitive interface
• Non-destructive edits on the fly
• Real-time preview
• Lightweight, fast, professional-grade drawing for land surveying and civil engineering professionals
• Support for multiple project layers
• Import data from file, spreadsheet, and online and free data sources
• Text and point data insertion
• Dynamic link to Google Earth and SIRadius
• Both Topology and LAF
• Export data to DXF, SVG, Google Earth, Google KML3D, and.SVG
• Supports various LAF formats
• Export to Google Maps and MapInfo;——————————————————————————
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or later (Mac OS 10.8 or later) Processor: Intel Core i5 (4 or 6 core) or AMD FX-series Processor (6 or 8 core) Memory: 4GB System RAM (8GB recommended) Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 7750, with 4GB VRAM Memory: 64MB VRAM
OS: Windows 8.1 or later (Mac OS 10.9 or later) Processor: Intel Core i7 (6 core) or AMD FX-series

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